People are toxic as hell


I kinda missed the part where you were on “good behavior” but what ever.
Also classic. Will you also trow a tantrum cause you think that the master looter should have given YOU the item you wanted not to that guy/girl.

Aight. “Good guy who is on his good behaviour”. So anyone who disagrees with you is instantly brainless. God…you are not a good guy. You should be a Saint! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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You and the kinds of you call literally everything that doesn’t abide by your own meaningless “rules” toxic… You throw that word everywhere all the time to the point it became a meme… And no, not trading loot is neither toxic nor anti-social.

It’s a perfectly valid reason. Most cases it’s the only reason people even do HC raids.

What’s common sense is to wait for the one who got the loot to call for a roll on chat, not whisper spam them. Snowflakes and self-entitled brats that feel everybody else owes them something should be eradicated from the game.

Yeah, its pretty hard. Cuz most are just like you. So iyou have to come back to 5 different whispers then you have to go into effing explanations with 4 of them as to why you need you OWN god damn loot when you already have a 430 azerite… and 3 of those will cause effing tantrums on forums and raid chat why you didn’t trade them your OWN loot… You, and the likes of you are real toxic individuals masking your toxicity behind calling other toxic and anti-social… grow the f…k up…


we knew already.

anyway this illidan head mog has a pretty high correlation with toxic player )


Guys common, i know i was bad to call people brainless/toxic Retail player or whatever. I feel bad for that but i had to said it.

You should remember one thing from all of theses posts : be nice, trade loot if possible, i know you want to scrap, i know you are pissed of massive whispers in every PUG raid when you drop something, i know it’s your loot, i know all of this because i experienced the same thing. But think about others player a bit more.

Yes, sometime people die in boss and are useless/boosted, sometime you feel this guys doesn’t deserve it, but don’t be bad. Saying in /raid that you can’t trade it because of [Insert Any Reason] is better than saying nothing.


Well, if you think loot system is bad now, I guess we can look forward to many simular posts on the classic forums in the future lol


Why did you have to say it? To show the real, toxic, you? No one here takes someone like you who throws tempertantrums over a piece of loot seriously…
After that you go calling people braindead and now you say youre sorry but you “had” to say it.


Ofc, i’m a toxic guys who self-like himself so Cursed of Vision of Sargeras is mandatory.


You know what the real problem is? In this o-so-called “social” demand-stage?

They often use an addon. I’m not going to respond to an automated message, at least not further than my DnD status.

They literally whisper a whole bookwork, linking [old item] + improvement and what not kind of sweet words within mere milliseconds.

Just no. I respond via my DnD.


How about you start taking your own « advice » into account before throwing tantrums left and right ?


I had to said it because you and most Retail player think this is a normal behavior and i know that before the post. Before the post i was 100% sure the response will be “This is my loot”, “This is a normal behavior” and it’s a shame. That’s why i’m pissed, not because “I DoNt GeT AzErItH”.

Sorry if you feel offended.


Well is it normal behavior to have to give items away that you actually need yourself? I haven’t seen any argument why I should not keep items I need myself. Need by my own terms.


You are one of those typical people who still believe you are right even though literally no one believes you, and after you dont have any constructive arguments you resort to calling names and throwing even more tantrums just like you did in those raids


Writing “Retail player” like it’s the new cuss word, that seperates you from the rest of us. You are on Retail yourself… aren’t you.


Calling me a retailplayer is i think the only nice thing he said xD i dont hate classic but its not for me so yes im a retailplayer.
Luckily people like him are gonna take off to classic where they will be kicked out of the community very quickly with this attitude


You’re such an entitled brat. People don’t have to trade their loot, it’s not like you are in some top Mythic progression guild group so don’t expect people to shower you with their loot.

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The only “toxicity” in the OP is your own entitlement.
You’re EXPECTING people to give loot to you, then go on a rant when players will not. Whatever reason they have is good enough. Residum, enchanting mats or even transmog.

Instead, you should be grateful to those who put unwanted items up for a roll - but after looking at the behaviour displayed in the OP, I can fully understand why people don’t bother.


I’m not playing Retail anymore. 1 month on BFA release to try, then I was back to 8.2.0 to see if the game changed, and … nope :< . The core of BFA is really bad but it’s another subject. Feel free to read this if you think people will go back to Retail : You think people will go back Retail ?

I doesn’t have time to respond to all people, but i would say the same thing : trade your loot if you don’t need (Residuum scrapping is a valid point if you need that, don’t trade), we expect you to do it. It’s a core rule that worked really well before in PUG.


Says he doesnt play retail anymore, but makes a thread complaining about 2 groups he joined for hc raid… I smell bs…

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When someone gets loot, it is their loot. They can do with it what they please. You are not entitled to anyone else’s loot. Some people are comfortable saying No to others requesting their loot and others would rather not engage in conversation because some people can’t graciously accept the word No. Some people become quite toxic when they are told they can not have someone else’s loot.

Blizzard put a system in place that allows people to scrap or disenchant azerite pieces for Titan Residuum. This allows them to recycle their unwanted armour in exchange for a piece they want.

Legion was no different and people would keep sets pieces, not answer whispers, or keep things for transmog.

Some players are happy to give everything away. Some want to keep things. It’s their choice. You just have to be polite and accept by their choice.


Puny has entered the chat, case closed xD
Nah kidding, i normally put my stuff up for rolls, but i hate those automated whispers i get when i get a piece of loot, they make me not want to give it away anymore…