People are toxic as hell


Sure that can help you. But most people don’t need the 20 cents.


And you have in my opinion no right to be a dick about it. Try that in a guild, you’ll be kicked in an instance, not only because you’re obstructing other people
s/the guilds progression for very little reason. You are also just a dick. It’s a dick move, you can always sell the item to other players. Have you ever checked the prices similar BoE’s sell for on the AH, it’s in the 10’s of 1000’s if not 100’s of 1000’s. Vendoring it for ‘‘small coins’’ is toxic and you will not get rich doing that.


most people may not, but it still adds up. And even if we use it for grinding purposes, that’s still a valid reason to need the item people got from their loot run, they did the boss, they deserve their loot if they are lucky enough to get it.


I think it’s a difference in morals between you and me I guess, I actually feel really bad when I do that, it pokes at my conscience when I sell an item someone else needs. It’s a weekly lock-out they have to wait another entire week to get an item they might randomly get(or not indefinitely) just because you needed your 70 gold. Just because RNG was in your favor and not in theirs, that’s the only reason you feel entitled to the item and because it appeared in your bag. That’s it. There’s no valid argument behind it, it’s just:’‘My item, my rules.’’ It’s selfish and kinda stupid.


In a guild you get helped with gold problems. That is the big difference. There are a lot who walk on their last pennies, because of BFA. But nobody in my guild has to vendor stuff to get gold. We just give gold to players who need.

You got flagged there.

Nobody does not want you to not have the gear. They want the gear and do with it what they want themselves. It really has nothing to do with that other player. But even trying to compare food not giving to people who need that to stay alive with loot in a game???


So to summarize:

The first guy didn’t answer you,probalby becasue he got whispered by more players than you. But you think he owes YOU an answer.
And we have no information if it was maybe an upgrade for him or he gave it to a friend in the group.

The second guy tells you the reason, the titan residuum for his 445 Azerite pieces but that isn’t good enough for you because you feel that your reason for needing it is more important and therefor you deserve the item more.

And the third guy who actually does what you claim everyone to do, that is not trading for pure selfish reason.

So in my opinion only one of your examples fits for claiming that people are selfish (Toxic doesn’t really fit here). But this is a risk you have to take if you go and PUG. If you want a supportive group that looks out for one another than you should find a guild.
You can’t expect random strangers to go out of their way to be that altruistic, because you are not a starving homeless person. This is a game and your health and life is not dependend on having this sweet 20ilvl upgrade.


frankly i’m amazed that a weekend troll thread has managed to carry through to the next…do you really have nothing better to do?..:stuck_out_tongue:
incidently…where is our Aerythlea?..did she leave?..>.>…<.<…


They are waiting Classic like me, so we all post on forums to waste time :stuck_out_tongue: .

I got 2 ban from this thread lol. And probably a 3rd now.

My Ban My Rules !

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No, but that has nothing to do with what we’re talking about. It’s at best a clumsy analogy.

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Remember when the LFRer crowd celebrated the death of master loot, even though it didn’t effect them, because of imagined scenarios where the raid leader funneled all the gear to his GF or whatever instead of giving everyone a fair shot at an upgrade?

Yep, now the same people are back with ‘it dropped in my bag, I don’t need it, but screw everyone else! Mine, mine, mine!’


The dubious combination of toxicity and being an attention-(something rhyming with floor). I’d say the latter was the bigger issue.


had that raid loot trouble actually happening during northrend. Suddenly not allowed loot with that one bow we could use, because not part of the main group and just a stand in replacement. Yeah, than better also take us off the replacement list. At least personal loot gives us a chance to get loot But its personal, so its our’s :wink:


Going with Door! Is it attention-door?! :slight_smile:

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The same people who defend a LFG (auto) addon in classic because: “I shouldn’t be forced to socialize or need other players for crafting in a MMO”.


Yes! There it was, the big expertly crafted oak wooden door. With “Attention” scratched crudely across it. And the op, grief-stricken over her loot-lust being denied took a deep breath and charged straight in. (someone forgot to lock it!)


Imagine actual homless people reading this. Some entitled man-child uses their real life misfortune as an analogy in a video game. Disrespectful to say the least.


First world problems lul. People are dying of hunger, and someone is super stressed over loot in a game haha


If they dont, homeless people might eat something that expired, giving them food poisoning that can result in death. You dont think things through…do you.

Makes me sad when i realize you are waiting for classic. Would NOT want to end up grouped with you…

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Yeah, eating food ONE DAY out of date will literally kill you every time. :thinking:


And do you think they “filter” the food there. A rubbish container can have like like a lot of kgs of all kinds of food. Sure, 1 day old meat will not cause many issues. But how about 1 day old meat “soaked” into rotten fruit juices oh and some 3 day old rotten cheese on top. Now fish out the “meat” with all the “extra additives” and will still tell us how “healthy and fresh” it is? :rofl: