Phase 2 already wtf

Was just about to write this. :+1:

Those realms have like next to no population, are you kidding mate? You must be kidding.

there is also their own faction to protect them

Are you really saying: don’t tailor to players a, b, c but tailor only to me?
Entitled much?


as a warlock i need Dire Maul to do my epic mount quest which is in phase 2.
kinda want that to happen so i don’t have to splurge money on a regular epic mount in the mean time.

also isn’t dungeon sets introduced in phase 2 making it easier to gather pre-raid gear?

kidding you with what?
Fact 1: 6 EU realms are down to no layering
Source: Realm Layering Update – English

Fact 2: Blizzard said the plan is Phase 2 by the end of the year

0 population realms, none of them were using layers anyway. I know this because I’m on one of them. Pcgamer isn’t blizzard. It’s a prospective report not an official announcement in blue. Nuff said.

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And then, people who are 50 by the time P2 would be released, will start crying that they will have a hard time leveling from 50-60.

Next thing you know, people with alts will start crying that they cannot level their alts due to Honor system being added.

This is a stupid thing, really. Stop being so “entitled”. There will always be someone who is playing longer then you. He has the same rights as you to ask for content.

An “inbetween” resolution must be find and Blizzard should never listen for X type of players to release or to hold on content.

On a side note : “I’m lvl 20, Blizz plz don’t release P2” , is worst then “I’m lvl 60, Blizz plz release P2”

You are not casual, most of the casual players with job and 2 kids already cleared MC and Ony, you are worst than casual, players like you killed wow!


Hahahaha… i hope this is a troll post. And yes p2 by end of the year or in january is ok for most of the playerbase imo…

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People who take the sniffing the flowers on their way to 60 approach on a PvP server knowing full well P2 is coming have no one else to blame but themselves imo.

It’s not like it’s gonna be a buffet for the horde or alliance to feast on lvl 48s either, the opposite faction have just as much incentive to be there to farm other 48s and the gankers.


It is direct quotes from the Game Director for Classic WoW that was said during an official interview. I don’t think you can get much more official than that! (Unless you are a troll, obviously… but you are not one, are you? :P)

Apparently Blizzard didn’t say anything unless they said it here.

I’m not a troll no. It’s only official if it’s announced here right on blizzard’s own platform.

Explained this mate, I’m the majority in that I’m not lvl 60 but I’m not super low.
Blizz should time the phases for players like me, not to fast and not to slow.
Obvious if you read.

So … Don’t schedule it after nolifers, or casuals, but for people who play in your exact range?

??? I am 13-28 on all classes, guess i dont matter in the schedule then

Next phase is not all that special, content wise. Does not really mater to me if they released it today or next month.

As long as we get some time to catch up before opening new raid stuff.

It doesn’t matter on PVE realms… where people will flag themselves when,where and if they wamt to… on PVP realms for levels 48-60 will be massacre when honour system starts… and it will cause majority of casual players to quit if they introduce honour system before most of them are lvl 60… I m on a PVE realm so really dont care, just stating the problem people will have

Why would people roll on a PvP server if they don’t want PvP?


Blizzard shouldnt cater for people with no jobs who play 24/7 they will never be happy.