Please open TBC Classic server

i really miss playing TBC please open some server for people who like me still love TBC :sob:


no… please don´t.


Worst one out of 3. Population showed that. It would die faster than SoM


Yes please


Seasonal server with progression to TBC - yes.
TBC Era server - no.


I actually enjoyed TBC more than I thought… Would prefer classic but another round of TBC wouldnt be bad in the future.


From my opinion TBC made some mechanical changes really well.
With Jewelcraft it gave Jewels more use.
The Reputation Change made doing grey quests a thing not only for bored guys cause A you will get the same Rep as if the quest would be not grey and B your price reduction is going up to Exalted.
Some classes like Druid or Paladin got a well needed talent tuning while Hunter Pets finally got a Stat Scaling Boost.


I’m afraid it would die really fast.

I’d love this too, I’m sure there’s at least ONE realm’s worth of people who would enjoy it!


Yes please. Can’t upvote this enough.

People saying there’s no demand are missing the point. Vanilla got a static server, wrath will most likely get a static server or else people will riot and leave for PS.
So why not TBC? Yeah it was supposedly the least popular of the three, but even then the popular servers were full and busy at all times.

Even the supposed handful of TBC enthousiast deserve their static server. Don’t give me that bull that it takes precious resources to keep a few servers open. I’m sure this billion dollar company can spare them.

Yeah sure the popilation might be small at first but just like ERA classic it can grow, because it’s permanent.

There are more players that love TBC than the haters think.

What’s it to you? You won’t play on them, fine, but let others that want them, have them. There’s absolutely zero disadvantage to you to implement this.
I really don’t understand players like you. “I don’t like it so don’t bother!”.


I’m up for it as well. Would love to have a char on a TBC era server.


I seriously doubt we’ll ever get one, but I’d like to have a PvP and a PvE TBCC Era server. Though I’d also be happy if, after WotLKC “ends”, they had a new Vanilla-TBC-WotLK cycle.


I am all for Era versions of the games

  1. Classic Era
  2. TBC Era
  3. Wotlk Era

Superior to fresh. No losing progression pains and you can jump within the different versions of the game and play at your own tempo if you get bored of one of the versions.

We the people who stayed in Classic Era at the beginning were a pretty small community, yet it has grown over time because people are starting to see the true value of the Era proposition.

With TBC the same would happen, since there are 100% TBC enthusiasts out there.

But by not giving TBC Era servers, we have a bad precedent. Will the Wotlk community fight for it? If they do not, there is a possibility they will get TBC’ed.

People have to start getting more vocal about this - both for TBC and for Wotlk. The proof of concept is already there with Classic Era. Make noise.


I’m confident that Classic Era will always have an audience.

Speaking for myself, over the years since I quit during Cata, I often felt a yearning to see the old world again, but until 2019 that wasn’t possible (and I did not want to go for private servers).

So for me, Classic Era satisfies my nostalgic fits and even years from now (assuming Blizz and Classic Era are still around), I can see myself revisiting Era, same as I regularly revisit games like Privateer, Gothic, VtMB, KotOR and Mass Effect 1.

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Having games you can revisit whenever you feel like is just great. Vanilla did not have a server for 12 years. Lets sit on that for a second.

I could plug in my N64 and play Zelda anytime I wanted during those 12 years. But if I wanted to do so with the arguably best game of all time, I simply was denied the opportunity.

Hence, many of us had to resort to pservers, where servers crashed and burned while others were constantly popping. Here is where the “fresh” mentality for vanilla was created, b/c every pserver promised to be better than the competition and by playing in it, we would finally find the right balance of gameplay and community.

Well, there is no need for that anymore. Classic Era is stable, has a great community, and its here to stay.


I just want to be a shaman in TBC


There’s no reason why did they remove TBC classic servers while Classic Vanilla is still staying


The reason is that the TBC realms progressed to Wrath of the Lich King Classic.


As did the vanilla realms to TBC.

I think either TBC era realms, 1 pve and 1 PvP


A classic+ route, where they take some of the TBC good bits, and give us an updated vanilla world. For example some of the class improvements and maybe some of the unfinished content that was given to TBC.


=( i beg to you blizzard open classic TBC server :persevere: :sweat: