Please do away with allied race unlocks


Maybe im tired but i have no idea what you are trying to say at all because as usual nobody reads the whole post .
I just give up , keep on talking your views on classic been there done that since beta 2004.
Game has moved on shame you dont want others to join.

No idea why you bring wpvp into this thread.
If you miss classic so much go play it in summer but stop wrecking retail for others.
Rep grinding is bad content infact isnt content at all imho.
Storyline is content.


So I’m wrecking retail for others.

Sounds a fair, logical argument.

TL; DR, I brought in Classic and the state of world-pvp exactly to express my views on how people wrecked the game with constant, neverending complaints.


Thing is wpvp has always been your choice pure and simple.
Rep grinding world quest which has no storyline connected to the race people want to play is poor/bad content which people have no choice over.
I rather do a story quest or scenerio but yeah keep on with your rep being laughable content.


You have a choice. You may not do it.

Reputation always had extras added at Revered and Exalted, and very few of the reputations could be farmed with story quests and scenarios only.

To which, you will reply, but races are core features, completely ignoring the fact that Blizzard even named the old races Core Races, and the new ones Allied Races.

Of which you have all unlocked and you are still breathing and standing.

Good night for now (just saying so you won’t anticipate further comments this evening)!

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I’ve read and talked about this issue for long enough now. At the end of it all I think people just need to look at time gated rep barriers for what they are. Extremely cheap investment by Blizzard in the most shallow, thin, weak “content” possible. It’s not intended to be fun. It’s intended to make money for Blizzard. People basically need to stop paying money for absolute crap. Maybe if people didn’t have such poor standards for what they accept as entertainment, the games industry would be about games that are fun to play instead of existing just to make money for lawyers and wannabe actors like hazzikostas and kotick.


Lead by example, unsub, show us your high standards, play games that are fun.

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I have to agree, especially since you have a rep grind to unlock the allied races then you have another grind to get them at max level. Why should we have to do twice the rep grind for something that should be accessible?

Rep grinding is not content, it only matters for the metrics that Blizzard uses which is hours played /hours spent in world. Time gating only serves that purpose but it is also driving people away who are seriously tired of repetitive rep grinds.

And before people say go play another game and unsub, I already play FF14, which I just go into about 3 months ago and love completely.


They can keep those games neither one is not something that i care or play tried hearthstone but after 10 minutes i just got bored of it as i remembered why i just don’t like card games.

Overwatch i think i played it about 20 hours or so but after that it was just a another FPS game and i just stopped playing it.

As for wow ups and downs i still find fun in wow and still always come back to it. ESO, GW2, STO etc… just won’t hold my interest more than a day maybe.

Some people really love games like ESO but i just can’t stand the combat or the class system in that game. GW2 advertised itself as a pvp game but over the years it has become nothing more than a fashion wars. STO i still find somewhat fun but the flaw in that game is that it has zero to none endgame content at all if you don’t pouring real world currency to shiny new ships as collectibles as content.


They could make it so you can boost a one off character of an allied race - but it won’t unlock that race permanently.

You would forfeit Heritage and to play more characters of the race you’d have to do the rep.

This would be helpful to someone that is considering playing another faction for the first time, or someone new to the game.

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Ya fair enough. A solution that would allow me to use the character I used to unlock the race. Or his gains on the first new char of that race would do away. Even though many in this thread attempt to devalue the opinion that the current system should be removed by calling it “feeling entitled” nobody exactly wants to have unlocks removed.

The problem is having to do a great deal of content in order to redo it with the new one you wanted to play from the get go.
If there was some mechanic that would do something like:
You leveled up a Orc Warrior to unlock the Zandalari and once you unlocked them you can create 1 Zandalari Warrior with exalted at Zandalari empire
I would be right on the “this is totally ok” side.

The only thing that bothers me is the required investment in an potentially undesired char. I just don’t see ANY logic in this. But this would do as a compromise, wouldn’t it?
The one side keeps it’s unlock conditions while the others doesn’t lose what was done on the first char. Mostly, except for quests. Hell I guess many wouldn’t even care if they could start off with a max level char of that race.
The current leveling is a huge turndown for many.


I don’t agree… either grind the rep… or pay for a boost… you can’t have something for nothing.

Don’t get me wrong I have all the reps myself… but a one off boost is a good compromise imho for something that is totally cosmetic and not needed to play the game.


On there with this name :slight_smile:

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I just rolled an alliance Huntard. Being as it is my 1st alliance char since 2.2 I am a little short on the achievement side to get allied races. I probably would’ve rolled lightforged Draenei had I had the option TBH.

Not bothered, and can see the rationale, flawed but it’s there, some people wanting to “protect” their investment and thus being against these grind unlocks but what have you.

At least pathfinder IS account wide, Right?

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Finally got down to working on unlocking the BFA ones on Alli side.
Unlocked the dwarves yesterday. What a boring story and you even had to do a dungeon. Not a drama but still…

So, I went to read up on the requirements of the Kul Tirans, they want me to do a Mythic… Who came up with these arbitrary unlock requirements? Alliance really got the short stick this time. Doubt I’ll finish that one since I can’t be arsed with mythics.


Pretty sure you can do it on hc now


It is yes :slight_smile:

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Ah, I see. For some reason I thought Heroic mode for those two dungeons would come at a much later date. Might as well carry on then.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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[quote=“Ãnna-draenor, post:647, topic:40995, full:true”]
Don’t get me wrong I have all the reps myself… but a one off boost is a good compromise imho for something that is totally cosmetic and not needed to play the game.[/quote]

Well races are not totally cosmetic, racials make a difference but only for a very small audience (and those most likely don’t care).
For the rest the cometic side of it makes a huge difference for some of us. To me for example the race choice is maybe the most important along with the class for each and every character I play.

But ya I am fine with working for the races and have them as a reward, totally good thing. I just stick with: It’s weird to work towards basically doing the things you just did again… that’s all.

But at this point we are going in circles in the entire discussion, at the end of the day it’s blizzards call and for now they stick with it. (For whatever reason that I cannot understand xD)


[quote=“Jaremiel-antonidas, post:655, topic:40995, full:true”]

not really though .

those are not in game to attract new people - those are new skins for people who are already invested in game .

like you said - how your toon looks like is very important choice . therefore it should require work to unlock .

that said i do think blizzard should have long time ago put ton more customize options for old races - liek 30-40 new hair style , accesories , more skin colours , more facial expressions .


Make it a level 100 unlock and add an in-game cutscene intro for each allied race explaining who they are and why they’ve joined the Alliance or Horde.

Problem solved.