People are toxic as hell


Forced personal loot is a top 5 all time terrible game change.

Force it in LFR or Normal for all I care, but it shouldn’t be a thing in Heroic or Mythic raiding


It’s not even close to be terrible, you can always trade what you want, or someone can give to you. No need to rely on low rolls. There were always people who have rolled just to find out after raid that item they won from someone who really needed it is not an upgrade.


Savie, i hope you will give a try. You will see, most people are not ninja and you can expect people to give you something when you don’t ask them. The surprise will be nice and feel you enjoy.


Dont bother, just give up, he does not want to hear anything other than people agreeing with him, otherwise we are just as ‘toxic’ as the people in his “fake”(lol) post

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people generally will not trade azerite gear due to the existance of Titan residuum meaning it is a direct loss on a piece of gear they will be getting.

you can thank asmongold and friends for that one btw.


That’s all I was gonna say anyway


It’s one of the best changes in game according to community:

And I agree with it. Master loot was cancer.

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personal loot is bad for a multitude of reasons, yes, it solves and completely prevents ninja looting… or does it?

In my experience each boss will drop a set number of items and thus implies that personal loot is not solving ninja looting but rather making ninja looting the baseline, in essense, everyone is a ninja looter under the personal loot system.

next up, it removes part of the player interaction with the loot itself, there is no more of the frequent anticipation of rolling on an item praying to whatever gods you worship that it will be your roll that comes out on top only for it to go to the hunter for some reason, but you see, as annoying and frustrating as it was, that was part of the game and part of what kept things interesting.

and this is not even getting into the economic aspects of personal loot type systems such as being able to mine the same vein or pick the same herb or loot the same mob on 20 characters at the same time, what im saying is that personal loot is in effect a pay to win loot system as the more you pay the more loot you get and the more loot you get the more money you earn. It gets even worse when you realise that sitting in one spot multiboxing a couple dozen characters then increases the spawn rate on mobs drastically granting you even more money and subsequently screwwing the economy of the game even more.


Wow, the fact this actually sparked a discussion of 300+ posts. Fact of the matter is that what you loot is yours and at that point it is up to you what you do with it. You can either be a good samaritan and trade it to someone else if you don’t need it, or you sell it as vendor trash and you are free to do so.

Don’t be an entitled baby and whine about it on the forums. Move on.

Edit: By the way OP, you like to hail Classic as this massive improvement community-wise, but you are guaranteed to meet jerks as well who are going to ninja loot that which they don’t need. That’s an MMO. You meet people you can rely on and avoid those you cannot.


I’ll tell you why i don’t always give loot away that no one else has mentioned.
If i’m on my main and i need the transmog or simply want to DE i will because often i see people playing their millionth alt and i think “you can’t play them all” it’s greedy as hell to want to everyone else’s loot when your gearing some 5th favourite alt that in a weeks time you will never play again.

That looks better off in my hands than theirs.


I wouldn’t say toxic but i would say greedy/selfish but in the end its their choice greedy or selfish you gotta remember not everyone is like you and expecting others to trade you the gear that isn’t a improvement for them.

Just be yourself putting your own expectation on others is bound to fail as your expectations becomes hate and disappointment i’ve been there before and it’s not healthy as people generally think of themselves more then others of course the few that don’t which are rare

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People became selfish, had people who vendored admitting they didn’t need it for any reason but just vendored for gold. “I don’t need this mog… this other paladin can use this old tier. Nah I vendor it for gold!” meanwhile that other paladin has to rerun it the enxt reset again… just for a chance

This is only possible thanks to CRZ, nobody cares anymore. People are suprised when I put everything for roll what I don’t need, whether it are mog pieces (legacy content) or simply power (current expac). Suprised, this used to be standard manners. Don’t vendor or disenchant gear somebody else can use.

People even disenchant/vendor rings or trinkets stuff that can’t even be used as a mog. They have 0 excuses there. Need for Greed:

-Need what you can use in power wise
-Wait till everybody cast their vote and/or ask if you can need for mog
-Greed otherwise if you’re planning on just vendoring or disenchanting.

Always worked, then CRZ came and since the chance you come across the same people again is close to 0. ML? Ask for rules beforehand, most people who claimed there were alot of ninja’s never looked at the stated rules. Maybe the pug leader said x item was reserved or in a guild that the healers needed a gear upgrade so they would get prio. Nope just call it ninja because you lost the roll or didn’t bother to read the rules or intend of this run. Result only legitmatly ran into 3 ninja’s… ever. All ouside of guilds because no guild wanted their names tarnished.


but ur not in a guild ur pugging lol

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u should try PVP u will find the next level of toxicity :rofl::joy:

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Maybe people want the gear for a transmog, for a friend, for titan residuum or maybe they want the 40 gold they get from selling it.

No one’s obligated to hand out freebies. Yesterday, i got a belt from heroic that i didn’t need. A priest asked me. I told the raid to roll and the priest won and got the gear. a couple of weeks ago, i got an off hand which i didn’t need, but still kept because i liked the transmog.

You sometimes give, you sometimes don’t. The toxic part is you expecting freebies left and right and then complaining when you’re not getting it. Do the content again next week. and change your understanding of what toxicity actually is. Because what you’re saying isn’t it.


that’s the stupidest posting ive ever read.

Its their drop and their choice what to do with it. People that whisper others about gear are scumbags in my opinion. Its my loot, I worked for it and I do with it what I will.
You then go on a wah wah and keep whispering about it when youre denied??? stupid baby.
You then leave the group and don’t finish it because youre throwing a temper tantrum that people don’t do what you demand they do???
you really are a childish baby.
Its nothing to do with denying you an upgrade, they have plans for the item and that’s all.
Its none of you business what their plan is and its not up to you to demand they do something else.
Youre a pathetic child, throwing a tantrum when you don’t get your way.
Pathetic, truly pathetic. Stop begging and throwing temper tantrums.


Don’t start with him he’s still going to blame you for not being UNICEF and giving him free gear even thou you need it for reasons many many posters already discussed but listen if I don’t need some gear piece if it’s useless to me I can give it if I want to and not forced to give out loot.


Oh man I would suggest that he or she ignores PvP like a plague cause of the amount of toxicity he will get there he will get an aneurysm.


That’s unfortunate. When I do LFG now and then and get a random thing I do not need I am happy to give it away. Have done so in the past and will do so again ^^

In one case I was doing a LFG BFA dung, the storm one. Twice I got drops I did not need and twice the same person asked for them. In both cases I gave it to them as it was of no use to me stat or transmog wise.


That’s good but some still need some of those items for disenchanting for transmogs and such and is that a bad thing to need it for?.