Please stop constantly phasing us to other shards, it makes certain tasks undoablege


For what reason are we constantly swapped out to other realms?
It is making time consuming tasks undoable and is causing a lot of frustration.


  • fighting rares to get transfered and find they are back to full health or not even present.
  • plant a dreamseed and get transfered before you collect your reward
  • obsidian citadel vault opening or rare spawning with enough keys, get transfered at 18/20 keys only to get on a realm where there is 1/20
  • Getting Splinterlimb to spawn as rare takes 8 stacks of buff on him, you’re lucky if you succeed without being transfered to a state where he is still at 0/8
  • Doing a Grand Hunt to get transfered just before you can hand in to collect your reward from the scout.
  • Trying to bring out Talthonei Ashwhisper as a druid because you really want that druid form and you finally get him to spawn just to get transfered as he spawns.

Either stop sharding us, or stop making us put time in events and farming because this way i’m waisting a lot of time.


Wholeheartedly supported! This “feature” is annoying to no end.

They could learn from Guild Wars 2 here, where you’re given the option to hop onto a new shard with a countdown of one hour. And once the hour passes you’re forced over if you haven’t accepted it manually.

The very least they could do is notify the player that they were just phased over to a different shard, so they can decide whether to continue wasting time.

Oh, for the record, the dreamseeds aren’t lost. The reward pod is saved for you and will appear later on, possibly after a loading screen. Just don’t use another seed in the same location before you can pick it up.


I like to collect mounts/pets/toys, so that involves rares a lot. It is just dishearthening to be finding them and getting phased as you are midfight.
It seems to be several times per hour.
I’ve been away a few months and came back with the latest patch, enjoying the content a lot but this problem with phasing takes away the fun and is causing frustration.
Thanks for the info on the seeds, they do indeed appear after a while when you get phased as they grow.


omg, so its not happening only to me. its very annoing and i hope it get fixed soon


omg blizzard this phasing has to stop.
Was going to help someone with a rare elite, and suddenly it disappeared.
And 5 minutes later it happened again while I was fishing,
This phasing is really a pain


Happens all the time with event’s , worldboss , rares and quests also i have many times tried to do the iskara cooking event and i always get phased when we have manage legendery and the rare is about to spawn and no in phased out and lost out on the rare do to landing in a shard where none was doing it :frowning: this is very annoying and should not be happening at all !


Just spent 45 minutes waiting for a rare in the storm, cleared the path to attack it and got phased… it’s infuriating!
Also tried 3 times to attack the world boss this morning and each time it phased out mid-fight… not sure what’s changed but it seems to be getting worse.


Same issue, it’s been getting increasingly bad with phasing. Today I nearly got a rare down and had almost no health left…got phased and he was back to full health and killed me. Tried two more times and then gave up in the end as he kept on phasing. Same issue in storms, hear a rare pop, rush over and poof he’s gone. Also Talthonei pops and then we phase - after an HOUR of force spawning her…so infuriating.


Oh! I’ve got the same annoying “feature”! It’s especially disappointing when you are waiting a lot of time to spawn rare, inviting a guild member and rare disappears.
In my opinion this is completely broken.

it’s referred to as cross realms and the system does this as a mean to make sure you have the best possible connection or if the system feels that you’re about to loose your connection and yes if you’ve just killed something and encounter a cross realm those mobs you just killed will respawn right in front of you again.

Please can you stop posting useless nonsense in peoples threads. It’s not helpful.

Thank you.


Just spent 15 minutes trying to spawn Ancient Protector. I go to use the Matrix Core on the final pillar and get phased and have to do it all again!

Please blizzard, give us some way of stopping this from happening.

Hey, i’ve had this happen on a noticeable level throughout the whole dragonflight expansion.
Pretty sure it used to respect if you were currently in combat and leave a grace period in the past, to allow finish up what you are currently doing.

There have been many complaints about unplayable shards previously so they probably tunnelvisioned that with increased rapid sharding, not taking into consideration that fixing that problem creates this other problem.

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Still a thing, can there be a fix for this pretty please?
it’s infuriating having to put time in things only to have to start all over when you’re near to completion.
There are so many group intended things to do that are just no fun anymore.

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Is there anyone who have seen a bluepost about this issue? Ticket answers are next to nothing. Feels like they don’t even see this as an issue.
Sent ticket after once again, and this time Community Feast, did the phasing out. Best answer I’ve got referring to this issue was

“… but after further investigation, we couldn’t find any reports that suggest that the quest is not working as intended”

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Which means the phasing is intendedd, obviously to make the quests more tedious and drawn out. I joke.

I experienced this phasing issue myself in Zarlek Caven while killing rares, then bam, I phased, and was in the middle of a fresh pack of rares, and instadied.

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This forced sharding is annoying as hell. I got phased out many times now while rare spawned or shortly after i engaged it. Would be nice if it stopped being forced on us.
I don’t wish to be phased out especially when i fight rares. I don’t remember sharding being so aggresively forced on players before. Either reduce it or remove entirely.
And don’t you dare blizzard to pretend that it’s not a problem.


This new event for Hearthstone has really demonstrated how bad this sharding problem is. Sit and wait for the boss to appear, it finally does and then half of the players and the boss disappear again… it doesn’t happen every time, but it’s at least 30% of yesterdays attempts… so many unhappy players.

Today during the Grand Hunt in Thaldraszus I spent 10 mins doing the hunt on my own and got to phase 3 then all of a sudden phased out and sharded to somewhere else where the hunt was in a different place and had not started! what a waste of my time, now I have to start again, so frustrating :frowning: makes me not want to bother with group content

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Of course, Blizzard hasn’t made notice about this major issue negatively impacting many players for months…