Please,bring back personal loot!

Oh yeah,it worked wonders in cata especially :skull:
You guys just have short memory.

No, it just wasnt as much as a issue as you think, thats all.

Also cata is like over 12 years ago… calling that short memory is kinda idiotic.

But again, it was not an big issue.

GL worked well for many many years. It works for other games well still. And it will continue to work, just fine.

Oh look at you all angry and stuff over trivial issues. Using curse words as idiotic…calm down sweetie is not that deep

I am not angry at all, atleast not towards this topic.

And idiotic is not a curse word at all.

GL works for blizzard and braindead players trolling. Doesnt work for everyone else,as you can clearly see if you just search “loot” in the search box,countless of topics against GL
Nice bait tho

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Worked for me since I play wow (which is allmost as long as this game exists), it works for me these days in this and any other game I play that has it.

Sound more like an entitled issue to me, when players think they deserve loot more than others.

You saw the same threads about PL as long it was a thing.

So your point is literally invalid.

Oh look, a random nobody saying an opinion is “literally” invalid just because he has a different one
Never seen this on the forums before

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If people try to make points over forum complains than yes.

So people make posts about GL now? You know what people complained about till it got removed? PL.

This forum is nearly 75% complains, as soon one side gets their way the other side complains, so its hardly a point that favors any arguement.

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Give it a break ur obsessed lol fighting with everyone
Google “confirmation bias” ,you cant stand when other people have a different opinion
GL has no place in pug/lfr and it will be removed soon enough,a lot of players complaining on US forums where the devs actually checking topics not like here nobodh cares about your opinions bro calm down lol

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Buddy, we’re getting close to 200 replies and you can summarize the whole thread with “PL is bad because I’m not getting loot.”. That’s as invalid as it can get.

Most of people on this topic hate GL and if you do a simple search on this forum about loot,theres at least 5 recent topics about it with people complainig

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Actually he’s fighting with your 5 alts (you keep swapping around) while Thella’s 15 alts upvoted the post.

You guys present your biased observations as facts but when someone pokes holes in it it’s “just your opinion dude”.
I remember PL in SL and most of my upgrades came either from the vault of from trading with my guild.
PL heavily relied on the goodwill of others to roll out stuff they don’t need, but somehow you think that’s more fitting for pugs than this one.

Sorry what? You must be trolling cuz literally every topic I see about loot is people complaining about not getting anything for weeks under group loot and how they loved shadowlands with 2-3 items dropping every raid

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Can you read? That’s exactly what I’m saying, everyone here is whining because they don’t get loot then speak as if loot vanishes into thin air.

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Not really.

Again: when PL was a thing, there were atleast as many complains about PL.
Saying: Many people dislike GL, as you can see from the Topics/Post, is not an arguement for PL since many people also disliked PL, which why there were as much complains.

I can literally say the same thing.

Again: It GL worked for many years just fine and still work in this and many other games.


Same thing happened with PL when PL was the default option.

Seems like an selfcentered issue from people that dont like others getting loot.

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This are just a few topics over the last weeks, I cba searching further and theres another bazillion on US forums of people complaining about how horrible and toxic Group Loot is
Raid leaders kicking players at fyrakk 5% rofl , imagine saying this is the “superior loot” system
Hahaha just lol.
Guys, give it a rest. Cya.


There is a fixed amount of loot every boss.

IF noone gets loot, where does it disapear to?
Right, there are people getting loot.

And I remember PL well, and still have to deal with PL everytime I play WoW, because this poop system is still the main system for M+.

I am running M 18+ like a madman with 460 ilvl, technically every item that drops would be an update… but guess what I get an item about ever 5 run and its allways the same garbage… I havnt got an upgrade the whole week.

My upgrades are all Vault, professions or using the upgradesystem


Imagine thinking that getting loot that you dont want or need for weeks, when you just want some specific items… is the ‘‘superior loot-system’’

I rather get nothing at all than 90% garbage. And atleast with GL people can go for the loot they need and want.

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Or the goodwill of others not to roll on an item which they already have but rolls because they “can”.

Both sides has its flaws and no looting option is flawless and perfect.


For sure, I wish we could explore other options, but each time I see a thread like this it’s always about people who claim that GL sucks because they /roll a 2 on average for 4 weeks.

Heck, I don’t even care about what loot system we use between GL or PL, but it’s sickening to see how low humanity’s IQ can be when you get these echo chambers of “Me and 20 other people didn’t get loot, that means GL sucks !”

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