Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt3)


Well about me, i’m 27 years old and from Holland. I’m a really easygoing guy with a good sense of humor, especially like sarcasm and stuff.
Most of the time i’m playing this priest, almost all my chars are on alliance but i also have a 111 priest on horde.
Im down to play with other People and do m+ or something and i am always willing to help put people, especially new players, feel free to ask for help if you have any questions or need help with something :smiley:

New player - need help learning the ropes

Hi All
I’m new to playing WoW proper. I started many years ago but had to stop due to ill health. I’ve just started a new character and am looking for friends to chat to and possibly play with. I have found the game to be very single player at the moment, probably as i’m new.

I’m 30+, from the UK, have a dry and sarcastic sense of humour :slight_smile:

Have a L29 Warrior at the moment, have not got passed the vanilla game yet.

I’m after people to be social with, and maybe those that want to lend a hand.

Hope to see you around.



Hi There, which Hockey team is yours?
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Hello there :heart:
I would like to make more friends to play chill and minded my language is not perfect :smiley: I like to do old raids for mount and transmogs (ICC-25HC for the mount)
I do sometimes a BG and Dungeons and M+ which i suck there :smiley: im still at +8 atm
Im focused now to clear the raid which is very awesome .
So i am up for a good talk play together and pretty much everything that awesome game has to offer . My battletag is :Gabsy#21450
Feel free to add me … please dont rage or insult for nothing if you are up for a nice friendly game with no rage,racism and other crap add me cant wait to see you :heart:
Ps: If you are willing to add me and not talk to me please dont bother that makes me feel bad. Don’t do it :slight_smile:


Hey folks!

I’m so happy that I found this thread!

About me: I started playing during vanilla on my brother’s account. I dropped during Cata, then came back at the end of WoD. A lot of my friends quit after BfA launched. I’m mostly farming mounts, grinding rep, achievements, collecting mogs, leveling alts (a lot of alts). As I’m getting more and more thing done, I’m looking for more and more other different things to do, like doing RP or anything social mainly. Also I use do write some RP stories, but I’m a bit rusty.

Age: 22

Personality: Patient, calm, friendly, helpful, energetic, talkative IF there’s a good topic

Faction: Horde

Characters: Forst dk (my main), some toons at 111 and 110 and a lot more below 70. All of them on Ragnaros.

Playing time: All the time in most days.

Up for: Anything social, mount farming, mog runs, RP (haven’t done it quite a while), any old content, alt leveling, casual PvE, achievements.

Other interests: Watching streams/videos, playing competitive pokemon (no, not pokemon go), working out.

Battletag: ShadowGhix#2420


I’m 26 years old

btag: irini235#2251
Personality: Chill, open minded, with humour.
Server: Silvermoon/Sylvanas
Faction: For the Hordes!
Country: Germany
Up for: Need to lvl, dudgeons open to new things
Looking for: making friends - have fun time!!!

Pleaseeeeeee I feel so lonelyyyyyyy doing the leveling uuuup! :smiley:


whats your btag !?


About me: I’m a casual Finnish player who recently started playing again after a break of two years. Started and quit playing during Legion.

Age: 17

Personality: Had to think about this for a while. I’d say I’m friendly, mature, patient and shy-ish. I’m an introverted, reserved person. Realistic, straightforward. Definitely not “laid back”.

Faction: I like and play both.

Characters: Tauren elemental shaman and night elf shadow priest, which I’m currently leveling through BfA. Those are also my favourite races :slight_smile: Then there’s my blood elf frost death knight, which I don’t currently play that much. A bunch of other characters too.

Playing time: Whenever I feel like it, which means a lot on the weekends.

Up for: Whatever, as long as we are having fun! I prefer not to use voice chat.

Other interests: Playing the piano, guitar, bass and flute (I like progressive rock, heavy metal and classical music), trying to read/write, Buddhism, nature, mythology

BattleTag: HugeFileCopy#2202





About Me: 21 Male - Student from England that loves WoW! I study art history and I am currently in the first year of my course with the dream to become a teacher.

Personality: shy, funny, positive outlook and lover of life.

Age: 21

Side; Both but mainly Horde. Will change sides to make new friends

Chars: Main Warlock. Alt Paladin/DH. Looking to level many more.

