People are toxic as hell


I dont get it. Why are you trying to make pugs follow “an established” guild rules?
Maybe he pugs solo for a reason cause he doesn’t like “cooperating” with people and not with a guild?
If I am part of a guild run. I am “expected” to be part of a team. If somebody wants to play “lone wolf” style, get in-> do your thing->take your pay->get out. Then its his free choice to do so?

Looking at other comments here. While I don’t do that personally (and I rarely pug anyways). I can see why some people may be “reluctant” to actually loot the boss.

If you take this item then prepare to be “judged” by the remaining random pugs if you are indeed “worthy enough” to wield thay item.


Well this is kind of what you get when you played legion :frowning: I gave also away everything but I got in so much trouble by doing it, that I prefer to stay low profile and not say anything in pugsraid. I also do not ask anything from other players. I respect their loot, and I keep mine. And that is not toxic at all.

In dungeons it is a lot easier, so there I still give away everything.


I understand the frustration but lots of people are saying they will scrap it when they are 50k ahead lmao. Do higher M+ and you will get massive Residuum every week. If all people reason like you, you will never get any Azerith gear if you don’t loot it. That’s not really what we want.

Of course i know, make raid in guilds, but what we speak her is pug.


and os what ? 2k is 2k. if you do this 10times you already have 20k which saves you one week.

(Papudeath) #87

I agree and disagree. It’s a nice gesture to give loot you don’t need to someone who does, but by no means does it mean that they should. Your attitude makes it seem like you get angry if people don’t give their loot to you, and that is not a good attitude. If you did that in one of my raids I’d just kick you.

People are free to keep their loot for transmog, scrapping, disenchanting, selling etc. All of those reasons are valid. I would agree that they’re mean once they taunt you by not giving you loot, or tease you with it.


I dont ‘have’ to trade anything to you. When i dont need something ill put it up for rolls, if i dont do that i want it. Who are you to nearly demand someone to give their loot to you?


Congrats for being a better player so you can do higher M+ then me. But I need the TR. Also my current traits kind of suck so I keep needing my TR. Call me toxic for being not as good as you :+1:


Really wish you were more pleasant. It’s said a million times already but you as a toxic troll thinks everyone owes you something, when in reality they don’t. Their loot, their decision. For all i care they sell it for the 50g they get from a vendor.

It’s nice if they give it but they are NEVER obligated to do so, as said many many times already. Now be good and go and apologize to that tree that has been producing all that oxygen you waste on a daily base.


Guys, you can call me toxic or whatever, you know i don’t care. Because i’m the good guy :stuck_out_tongue: .


you care a lot. you even log on your alts to like your own posts x)


You do realize that certain villains in history also “thought themselves that they are the good guys”…right? :rofl:


Right demanding the whole playerbase to be UNICEF not realizing they need those pieces of gear for valid reasons right that makes you a good guy :crazy_face: and I am king of the North(Jarl not GOT one).


You are literally the most toxic player i have seen yet… Calling people retards, calling people braindead…
Reported, time to move on.


Having the good behavior make you immune to any sort of thing. I’m not triggered because someone doesn’t gave me loot, in reality i don’t care, i will go Classic in 5 days i will not touch any sort of BFA content before the next expansion.

I had to post this thread because this should change. I know on BFA, this behavior will not change, it’s to late and the community is brainless. But i hope on the next expansion, Blizzard will take it seriously.

You can report me, who care ? Only you maybe.


Hey guys look at the bright side, the toxic leech will leave us for classic.
We can wait for his next classic thread whining why he will never get his MC loot.

We got rid of another entitled brat.


Seems triggered to me


Oh hey guys gotcha lol was just trolling xD


Yup, extremely triggered


I’m triggered now ! Give me my loot !


<— This is me. You can inspect me and laugh at me now :smiley: .