People are toxic as hell

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That’s a good point too. Some prefer to roll the loot to an entire group, and give everyone a fair crack at it.

Others will just give it to the first person that /w them.


You do realize that there are no cross-realm grouping in classic? With your attitude you will have a bad rep in next to no time. GL getting into groups after that…


Yeap he’ll get himself into this situation veeeery quickly


I once got someone who got mad over me giving an item to the first whisper, so then i moved that conversation over to raid chat, discussion was over very quickly xD


Not to mention excluded from all the content of the game because of the realm reputation system that existed back then.Word spreads around quickly in Classic from guild to guild so yea there’s that.


Says he doesnt play retail anymore, but makes a thread complaining about 2 groups he joined for hc raid… I smell bs…

It was a fake, i already have Azshara trinket, all of my Azerith Armor is 435 like you can see in armory. I just posted this thread to see the reaction and i was 100% sure this will be like this : “It’s my loot”, “People do what they want”. I understand the Residuum and Tmog, if you need that ofc you will not trade. I don’t care if people doesn’t give me loot, because i’m not playing for that. The point of this post was to see the reaction of BFA player, and i was not wrong.

You do realize that there are no cross-realm grouping in classic? With your attitude you will have a bad rep in next to no time. GL getting into groups after that…

Classic have master loot and most raid are not in pug. Raid got 4/5 loot per boss and you are in a 40-man-raids. You don’t play Classic for loot (if you do that, you are crazy …).

In dungeons, there’s multiple sort of loot system (roud robin, need or greed, …). Most people know that and they will not need unless they need an items because it’s an upgrade. Also, you can trade items in Classic so if you need something wrongly (that can happen), you can trade it to someone else.

There’s no scrapping, no residuum, no transmog. Of course, ninja loot can happen, but like you said, if you do that, you will end with a bad reputation because there’s no cross-realm. Dez exist, and they will likely roll the crystal because they are good guys.

My “attitude” is the standard in Classic : if you don’t need something, you give it to another player. If you talked to my “attitude” by calling people “retard” or whatever, it was just because i’m triggered by BFA mentality and sad behavior. Nothing more.

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So you don’t play for loot you understand why people want to keep their own loot yet come on here to cry about it in a thread?!?!

You wont get very far in Classic asking people for their loot either.


It was a fake. Lmao, funniest thing ive read today, you just keep making a fool of yourself more and more

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he probably needed it himself

I have never seen this happen before so I’m really curious if this is literally all that went down in that exchange. What seems more likely is that he wanted famous trinket with said socket slot for himself

In the case of azerite gear, don’t hate the player hate the game
In the case of the trinket, is that really all that happened tho? sure it wasn’t some snarky back and forth between the both of you first?

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I don’t care about what the topic is here, but after reading all this and see so many people jump on one single person… i think that’s toxic. Be nice all. :slightly_smiling_face:


If one person literally causes this himself by being toxic himself and calling names and all i dont think a lot of people “jumpin” on it is unwarranted


Solid reasoning…lmao.

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There really is nothing people will not label toxic these days. Some of you have clearly never encountered toxic behaviour. Long may it stay that way.

Not only was this a troll thread with someone wasting everyone’s time, no one has insulting them or had a go at them. Don’t start a discussion if you can’t handle people writing normal responses.


If you win something in the lottery you dont really need and someone next to you is starving. Its kinda toxic to just throw your price in the garbage

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Lol! Where are the moderators?! Are they sleeping from their job?
Half of this post are literally bashing the this player…


You mean that player calling others retards and braindead? Yeah where are the moderators, i dont think that is allowed…


Y’know what I’d do back in the old days instead of complaining on the forums like you youngsters do?

I’d used to take a nice long walk from Stormwind city all the way to Booty Bay, thinking about business and Tyrande’s sweet, big round- Sorry I’m getting off topic. Anyways when I arrived at Booty Bay I’d buy myself a big mug of beer, and drink away all the toxicity, watching the sun set.

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I suspect it’s all the same troll posting on various characters at this point. The mock outrage is a bit much to be believable.


Yeah probably, can the moderators check that?

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I doubt, they don’t seem to do their job well?
Eso forum are more harsher than this…