<Poetic Justice>

Greetings raiders, adventurers and dungeon delvers!

Are you a friendly oddball or jovial misfit? Well then we might be the guild for you to call home!

<Poetic Justice> are a fun loving group of oddballs who don’t like to take ourselves too seriously. Our focus and goals span all aspects of the game, so long as we can have a laugh along the way with friends new and old! We are a relaxed bunch whose aim is to vanquish foes and make armour from their hides. We hope for a chilled out drama free environment where we can all enjoy this vast and varied game together as a guild and friends!

There are always members online in-game and on Discord doing all types of content, and also playing other games together over VoIP. The Discord server is guilty of having some bad (terrible) humour and even worse memes, so if that’s your thing you’ll be right at home.

Our Discord has become a guild away from home for a lot of us allowing us to chat to each other and hang out regardless of what were doing be it at work or just playing other games.

Guild History.

Here’s a little of our story if you’re interested!

<Poetic Justice> was created on Terenas EU in 2010 by GM Thoradin. Terenas while a lovely and amazing server was a small and, sad to say, dying realm in terms of possible raiders for the guild, so the guild later migrated to a larger, more populated realm and Ravencrest became home.

We began raiding back in 2010, and have raided every expac since! We started with humble origins, aiming to clear each raid in 10 man, however due to focus on fun and our own spooky PJ charisma, we had some great players join and stick with us through thick and thin. In legion the guild had a big kickstart on raiding, and managed to get some mythic bosses down after clearing curve. This has only strengthened during BFA, and we are now stronger than ever! We have an incredible group of raiders, who have a massive amount of fun together, and while we continue to push ourselves in challenging content, we never forget to enjoy what we do!

These days we are very much a guild with a strong focus on raiding while not forgetting and maintaining our social values. After our revival in Legion we have made many fond new friends who are now a part of our wonderfully bizarre guild.

Raiding Info.

We plan to go forward maintaining a Mythic raiding roster and is to consistently raid mythic after clearing heroic, raiding two nights a week. Along side the Mythic raids we run weekly Social Heroic Raids that aim to clear Curve in a more relaxed raiding experience. Overall our philosophy is to challenge ourselves, while having a laugh and enjoying it!

Additional Mythic Team Info.

While we don’t use any sort of loot council to distribute loot, and do not require anyone to trade loot, but we do expect our raiders to be sensible about it within reason, and while we don’t have any direct attendance requirement for the raids, we do ask our raiders to be reliable and committed to each other. In this regard, we do hold our raiders accountable for their own preparation, performance and attendance, and strive for all of the raiders in the team to meet our joint standards.

What we expect from our mythic raiders:

  • Show up prepared (Flasks, Combat Potions, Health Potions, etc)
  • Keep a respectable attendance
  • Remain up-to-date on your class/spec and the strength and weaknesses


  • For the raids, all verbal communication happens on the guilds Discord server.
  • Deadly Boss Mods/Big Wigs/Other boss mods or weakauras
  • Exorsus Raid Tools
  • (potentially) Weakauras

Schedule: We raid two days a week with a Social raid open to all (within reason).
Wednesday @ 7:45 PM - 11 PM (Mythic Raid).
Sunday @ 7:45 PM - 11 PM (Mythic Raid).
Thursday @ 7:45 PM - 11/12 PM (Social Heroic Raid).
Friday @ 7:45 PM - 11/12 PM (Social Heroic Raid).
All times are based on realm time.


Mythic Raiding.

For further information on Mythic raid recruitment please contact us and we will be able to answer your questions. Ask for myself Thoradin or one of our Raid Assist Team.

Social Raiding.

For those of you who don’t fancy Mythic raiding or just don’t have time now, we run a Social Heroic raid and are accepting all roles into the team with the aim to clear Curve at a more chilled out pace with a emphasis on fun.


We are also looking to recruit people who are interested in pushing Mythic+ Keys and having fun together doing this, we are especially in need of regular Tanks and Healers!


We now also have a Pvp team that do Rbg events on Monday nights, as well as arena throughout the week. If you are interested feel free to ask about it in guild. (Currently on hold)

How to get in touch.

If you’re interested in joining please get in touch with myself - info below - or just whisper someone online in guild and ask for an Officer!

Thoradin - David (GM).
Bnet: Dhaselgrove#2215.
Discord: davidhaselgrove.

