Please do away with allied race unlocks

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I agree with you for different reasons. First, I want mention that I believe if you have time to level a character, you have time to do the grindy stuff. This being said, I don’t believe they should lock new races behind Reps grind and other daunting activities. We didn’t have to Unlock Draenei and Blood Elf during TBC, and we didn’t have to unlock Pandaren during MoP. There’s no need for the new ones to be locked behind some Reps grinds or other stuff, because they are not rewards, in fact 4 of them are just recolors. And this coming from someone who has already unlocked all of them.

Reps grinds and the daunting stuff should be for other rewards such as profession patterns, mounts, exclusive items like some enchants, above Epic quality items, cosmetic rewards in form of gear and hopeful in the future for custom spell animations.

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I agree to what you said, upto the lawyers part. They are writing software to generate the maximum amount of money with low investment cost. They are not making fun games anymore.

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The thing is that have now made different types of races.

Core races: no grinding required, you don’t even have to have a level 60 char to be able to create a DK.

Allied races. Locked behind rep. You have to gain the rep with the appropriate faction to be able to play the “Allied” race.

If you have been continuously playing the game, since the expansion release, the rep will have come naturally. For new or returning players, you still have to get the rep but now you need to grind it. It’s not hard or difficult, just a grind.

I can see why some object to the grind in that case, but what you have to remember is that the requirements for unlock have been mentioned since well before the expansion release.

If people did not expect the grind then, maybe, just maybe, they did not read info that came with buying the expansion details.

Everyone else is just complaining for the sake of it.

In future expansions I would expect the grind to be reduced, but while the content is still current, sorry you have to grind.

The fact that it is gated behind world/daily quests is nothing new.

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What made the new races “allied races”, is that blizzard said they were, they are no different from other races we got with TBC and MoP.

That’s the only reason they’ve locked the new races behind rep grinds, not because they thought it was going to be fun for the players but because, they want to keep people grinding for stuff, spending alot of money and getting less out of it. We are no more players to them, we are just milk cows.

It is new. They never locked new races behind rep grinds in the past like I mentioned above. You didn’t have to unlock Draenei, B.elf and Pandaren. They came with the expansion. You are calling them “core races” now but they weren’t when they were released. Pandaren was the last race released where it didn’t required any rep grind.

Did you see my armory? I already have unlocked all of them, what you are talking about?

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@Crisswyn: For the US and EU servers, not correct, the lowest known point based on limited publicly available activity update data suggests that point was in May 2016, almost three years ago.

This also requires an additional clarification. At least as far as EU servers are concerned, the weekly maximum is not attained during weekends, but rather during Wednesday evenings… Also, server queues outside launch periods have been pretty much non-existent for years.

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Show me your data. Oh and if you want mine, like I mentioned it’s based off the popularity of the game on popular media platforms, in-game instances queues time and absence of waiting queue during weekends. Also, I didn’t get any waiting queues when they launch new major patches on BfA apart from the Expansion itself, they were no queue, atleast for me and my friends, there weren’t.

I remember waiting queues during Weekends during MoP on Darkspear US after launch, right before the content drought that lasted almost a year.

This is unrelated, I’m wondering when is the last time you have actually had fun playing this level 105 Warrior of yours, was it during Legion?

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May 2016:

|1. |1974ER |122,334|
|2. |piratejenny |105,039|
|3. |bringoutyourdead |100,145|
|4. |Twospirited |80,132|
|5. |Raindance |46,126|
|6. |Balgair |40,760|
|7. |FuxieDK |37,553|
|8. |Padanfain |32,845|
|9. |Linxa |31,714|
|10. |Peridot |27,948|

Current month so far (due to time difference to US, 16 days in for them, may contain tiny amounts of 17th data for EU submissions):

|1. |Padanfain |102,641|
|2. |1974ER |83,168|
|3. |adaz |37,909|
|4. |piratejenny |30,067|
|5. |superxdude |23,989|
|6. |Balgair |23,805|
|7. |FuxieDK |15,935|
|8. |Linxa |10,499|
|9. |MatronaClo |10,348|
|10. |Grayson Carlyle |6,894|

Now, I admit that I can not attest to the playing and censusing times of the other nine players, but my own data for this pair is sufficiently comparable. In May 2016, I was the monthly lead with 122 334 correctly registered updates. This month, I am already at 83 168, which means that, if I were to be able to gather data every day this month (I will not, there are some already planned absences), I would easily exceed 155 000 updates.

