Planning Free Character Transfers for Season of Mastery Realms

We’re currently investigating offering a number of Free Character Transfers on Season of Mastery realms, as soon as later this week.

In this region, the arrangement could look like this:

From realm To realm Type
Bonescythe Dreadnaught PvP
Ironfoe Dreadnaught PvP
Quel’Serrar Kingsfall Normal

We’ve followed community discussions on this subject very closely, and appreciate your feedback!


It would be better to offer free transfers from Bonescythe just to Ironfoe, and not allow transfers from Ironfoe at this point. At least Ironfoe Alliance side is far from dead. Not everyone enjoys playing on mega servers with layering and constant gank fiesta.


Yeah precise Ally, because on horde it’s dead, Orgrimmar is empty and we can’t recruit for complete roster raid. But yeah the best solution was a merge between Bonescyte and Ironfoe last 1-2 month when the server have people, now it’s too late so we’re happy to go on Dread and leave this ghost capital.


How could you forget about ru server Bloodcaller? Our server is completely dead on the horde side, and half dead on the alliance side. The auction practically does not work, no one farms, there are sorely lacking reagents for raids. On Horde, we still can’t kill Ragnaros because there are very few people on the roster. According to the Ironforge website, our general population is similar to Bonescythe, however you allow transfers from them, but not from us. These are double standards. It looks like we were just locked up and not allowed to go out. At the same time, there are enough Russian players on the dreadnought, and we want to join forces with them. I don’t understand why all the servers in the European region have connections between themselves, and we are oppressed? Give us the opportunity to play in normal conditions, we pay money for it!


I totally agree. We need a transfer from the RU-Bloodcall to EU-Dreadnaught. Horde is almost dead.


I’m not afraid of this word: genocide for Russian players


We need a transfer from the RU-Bloodcall to EU-Dreadnaught. Horde is almost dead!!!


А еще увеличьте дезертирство в tbc

Russian players need to transfer characters from the RU server Bloody Call, since the server is dead, even a normal group in the dungeon can not be assembled, not to mention raids. Definitely transferring to the European Dreadnought server


Please open transfer for Russian server (RU-Blood Call to EU-Dreadnaught)


Russian server dead, we need transfer from Bloody Call


When given two choices you can always expect Blizzard to make the wrong one. Congratz you did it again. Not everyone wants megaservers… well back to living inside Dungeons, was fun to experience the world a little bit again


Dare I ask if there will be free transfers from PvP to Normal?

Nice so the ppl that got Welfare R13/R14 with 700k caps can enjoy their BiS items on a nice and healthy realm.
Meanwhile on Dreadnaught we had 1.5m - 2m caps.
We call that a d*** move you know.

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Hello dear Blizzard. I hope this is just the beginning of the Transfer policy for Season of Mastery and you will provide an opportunity to integrate our RU-Bloodcaller characters with European community. It is totally necessary. The population on the server is decreasing catastrophically (especially on Horde side) and we need a Transfer! Every time becomes difficult to stack a raid of 40 people on Horde side on the whole server! Will you not abandon us and give us the opportunity to Transfer the characters?


Dear Blizzy,

Happy to see transfers coming up and the fact you -SoM dev team- are listening closely to the community.
Bonescythe is an extremely low populated server and many of our cakes would like to move to Ironfoe since they seek a higher (but not too high) populated server (horde side).
We as a community don’t have exact population numbers, so we cannot know exactly, but Ironfoe seems to have a healthy population. However of course, if transfers open from Ironfoe to Dreadnaught it probably has no sense to move there, and dreadnaught is then indeed the only viable option. And if Ironfoe’ers pref to leave, they should have that option.
Could you guys share accurate populated (active acc) numbers with the community (H/A), if you want us to give viable feedback? If this is not possible, any feedback will be based on guesses and we shall have to trust you’re (dev team’s) judgement.
If no more information is given, Ironfoe’ers, hows is the pop on your server like?

Hope we can transfer soon!



Bonescythe → Ironfoe
Dreadnaught → Ironfoe

Is this impossible move because some people also want out from dreadnaught so we could have 2 (healthy?) servers?


Lol dreadnaught is already suffering this would just kill dreadnaught and split community even more. I love the current suggestion by Blizzard

Cannot believe you clowns are offering Bone and Ironfoe transfers to DN and not Bone and DN transfers to Ironfoe when that realm can easily be saved. Those over 1000 raiders went there because they didn’t want a mega server.

Classic Blizzard. I’ll quit before I transfer to DN.

BS and IF players who got rank 14 gonna roll on there with near free r14 gear… And what about the people who want to go from DN to another server? What about people on current low pops that don’t wanna wait in a queue? Gonna have firemaw from tbc here but then no realm for people to migrate off.

If you open transfers to DN you will KILL Ironfoe which is close to fine and kill BS. You need to follow BS to Ironfoe transfers and possibly DN to Ironfoe. Do not let Ironfoe and BZ move to DN.


Why would you not go to dreadnaught so it becomes a megaserver im telling you it’s really fun here also payo is here too