We hope to hear from you soon! In the meantime if you would like to know a little more about <Poetic Justice> the comments below will help fill in some of the blanks!



Right so after the forum overhaul to the new system sadly the thoughtful and kind messages from our guildies and friends weren’t carried over from the old forums and which i think is a massive shame for all involved.

Also, more recently we’ve had to repost our forum thread due to editing issues. Again it really would be a shame to lose the touching messages guild members old and new written for us since posting this orginially.

So I’m going to paste them all here below for you all to see exactly who we are and what we are all about! I hope you all appreciate their kind words as much as I do!

<Poetic Justice>

Best guild on the server, with a very very respectable guild master.
I also left to join again, many times actually. You always end up going back. Join and you’ll never be able to leave. Respectable guild master rules all. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Thoradin R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.

<Poetic Justice>

I’ve been in many guilds over the years, but no guild could match up to Poetic Justice.
I joined the guild back in Mists of Pandaria, roughly around SoO. It quickly became more than just “another guild to raid with”. It quickly started feeling like family, like home.
The people were great. Social, always up to do something, be it pvp, pve, fishing in some bizarre place, or coming up with YET another way of killing Thoradin, after he started using neural silencer (don’t tell him please).
The atmosphere was just as good as well - everyone was not too serious, but also not too unserious. The perfect mix!
At the start of WoD, i sadly left the guild, because of personal reasons - mostly the fact real life got in the way of stuff (per usual).
Alas - a while ago, a seemingly random person walked up to me as i was semi-afk in Dalaran, and went “Dude! Look at my guild”
And then i saw it.
“Poetic Justice”.
And i knew i’m back home.
Long story short - This guild is more than just a guild. Wouldn’t change it for any other guild.

<Poetic Justice>

Been in the guild since February 2018, after I left a dead realm to find a higher populated one.
Definitely having a blast being here, we’ve got booklovers (or maybe book fanatic? Thoradin ), TV show lovers, Punmasters, a resident Salty boy, even a few PvPers.
Mostly though, we have loads of players to play PvE content, whether it be a dungeon, even LFR to lessen the pain (IT IS a pain alone) or run the good ol’ transmog runs.
If someone joins now, they’ll get a discount on Thoradin’s silk worms, which he farms.

<Poetic Justice>

During Legion i’ve been in many guilds but Poetic Justice has a totally different atmosphere we can be serious (not all of us right Thoradin) but mostly we’re just having a good laugh. Thoradin used to be our main victim but the bastard started to stock up on Neural Silencers.
Also a little fact : Did you know that Thoradin, our HIGHLY respectable guild leader is the current leader of England’s 42nd top Silk Worm farm! Just whisper him if you require a summer job.
A very social guild with a lot of helpful people.

<Poetic Justice>

A very respectable guild full of respectable people even if they do role play

<Poetic Justice>

I’m Bob
For the longest time, i wanted to DoT
In this guild, i can do that a lot
I’m Bob and i love to DoT

<Poetic Justice>

Back in WoD I started to get back into WoW, and by random coincidence I ended
Up in Poetic Justice, which is something I’m very happy about these days. There are
Many active and amazing members, and I’m certain you’ll have a good time
Playing with us. If you’re lucky you might even get to see David’s silk worm farm.

<Poetic Justice>

Easily best guild I’ve joined.
Great group with good experience and encouraged to be social and get involved.

<Poetic Justice>

I joined this guild to raid about a year ago, and i can honestly say that it is the best guild I have ever been part of in any mmorpg. Even if you like me don’t play much wow outside of weekly raiding and m+, the discord is always active and a good place to go if you need a laugh or to bully David(the GM).
I highly encourage you to join the guild, and if you do, always remember to bring a swapblaster to the raids.

<Poetic Justice>

I promise I didn’t get forced to do this or anything - help me - but I’ve been in this guild for almost 7 years now and I can honestly say that my time here has been brilliant.
Whether you’re joining as a raider or as a social, everyone in the guild makes you feel welcome and helps out whenever possible.
The discord server is always open for people that are bored or want to have a good laugh, which can include anything from: Drunk mythics to playing Cards against Humanity.
(The funniest of which is watching Thoradin tanking in general - even when he’s sober!)

<Poetic Justice>

Having been in this guild for 8 years now. In summation:

  1. Do the opposite of what David says
  2. Be mean to David
  3. Plot against David
  4. Kill David
  5. Laugh as he demands a brez
  6. Never ever brez David
  7. Repeat
  8. Cry when he gets taken to raids. yet. again. Why this GM?!
  9. Develop a drink problem
  10. Take a summer job working on the silk-worm farm
  11. Listen.to.all.the.punsssssss whyyyyy
  12. Stay up til 9am raging in bgs
  13. Never ever do M+ with David
  14. Get tricked into doing a M+ with David
  15. Have soul crushed
    ??? Start worshiping the old ones as your cult leader demands

<Poetic Justice>

Our grand guild master Thoradin is a respectable chap and we can guarantee that
he will never give you up, he will never let you down and he will not run around and desert you he will also never make you cry and will never say goodbye and he sure as hell wont lie or hurt you

<Poetic Justice>

In west Dun Morogh born and raised,
In frosty tundra was where I spent most of my days,
Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool (but not too cool thanks to Frost Resistance),
When a couple of troggs who were up to no good,
Started making trouble in my neighborhood,
I got in one little fight (more of a massacre really) and my mom got scared,
She said, “You’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Stormwind Dwarven District.”

–And that’s where I met Thoradin, many, many years ago. He had the presence of man who knew nothing but who had somehow managed to weasel his way to the top, along with a lovely pair or Troll plate shoulders with an otherwise full set of Dragonsoul tier 13 which demanded the utmost respect. I recall him telling me of his grand plans over a pint of mead in the Lion’s Pride Inn (4/5 on Tripadvisor. Can recommend), plans which I called him a fool for believing in and advised that if he truly must pursue this ‘Silk Campaign’ he’d have to be like a Gnome in a urinal, he’d have to stay on his toes… but look at him now. He has a booming silk worm business with aspirations to move on to spider silk, a guild full of wonderful slave labour… I MEAN NO… NOT THAT… wonderful friends*-- and a bad habit of pulling an entire dungeon with the sole goal of watching my face turn red with rage. The guild may be a slave labour camp in disguise but it has become a family, one which jokes together, laughs together and rages at Thoradin’s good-natured nonsense together. I honestly couldn’t think of any better place to spend my time. Plus, we all know that when all this silk sells we’ll all be minted, riding on BfA auction house dinosaur mounts wearing monocles and carrying chromatic swords.

<Yacht Club>

Joined this guild after having recently transferred to Ravencrest. Liked what I read on the real forums so I decided to join. I’ve only been in the guild for roughly a week but everyone has been very friendly and there is an overall nice atmosphere in the guild :slight_smile:

<Praetorian Guards>

I’ve had the pleasure of raiding with these guys guys many times over the years. They’re a fine bunch of players.
Skilled but not arrogant,
Funny but not overly loud,
Welcoming, generally kind and relaxed.
It’s never not a blast playing with them!

<Poetic Justice>

Similar situation here mate. Recently came back to WoW and started looking for a decent guild to call my home. It took a while, but eventually I stumbled upon this one on the forums. Joining them is the best decision I made in WoW so far. Truly great bunch of dudes and dudettes.
If you like the color pink (lots of paladins), top notch memes or working on a silk worm farm this is a great place to be.

<Poetic Justice>

These guys are cool beans.

<Poetic Justice>

Great guild joined wow a year ago as a friend recommended wow to me I am glad I have joined a great guild wouldn’t be a member of any other

<Poetic Justice>

Got into this guild a few months ago. Very friendly atmosphere! 10/10 would recommend :slight_smile:

<Poetic Justice>

Joined this guild as some in game friends were ex members and wanted to return, I can honestly say It’s one of the best guilds that I have been in. There’s always some form of conversation going on in guild chat (often some very strange conversations!) and always people up for helping out with any content, be it pve or pvp.