Please give me at least a rough list of all of the servers this statement is based on.

I did not say there were never weekend queues, I only noted the peak activity on EU tends to be Wednesday prime time. I also need to note that server CCU caps were lower than they are today (they were increased during WoD launch troubles). Those changes eased Legion and BfA launches in terms of queues, though population spiking did cause other types of issues. :confused:

I did not play Trelw yesterday, but otherwise said, I still enjoy WoW. Fun is very subjective, I know. bows


you remember things from “ancient age now”

since introduction of sharding and tech of swaping shards in “cloud” there has been no ques even during launches

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Here we go again.

Play the game
Get rewards

Netherdrake is also weeks of grinding so are alot of mounts and alot of perks
Play the game
get rewards
Thats how it is
thats how it should be

The rep wall for the allied races is not the worst thing about BFA, ( the way we get rep should change a bit, like double the rep req and give rep from killing stuff or smth i dunno)


Just as an observation, this thread has now been running for a fortnight…plenty of time to have done the content needed for either of the new races, but likely not the rep. Having chars on both sides and the expansion from release I’ve got both the new Allied races but I can see how rep grind is the main barrier to a lot of this. Perhaps over time that will be reduced. It could even be linked to the account activation date so new players have a rep catch up mechanic as opposed to those that had the game and chose not to do any rep grinding.
What concerns me more is whether this will be the norm going forward rather than creating a new core race that anyone can play from the outset.


As it happens, my other half was met with a login queue the other night, which neither of us had seen happen in years. Only a very short one though, took less than a minute (SWC EU). Wednesday night being a peak time is unsurprising being reset day.


i wonder lately if a lot of those problems dont come from fact that reps are not fully account wide.

yes the rewards for rep are - but not obtaining rep in itself.

imo all reps should be adding from each and single alt you play on .

this would benefit everyone.


Yeah it’s a bit odd given some things are account wide yet other are not. For years now I’ve done all my grinding on one char each side, just to get it done and for alts I just pick and choose. Same for levelling. I skipped Cata completely levelling my KT and did that content levelling my ZT just to avoid doing the same stuff again so soon.

Pooling rep from all chars to an account wide total should be an easy thing to implement considering that’s what they did with honour points.

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@Kardiac: Unfortunately, this is not as easy it sounds, as several old reputitions are not compatible with such a change… Aldor vs the Scryers, Bloodsail vs Booty Bay, etc.

Honour is different, because it can not go downwards.


Rather than an on/off switch approach to all reps it could then be applied to specific reps or an exception rule for others. Don’t mention honour not going downwards on the classic forums! :stuck_out_tongue:

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:D:D:D Luckily, this is not the Classic forum. :D:D:D chuckles and wander off to check some Classic threads for a bit


Let dishonourable kill raging commence!


and ? exclude them from this.

this is not limiting factor - thats an excuse

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@Lilîith: Only an observation, nothing more.

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This is no reason at all to not voice your opinion if you see problems with a system. Actually I think most people would be fine with a compremise, something that would not require you to do something that goes to the void for redoing it on the desired race.
The problem is not the work you have to put into getting a race, the problem is you have to do it, in the worst case, on an undesired character. There is simply no logic except generating playtime by making people redo the grind. (If they want to have the reputation on their new char aswell).

The advertisment of BfA and the link to the allied races was a sh**show, seriously it was as missleading as it could be. Even when Zandalari would be playable was unknow for quite a while after the addon was out. Maybe it was possible to find out that you had to unlock these races in one way or another, BUT the advertisment of BfA highly suggested for Zandalari (especially these) to be playable close to launch.