Please,bring back personal loot!

Couldnt agree more…

For me its just: I prefer GL for said reasons.
At the end I use the System I get.

The whole ‘‘I dont get loot so system is bad’’… is selfish and entitled

The main complains about PL atleast was: ‘’ I got loot I dont need (again) and I cant give it to others so its a waste’’ , so more a complain because others having a bad time. So atleast not selfish

Pretty annoying discussion overall

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PL was tradeable as far as I recall.
Sole complaint about it was class stacking by the sweatlords.
Cause I can’t take the “I used to get wispered” complaints seriously(you could always ignore people if you did not want to trade,or trade if you felt generous).

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PL was only tradeable if you had an equal or higher ilvl item in that slot, for the case of rings and trinkets you needed both slots to be equal or higher.

Potato potato…tomato tomato.Why would you trade anyway if its an upgrade for you?
Still a superior system.


Because it’s more of an upgrade for someone else, or because despite it being an ilvl upgrade for me it’s not a dps upgrade.

Both of which were very common circumstances.

For most of it existence it wasnt or was rather so limited that you couldnt.
1 ilvl higher than yours? cant trade, even tho it had bad stats.
You dont have anything like that, even tho you dont need it? cant trade.

Class-stacking is not really an issue since it is made in its own group, so it didnt affect others. Blizzard seemed to not like those runs for whatever reason… I say let the no-life raiders no life-ing!

It happened a lot. Still happens in M+. Normal people just say yes or no and move on with their life.

Everyone has their own reasons I guess.

I will allways favor GL over PL for personal reasons.

What Ellipsìs said

Ok.I understand your point.Maybe for those in guilds or boosters it’s better now.

There should be choices at least.

So give us both and let us choose which we use.
Cause pugs and Lfr should not have to endure GL.

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None of us ever asked for them to remove PL, we just wanted the ability to choose what to do with the items that dropped.

So we all agree that we want it back then.

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I’ll take this or both, or PL with trade restrictions removed.

Nope, because PL isn’t better, just a different kind of bad.
They need to pick one, either one, and fix it. Either GL should stop generating items nobody can use or PL should stop awarding duplicates.

I would rather have PL(for me it was always better).
Ok no duplicates and better trading practices for it.

But GL for pugs and lfr is too toxic to be mandatory.
I think most can agree on that.

It feels bad.It behaves badly.Its just bad for unorganized groups.

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And I disagree. I want to have the ability to pass on items I don’t need because begging has lead to toxicity many times over the years.
I ThInK MoSt CaN AgReE On ThAt.

Whispers were a non issue(I just ignored them and never did them myself).
No toxicity there.

Toxic is to press the button and watch someone else get the thing you wanted so bad.
I don’t want to know,I don’t want to press any button and then to lose(its dissheartening)

And PL had bonus rolls too in the past,they would also be welcomed if they returned.
And I am pretty sure there was some kind of bad luck protection behind it.

Also No loot for the classes that are not in your raid…why is this even a thing…in 2024…

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PL is the only way sorry


You’re no more entitled to get the item than anyone else in the group.

If you call it toxic that others also roll on an item then I’ll call it toxic to beg and try to justify “bro I need it more”.

I’d love to get one guaranteed, non-duplicate, non-tradeable item per boss kill but that won’t happen because casuals need a treadmill.
It’s kind of ironic. The same people who cry about GL are the cause for loot systems being so trash in general.

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I never said I am more entitled,I actually press pass on everything I don’t need as an upgrade.
I just don’t want to press a button and lose,it feels awful.

Hmm?And what do you mean by those people?
I might be past my bedtime but I don’t get your last point at all.
Casuals are what and who?And what is your beef with them?

Some people need a carrot to play, and once they’ve geared up their char they lose the desire to play. This is the major factor why blizzard keeps gearing so “slow”.

Well, let me ruin your day then:

M+ gives the group 2 items. If you win a DPS trinket (nobody needs), then you’ve stolen someone else’s chance to get a loot. GL gives the OPTION to pass, PL doesn’t.
The implementation of both sucks because blizz wants people to grind for eternity, but saying PL isn’t toxic simply means you don’t understand or care how it works.

It is terrible on all aspects either they should do something or see raid get not cared about.

Ok yeah I am past my bedtime.

Of course there is a need for a carrot.Most people play for loot.MOST.

So trade it.And if you can’t,vendor it,disenchant it…whatever.

I had already agreed to better trading practices,I still don’t get why you needed to keep going and convolute what is already simple.

I never said PL was perfect.
But it is better than GL for sure.

And most of the people agree.You can see yourself.