<Poetic Justice>

My husband pugged with and then later joined PJ back on Terenas, to carry on raiding, when our guild (a group of RL friends) was “taking a break”, which became permanent.
I joined after they transferred to Ravencrest, so that I had a character on the same server as him.
I have never been much of a raider, but raiding with David and the others in the raid team was actually good fun, which surprised me, and that character quickly became my main character.
We left briefly, which was a tough decision, but again raiding had stopped and we wanted to progress. The guild we went to were OK, but they were no PJ and yes we progressed and we met some great people, but as with a lot of successful raiding guilds, they broke up. David welcomed us back with open arms and we have never looked back since. It felt like we were coming home and the great thing was that some of the great people we met in the other guild came back with us.
So come and join our family, we will be glad to see you :smiley:

<Poetic Justice>

This Guild is one of the Friendliest guilds i have bin in yet in WoW, I was kinda in and out of guild in the start of Legion until i stumbled on this one. I think i have almost all my char´s in the gild so i thing that say´s it all. 10/10 would recommend

<Poetic Justice>

Really friendly and helpful people, who are willing to do all sorts of crazy and fun stuff.

<Poetic Justice>

Relaxing raiding environment - Check!
Banter in le guild chat - Check!
A name-obsessed GM -Check!
And a chap named Henrik - Double Check!
ALL in all, a solid 6/9 guild

<Poetic Justice>

I hadn’t been in a guild since WoD the thought of the hassle of first finding and trying to integrate into a new community put me off.
Thankfully i was given a push and joined Poetic Justice just before the release of BfA. The group is great and friendly and you really get out as much as you put into the guild.
I’m lucky to be a member of the raid team which is a lot of fun but i think i’d still be a part of this guild even as only a social. The GM will always find a place for you in the silk farms(mines)
sign up now for these and more in-jokes

<Poetic Justice>

nice guild

<Poetic Justice>

After having been usurped from the previous guild I was in I was left with a decision.
Either continue playing on Silvermoon or to go to lands anew where the void would be able to spread out a bit easier.
After consulting my doctor and attempting to chat-up Alleria I realised that I needed to leave. So I joined Ravencrest.
I don’t remember why I did it but here I am.
I was casually DoTing random mobs outside Boralus when a faint sense of loneliness hit me. Kind of like being hit with a snowball but with a tiny pebble embeded inside.
I decided to go on Guild Finder and after several unsuccessful attempts at other small-time guilds I found Poetic Justice.
Thoradin quickly proceeded to get me to work on his silk farms and my back hasn’t been the same ever since.
Would I recommend Poetic Justice? Aye.
Would I also recommend a chiropractor? Double aye.

<Poetic Justice>

Came back from a holiday after leaving at the end of Pandaria. Missed the chat and social aspects of the game. My friend and I joined the server and somehow found our way into the guild. Thank you so much for the welcome and times since then. Having played since vanilla have been in many guilds and can’t recommend these people enough. A regular bunch of people, there’s a really good mix of players in here. Players focus on the game, gearing up and raiding to the early hours. People who want to socialise and have a laugh. Completely relaxed and genuinely pleased to see you. I always like to compare the guild to a bar, this one is warm and welcoming and filled with characters. Knowledgable, helpful, patient. Come join and contribute.

<Poetic Justice>

Feels good playing in this guild.

<Poetic Justice>

I’ve only been in a few guilds in the 13 years I’ve played this stupid game. I spent much of TBC doing hardcore progression raiding and PVP until work commitments stole my evenings away from me and I basically stopped raiding, with the exception of WoTLK when I was doing some late night raiding with other people in the same position. Anyway, without raiding I’ve basically spent my time since then being a filthy casual in a guild with some close friends.
All of that changed for BfA. Me and my filthy casual friends, tired and exasperated with being stuck with LFR or pricey boosts decided to venture out into the world and find ourselves a new home - We found it here.
These guys are great, the raid leader know’s what he’s doing, the officers are friendly, the other raiders and members are all the perfect mixture of the funny guys/pun masters, generally nice people, lurkers and the saltybois that you’d expect in a modern WoW guild and most importantly of all, our fearless and respectable guild leader is what every truly great guild leader should be… The butt of everyones jokes. A living meme. A legend.
This guild is one of the good ones. They let a washed up old scrub like me join their raid team and I couldn’t be happier.
Join us.

<Poetic Justice>

So i’ve been in Poetic justice since pandaria, and can honestly say, it’s like one big family, got everything from the crazy stoner (you know who you are) to the loving nurturing “mother”. at the end of the day, everyone helps each other out, even tho i’m not an active gamer anymore, whenever i do come back on, it’s like i’ve never left, and everyone is always ready to help me, answer my stupid questions on what’s new in the game etc.

anyway 10/10 would recommend

<Poetic Justice>

I usually dislike guilds several days after joining them, but it’s not the case with Poetic Justice. They are very friendly and nice, it’s definitely a guild I could recommend.
Plus, they put fresh quotes of Thoradin in Message of the Day tab very often, and it’s one more reason to join. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy daily Thoradin news?!

