Please do away with allied race unlocks

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@Mojomane: Hurrdurr… HM tauren are special case. They can be unlocked in two days with ZERO WQs after reaching level 110, if one wants a really hardcore grind.


Ummm, if I get only about 16 to 20 hours out of a title, it is not even close to being an AAA game for me. But tastes differ, I know…


People moan there’s nothing to do, while other people are moaning they want other things taken away and made easier.

What do you want, damnit?

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So it’s hard to unlock them for u :slight_smile: , try get em all to 110 also.

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This may sound crazy, but bear with me here:

Not everyone is an altoholic

Tastes differ. Though I was speaking more of BfA Allied Races, not the Legion one personally. Doing boring WQs in BfA twice is not my idea of fun. I unlocked the Horde ARs easily as I do the WQs anyway but i loathe to even think of leveling an alliance character just so I would unlock DIs and KTs and the new having to level them and do the same boring WQs on them afterwards.

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But what do you propose instead? It’s an honest question and not a loaded one - if you have something else in mind then I would love to know what it is :slight_smile:

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Either make the unlocked allied races start at lvl 110 or make the rep requirement for unlocking them revered.

Making allied races start from 110 makes sense lorewise as well, as I don’t think that it makes sense for ARs to be going through past expansion storylines which happened before they even joined te Horde.

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Ah I see what you mean now :slight_smile: I had replied before you had added the other part, apologies :slight_smile:


I quit the game before cataclysm came. Then played 2-3 months in cataclym then quit it for good. All my irl friends (around 15) quit at the same time period, almost all of guild members (we were together since vanilla, more than 60 people) also quit.
The reason was boredom, because we were playing it for a loong time, 5 hours a day average maybe even more, we got everything, we had all the alt chars and professions maxed, did end game content and got most of the achievement… etc etc etc. Also most of us reached the age of university, job, travel…
So your point is absurd. We didn’t quit because Blizz sucks, because class imbalance, because whatever.
Those people who quit the game because of pathfinder, races locked behind requirements are a very small and insignificant minority. Most people quit it because no game can last forever, right? And Wow still has millions of subs after all these years is a success, not a failure. So threatning them with your 10e/month is funny and pathetic.

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@Uruk: Correct. However, as related note, data from other threads and my own research last year suggests that a fairly average player uses about 3,5 characters at level 20+ over any given period of 14 days. So, yes, there are players who only use one character, but alts are not rare.

As to your latter remark… WQs are not compulsory and some people actually like them.


You didnt even read my point you went off on a rant .

My point 3.7 million players quit 1st quater wod(they are facts you can find the numbers anywhere) to show blizzard how fed up they where that is my point what you are saying to me has no bearing on the person i was responding to so either dont comment or re read .


It wasn’t a rant and i read your comments lmao. I simply told you that sub numbers went down because of many reasons.

Those peopel who actually quit because no-flying or allied races gated behind reqs are just an insignificant minority. They do not act on their threats either, they just keep moaning. Those who quit the game, like myself, just quit it because we were bored and real life things. Those people would’ve quit even they were given whatever they wanted.

It is you who needs to read and especially understand what is written.


I know its hard for you to understand but 3.7 million all quit in first quater of WOD that is not a threat they actually did it a 3rd of the player base just up and left in WOD im not talking about Allied races please try and understand ,
Iam talking about you mocking players and threats and iam stateing it wasnt threats it was action l2read .


No, it is not a threat for such an old game. The game still has millions of sub. People who quit in WoD wasn’t an action against Blizzard, they quitted because they were bored. Me and my friends quit not because Blizzard sucked, not because it was an act against Blizzard, it was jsut we got bored.

Out of 3.7 million only an insignificant amount of people quitted for whatever (pathfinder, class imbalance, no content… etc) they were moaning about. Vast majority of quitters are people who played the game for too long, who wants to try other games, who had to do real life things… etc. Do yo ueven get this very simple thing? Because there is no way to make it more simple.

I will keep mocking that minority who thinks their 10euro threats means something and will make Blizzard to send their demands to their mailbox.


3.7 million didnt quit due to boredom in first 3 months of the game you are talking inane nonsense.
And the last count it was less then 2 million worldwide it shows the digust in the game .

So you think the reason they went back on flying is due to a small number you really are clueless and a troll .

3.7 millions x 10 euro work that out and say its a small number you nothing more then a troll good game on getting me to bite .


Well, we quit the game in wotlk and then played cataclysm for about 2 moths and then we all quit again. That’s what happened to me, what happened to wod quitters.

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@Seríssa: The so called WeakAura leak was utterly fake. Also, while the public data is scarce, the last time I ran the numbers, EU and US alone amounted to a minimum of more than 2,3 million… Then add Russia, Korea, Taiwan and China on top of that…

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If they did, then all new players would choose to play a Void Elf instead of a Blood Elf, and that is just not acceptable for Horde-biased Blizz.


I dislike this guy but this is how he worked it out and my view is nothing to do with the weakaura one please dont talk down to me .

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You acknowledge that you dislike the guy, but then still quote him.

HbF has started to rant against Blizzard. Why? because he makes money out of it. And that is all he cares about now.

I suggest you ignore the YouTube wind-up merchants and actually try find some data.

@Trelw is probably the most informed poster about this data. If you are ignoring their input, then you ignore a great deal of information.

Anyway, back on topic. If you want to play the “Allied” races. You have to work for them.

If you don’t want to work for them, then you don’t get to play them. Simple.


I know trelw very well so stop assuming i was just showing were i got my numbers from thanks which was like you and assumeing weak aura leak.
I was people would stop trying to surpress my views and put words into my mouth and assume what iam saying .