Please do away with allied race unlocks


If you earned all the races, why are you crying? You absolutely are missing some things, that’s why you are crying. What is it exactly?

Probably you want another account. That’s why you are crying.


What a childisn inane rant .If i had another account it would be tied to my first account hence me being able to have them all already you really dont think before posting do you .


That’s a very valid answer. It’s just you didn’t like it. You just expect me to say; ‘‘yea panda was available, so shoudl be the new allied races’’. Anything else, you would call it ‘not a valid answer’.

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FOr attention and support of these self entitled crybabies who think they are special than others and want something without work put behind it just … they are 6 so they have to stick together.lulz


No its not you need to give me YOUR view on why it should be so not just say “sorry blizzard said it teehee”


It has nothing to do with thinking. I didn’t know that you could have it if you buy a new account.

Well, if they will be available for your new accoutn as well; why are you crying?

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I mean it says Allied races ,so you have to become ally with them by doing stuff for them spending time with them knowing them like it has logic and story/lore point not just new race since it says Allied etc.


Look if i was you i would do this

1)work on your grammar
2)work on your english
3)work on your spelling
4)work on not insulting and being childish in every post .

Until then i will not discuss with you because all you are to be is a person who just rants and rave’s insults.


If you cant debate in a adult manner without resorting to saying “its crying” instead of people having a view like you then dont debate but dont think you are bigger then anyone just because you keep saying “crying hurr durr” grow up and use your own view .


My view is so obvious, how can you still asking? I don’t want everything yto be handled right away. Let some things locked behind achievements. So if Blizzard choose to do gate the allied races, so be it.

I like those requirements, just like the pathfinder. It gives me something to work for.

How can you still not understand that?


Give it to my low level English. I will use ‘‘complaining’’, ok now?

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Yes you can not argue with logic your logic is give me for free … i do not like it give me acting like speaking for millions this whole thread is joke of itself.


Better atleast thats more adult .


What are you even trying to say ? that whole sentence makes no sense at all .

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/sigh typical En without sense of reading without spam of , and , and point jumping guess i have to like with dumb … so for you

You: I do not like it give me // acting like speaking for millions…
Me: This whole thread is joke of itself.

Hope you can read this since from original sentence it required reading …


How hard is it for you to read and to see ive earnt them already .Iam asking a simple question why do people think its ok for blizzard to put them behind rep thats all .


None of what you are writeing makes any sense at all because its just an inane rant and not answering what i asked and you are clearly not reading what ive said .

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I said it already before you ignored it.
If it was put behind something else someone else would whine so there is not room for this nonsense if it was put behind X or Y still people would still whine …
For some reason most common thing most players have are reputations by playing and doing story quests STORY OF KNOWING THEM and make them allied with us btw so far in BFA and before in legion sure it would make sense putting it behind doing m+ 15, etc it says ALLIED RACES you choose to ignore everything what i said .


But we didnt have the story of the panda ? of belfs or goats ? and can you please stop the name calling thanks it is not needed.

Btw it is not “whine” its called having a view just like you .

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and my grandma did not had internet … times changes…
and 200 years ago there were no cars etc can go for ever with this nonsense.