<Poetic Justice>

I’ve not been playing WoW for that long yet. Been in a couple of guilds here and there but Poetic Justice is for sure the best one I’ve been in. Funny and friendly people, Everyone helps you out when you have questions, There is always something to do, Raiding, Dungeons etc.

Overall just an amazing guild with nice people and a great atmosphere.


<Poetic Justice>
An epic guild to be apart of. Me and a few friends were welcomed in before BFA launch and the community feel in game and out of game brings back memories of when I first started playing. The raids are well managed and focused too. It’s an honour to call this Guild home.

<Poetic Justice>

I have been in this for many years now, joined not long after the start of cataclysm and i can honestly say this guild is home! amazing people, (crazy but amazing) fun to be in and always a good laugh and a joke ( at our GM’s expense ofc) if you can laugh at Thoradin your welcome here! :stuck_out_tongue: i wouldn’t be anywhere else in this game but Poetic Justice

<Poetic Justice>

I joined around BFA launch after finding the old recruitment thread, and I couldn’t be happier! I felt welcome from the very start, and everyone is so nice. A++ would join again.

<Poetic Justice>

David said i’m not allowed say anything bad…

<Poetic Justice>

Lovely guild, i joined a few months ago because i wanted to actually try “real” wow with a community and i wasn’t disappointed. Raiding with them just recently was a great experience too, as they, or we i guess have a good group dynamic and it was a humorous time to say the least. A good passtime in a raid would be to bet whether David dies first or second.

<Poetic Justice>
Probably the best guild I have ever been on,
People are so friendly and respectful, I like how people deal with David, transferred my bro from horde to Alliance just to join the guild, we love it, I wish I joined from long time ago ;’(

<Poetic Justice>

Came back to wow little over a week ago an its all the same as before which is nice. Iwas raiding with these folk before hand and couldn’t ask for a more chilled out environment in both social and raiding/mythic + situations. I hear Davids an amazing healer…

<Poetic Justice>

I’ve been playing this game since it came out and I have been in enough guilds already. A lot of things could be said for this guild as well but what really mak?s it different and unique than the others are a few things - piece , harmony , friendly atmosphere.

Some of you might say - yea yea I’ve heard this before " . Well you’ve probably did but I doubt there was such guild which really stands behind those words that much. I’ve been in guilds which were trying to progress trough the raid content as much as possible and they just forgot to have fun. While here people really have fun on first place and then comes the progress . Having a good and relaxed time during the raids like I do in this guild actually brings better raid results than being in more "raid pushing " guild where there are whining and nervous people who just wait for someone to mess up and they drop all of their anger and hate upon them.

For me this is a casual raiding guild . And we may not be progressing trough raids as fast as some other guilds but I can ensure you there is no other guild you would experience more calm and relaxed raiding.

Surely there are people of different skill levels and knowledge about the game but you will never see someone mocking on others just because he/she is "better " in this game than others. There is no so called “pro” syndrome in here.

And a few words for the man who founded this place - David . I used to know him for a while and what I can tell for sure is that he really have a golden heart. Having a few conversations with him were enough to realize that we is really a nice guy. He really knows how to take you in and make you feel home. He has a great sense of humor and all the jokes around him …you can never get tired of this .

For all you who are reading this and are still wondering "shall I join this guild , is it worth it ? " - I would say - give it a try , whats to loose . Once you get in here I am sure you will stay at least for a while :slight_smile:

<Poetic Justice>

I can say that if you go off for several months due to IRL reason, they don’t kick ya (and tell the gm that), which is rare for a guild to do, so that’s a plus, and someone is always doing something, so its never boring. :slight_smile:

<Poetic Justice>

First things first, I joined this guild during the pre-patch of BFA, so I am a fairly new member, but I have to say that I have never met a better group of people online in my life before. There has never been any toxicity or drama in my time of being in the guild, only a harsh joke towards the GM every now and then. Everyone is helpful and there is always activity in the in-game chat, as well as in the discord.

