People are toxic as hell


There’s no personal loot. So how can a player ask for a loot to trade ?

In raid, you use master loot in guilds so you will not ask a player to give you a loot because the raid leader give it to a player for the best upgrade / DKP / yet another loot system who is fair.

In dungeons, you use need or greed. So if player A don’t need something, and player B (you) need, you will get it. If 4 people need it, it’s the roll system so it’s fair and automatic.

On outdoor, if you group with a PUG to do quest, if someone won something (world drop), you can’t expect them to give the loot because they are BoE so they will be sell to AH, unless they are not valuable people will not give you a BoE for free.

If you talk about chest in dungeons or outdoor with group of people, chest is /rand before they get open and if the opener doesn’t need a loot in the chest, he will trade it to someone else unless it’s very valuable like an outdoor BoE.

Re-read the thread if you think i’m the only person who was “toxic” (that started on #2).

Of course it’s better to think i’m auto-promoting myself with alt, but the reality is sometime different. The only character i used on this thread is my Eldrai and this (my main on BFA).


Who said anything about throwing something in the garbage? If I win the lotto and dont need it, it is up to me to give to people I decide who needs it the most.


Yeah they shouldve given that guy a nice little forum vacation by now… totally not hinting at something

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A blue could see that yes if they looked into it.

It’s one of the disadvantages of not making us post with just one character or have us use our bnet like the other game forums do. However it was always possible on the old forums and it’s something they’ve retained on the new.

Instead of feeding the troll it’s probably best just to report the OP for trolling, especially as they’ve admitted it.


Using alts for upvoting is just sad lol


I had to do it otherwise the post will be reported instantly. I know the forum a bit :stuck_out_tongue: .


As well it should have been…


Im guessing with the speed the amount of replies is rising a blue will be looking into this quite soon so we’re good here


It matters not because onec I made an insesitive joke about something even thou people liked it I still got a forum vacation out of it sadly.Refering to the one that got me a week of suspension for it.


At least we got space to discuss something. Forums are full of politically correct now.

I will probably get a 24 hours ban or maybe more.


Threat was about someone disenchanting stuff they didnt need or keeping even thpugh they have the same item with a socket. Those items are literally usless to them besides 80 gold.

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I will always make people roll for it. I hate being asked specifically. If I want to give my loot away, I will do it myself.


Stop…please. This sadness is not good for my depression.


Dont say it again then, judging from that likes give thread a few days ago we all like you :stuck_out_tongue:


And you have proof of this? You are either an alt of the OP or extremely gullible.


Why am i not surprised…


Nah its becsuse ive had this hzppen to me personally where an item dropped that was a 40 ilvl upgrade or something and people would just vendor that stuff or disenchant just to spite me even though i asked nicely or was even willing to pay for it

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In the end it is their loot rules and while I have different rules set out for myself, Blizzard very much agrees on: you do with it what you want.

Usually for me it goes like this: Upgrade or Transmog, it is mine. I’ve seen people get upset about wanting the transmog… but hey, there are still quite a few items in Legion I gave away and didn’t drop again. Hence why that became a hard rule in BFA.

Being obnoxious about it usually gets you a report and a block. So always try to stay civil even when being disappointed.


Gonna be interesting to see how the “retail vs classic” thing will play out…


Oh jeez, these RL examples do not help or make a point at all in this “discussion”.

  1. not receiving loot that someone else got as reward (there’s no lottery here) has nothing to do with starving
  2. TR, gold or a shard may as well be needed for the one initially receiving the piece of gear