I believe that this guild has something for everyone. The level 36 hunter who is leveling, questing, doing LFD and talking in the in-game chat with his friends. The altaholics who make a new character the second they hit max level (alts are always accepted in the guild, as well). The max level LFR raider who maybe goes to school full-time, and doesn’t have time to take wow as seriously as they want to, but can still find the joy of wow without putting all your time into it because of the companions in the guild. The Normal-Heroic raiders and Mythic+ Dungeon Dwellers will always find companions to join them in their adventures. Even the hardcore Mythic Raiders and Dungeon Dwellers could find their place in this guild.

The guild has something for everyone. Anyone can find their place in this guild and build long-lasting friendships along the way. In my opinion, though, the best part of this guild compared to the countless guilds I have been in before, it actually feels like you’re a part of a community. When I first was invited, it wasn’t the copy-paste robot-like message, it was a real person actually talking and seeking me out. The GM, Thoradin, came up to me one day when I was sitting in SW doing nothing, and he approached me with a level of humanity and kindness I have never seen in any of those other copy-paste invites one gets while leveling or looking for a new guild. It felt more real. I quickly started to talk to the other members and I was having a blast. I instantly felt that I belonged here and I will never forget this sense of belonging and comradery.

I highly recommend anyone who is up for a good time to join this guild.

<Poetic Justice>

I’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla. With a history of guilds’ disbanding over a long period of time, I stopped looking. Until a while ago, I saw the recruitment thread on the forum. Reading all these posts piqued my interest and after joining the guild, I found it to be exactly as people say it is. Friendly and fun atmosphere to relax from daily work and stress. Even though I just joined the guild not so long ago, it’s been a wonderful experience.

<Poetic Justice>

Today Poetic Justice turned 9 years old! We have had our ups and downs over the years, it’s been a rollercoaster of fun and hilarity!

I had no idea what I was getting myself in for this day 9 years ago, when i created the guild as a level 30 something Paladin still wet behind the ears to wow and gaming, just knowing it was something I wanted to try and what an experience its been!

I have made many varied and crazy friends over the years some I now consider family, I really couldn’t hoped to have spent my time in game with a better bunch of people and even out of game where I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of our guildies in person on multiple occasions!

Its been an honour and great pleasure for which id like to thank all the guildies old and new who made it all possible and for making these some of the greatest years of my life!

So here’s to Poetic Justice and a huge thank you to everyone who makes us the guild we are, its been an amazing wild ride and here’s to many more years together!

Thoradin-David GM of Poetic Justice.

<Poetic Justice>

In many ways, the work of a guild member is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and themselves for our comfort. We thrive on scepticism and doubt, which is fun to spread and to hear. But the bitter truth we players must face is that, in the grand scheme of things, the average guild experience is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. But there are times when a player truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the new. The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations. The new needs friends.

For the past months, I experienced something new, an extraordinary experience from a singularly unexpected source. To say that both the experience and its contributors have challenged my preconceptions about fine guild membership is a gross understatement. They have rocked me to my core. In the past, I have made no secret of my disdain for Thoradin’s famous motto: “Anyone can become a great guild member”; But I realize, only now do I truly understand what he meant. Not everyone can become a great guild member, but a great guild member can come from anywhere. It is difficult to imagine more humble origins than those of the members of Poetic Justice, who are, in this hunter’s opinion, nothing less than the finest guild members on Ravencrest. I will be returning in-game soon, hungry for more.

<Poetic Justice>

Well i have been with Poetic Justice for just 2-3 Months … tho in this short time iv’e seen enough , they are really friendly and helpful . never seen anyone rage in raids or dungeons and that’s a good point right ? so there is always peace and friendship.
They are ready to help you in anything possible (Gearing , tactics , quests and go on)
And for the leader ? that guy Thoradin ? i don’t know… he is too kind to be true :stuck_out_tongue:
So if you need to be in such place , just join .

<Poetic Justice>
I joined recently and can only agree with what everyone else have said in this thread. This is a fantastic guild, no matter what kind of content you want to do and you can usually always find a group for it.

Raided with them for the first time last week and even though I’m a total beginner, everyone made me feel welcome. 10/10, would raid with again.

As a little footnote id like to say a huge thank you to our guildies and friends for these lovely messages! And that I hope this has given you at least a glimpse into what we’re all about as a guild!
Thoradin - David


Far beyond Ravencrests borders
There’s a guild on the march
For religion king and David
In the name of Ricardo their enemies chastise
Taking orders from the heavens
Through hostile Hordezones they will march
Unaffected by the volleys
Facing death their faith will keep their fear at bay
Into battle facing the fire David thy will be done
Into battle walk in a line

See the white in their eyes Poetic Justice are marching on
Put their lives in Anduin’s hand for their kingdom and fatherland
See the white in their eyes Poetic Justice are marching on


Come join us in making fun of David, who I might add is running the 42nd highest rated silkworm farm in England! Also known to bubble to avoid any and all things, with mixed results


One more drink of one more morning glory
One more dance at this afterparty
We still going, going strong
Speed so fast like a Epic Mount
We get wild like a safari
We still going, going strong

And none of these good things, good things, good things
All we need, good things, good things, good things

Tonight, we go all night long
We party like David Haslegrove
Don’t tell me to go-o-o
Yeah, we are never, ever going home tonight
Ain’t nobody kill my Kodo
Don’t tell me to go-o-o
Yeah, we are never, ever going home

guild 10/10 david 1/10 good effort


This is the first ever guild where i feel like home, like with family and friends. Was in many guilds but not one of them felt like this. Im not a man of many words but i can tell you join us. If you`r looking for a chill guild to raid with, do M+ or just sit around and have a chat look no more join today.

Best guild, David`s ok too i guess
Cheers Skaillers/Vashirey


Hello, Just a quick Raid Recruitment message!
We are currently looking to recruit dps for our 8/8 HC raid team.
If you are around the 425 ilevel mark with a little expirence and would like to raid with us please get in touch through my bnet Dhaselgrove#2215 or in game!


Hi could I possibly join the guild I’ve just came back after one year break


Hello Valdore! Apologies for the delayed response, had a busy few days.
If you’re still looking for a guild you’d be more then welcome to join us, I’ll keep an eye out for you in game but you can also add me on my bnet.
Hope to see you around in game soon!


I am a somewhat casual player due to work cannot stick to a timetable. Do you guys do non raid content with casuals (not just the guild elite)? Or even normal mode raids with whoever is online?
I am a long time player who can listen to instructions. Even though I prefer PvP content, after so many years of playing this game with just random groups (since cataclysm Ive been working shifts which doesn’t permit me to join a team), any content with a guild group is preferable to how I currently play :(.


Hello Pumpkings! You’d be more then welcome to join us. We all do a bit of everything really and anyones welcome to join for most things where possible. We do social raids on wednesdays that all are welcome to come along too if thats your cup of tea. Along with M+s and Mog runs.


I’m level 120 shadow priest, I can be damager or healer on raid or dungeon but I’m better damager then healer. I was looking for new guild to join. (I’m like casual player) I’m really want to join this guild.


Hello Nerakar! Well of course, if you have characters on Ravecrest you’re more then welcome to join us! Come find us in game or add me on my bnet!


I’m in stormscale realm
But I can maybe create character on ravencrest


Well of course, feel free to make a character on ravencrest and get in touch! We’d be happy to have you.


Hi! Healer here looking for a fun and active guild. Old guild is dead so i need i new home! Room for one more healer? :slight_smile:


Hello ! I just come back on wow and I was wondering if you have free space for a dwarf warrior on ravencrest, I deciced to give a try on the alliance side I’m usually a horde player. I’d like to mention also I’m french is it a problem ?


Hello Stankelbein, thank you for getting in touch but I’m afraid as things stand we don’t have any room for healers in our raid team we already at least 6 people interested in healing in 8.3 sorry. But if you were looking to join as a social or if you have a dps spec or toon you’d like to raid on we would be happy to have you!

Hello Zharost, glad to see you’ve seen the light and chose to give alliance a go aha! Well yes we do have space for you so you’re more then welcome to join us!
Nope no problem with you being French at all while we are an English speaking guild (and we ask guildies to keep to English in gchat) we are a very multi national guild with members from all over the world and all are welcome.


Great ! Yeah the light also is very lucky to have a badass race such as the dark iron dwarves :slight_smile:
no worries about the gchat I also want to join an english guild in order to improve my english skills.


Dark irons are pretty epic indeed. And well ok awesome, I’ll be online around midnight server time and I’ll get your invite sorted then, or if you add me on bnet I’ll be able to get someone else to sort out the invite for you (currently stuck at work… the joy)