Spec: Destruction/Protection/Vengeance

Playing time; Everyday more or less, dependent if I have uni deadlines - normally during the night (UK time)

Up for: Anything! Levelling with someone sounds fun! Current in game goal to level every allied race and have 1 of every class. Ideally would like to play with someone lgbt friendly

Battletag: JustAGayOrc#2502

What i’m looking for: New friends, people to play game with.

(Moonflow) #78

Just re-subbed and might be around a while so lets have another go at this.

On the internet I’m a nerd and a weeb that likes games and memes
I’m chill and not toxic but I’m also not politically correct so if you’re the type that gets easily offended approach with caution.
I mostly play games to relax and not try hard so don’t expect me to be doing high end content or anything like that, just casual stuff.

IRL I’m a support worker that works with people with learning difficulties and disabilities, my shift patterns can be quite irregular and I’m often on call to care homes if they need extra staff or if a resident is showing challenging behavior.

This obviously makes sticking to any kind of schedule or routine difficult for me and one of the reasons why I just play casually.
It also means I don’t have as much time for social stuff online as I’d like and hence why I need friends, so yea, add me and stuff.

ps- don’t add me and not talk to me that’s just rood



I like to play old content, do achies, collect mounts pets and toys. Sometimes present content why not but I’ll have much to collect from past expacs :slight_smile: Atm camping TLPD, running old raids etc. I dont do chat that much but if thats ok feel free to add me :slight_smile:


Returning player looking for a friend
(Karanze) #80

About me:
Danish engineer student playing WoW in my free time.
Things I do/used to do besides the above:

  • Workout a lot
  • Previous elite tier swimmer
  • Drummer
  • Socialize
  • Work

Age: 21

Personality: Relaxing, good humour, competitive, happy and supportive

Side: Alliance only

Main chars: This warrior and WW monk
Alt chars: Rogue, priest, hunter, DK and feral druid

Spec: Arms

Playing time: Dynamic but timezone is GMT+1

Up for: Rated PvP, high M+ keys, HC/Mythic raiding.
Other activities are good as well.

Btag: Kargish#2222


Hello there :slight_smile:

I just started and would love some company that will teach me the ropes and lvl up.

Playing time: I work at security and do alot of shifts so my availablity might be limited.

Age: 26

Personality: I like to chill and relax, very friendly quite shy and like to laugh.

Side: preferably alliance but will go with any1 and make a new character.

What i’m looking for: New friends, people to play game with.

Btag: CyberSin#2700



thought I’m gonna pop my bnet here as when I was a wow newbie, it was a lifesaver to have some ppl around patient enough with my endless questions :slight_smile:

So for anyone starting out, bit lonely or crazy enought to push m+ keys…let me know

Something for the pattern here
Age: 25
Side: Alliance

I have few chars (alliance only) I’m leveling up from time to time, healers or tanks (yaay fast queue for free) , tmogs and m+ :slight_smile:



Looking to connect with similarly minded Mature Adult females. Not transphobic just don’t have time for drama or the sudden increase of casual misogny that seems to have swelled in the 10 years since I last played. In truth I thought about posting this in the looking for Guild section, but I play pretty sporadically.
Age :28
Side: Horde
Ethincity: Black African (why yes I do have to mention this. I accidently joined a guild once back in the day that ended up having most of it’s members being tied to some Odinist bullsh**. That was fun /not)

Nationality: Irish. you heard right.

Main Character: Currently a mid 50’s Troll shaman
Realm : Doomhammer

Personality: I’ll be your best friend but I ain’t yo mama. Don’t bring childish nonsense my way. Open, talkative, straightforward.

Interests: everything bar most sports. Don’t talk politics with me unless you know what you’re on about. In fact , let’s avoid that topic all together

BT : EsterJones #2414


Hi, I’m Mish! I’m South African and have played WoW for four years now. I really love the game and the community, but unfortunately my closest WoW friends have moved on. I’m a feminist and I’m looking for friends that can appreciate that and we can have a good time hanging out without it being an issue. I’m really looking for an inclusive, diverse community.

Age: 30+

Personality: Mature and laidback. Always try to help people and classic chaotic good really. Friendly

Side: I main Alliance, but if I find some nice people Horde side I’m happy to move there. I’m really interested in the Horde storyline. My Alliance mains are on Stormrage/Azuremyst, and my Horde mains are on Mazrigos/Lightbringer.

Chars: I main DH, but I really enjoy healing more than tanking so I am levelling various healers at the moment. That said, I am an adept tank and with cool people I’m happy to take on that role. My main healing class is druid, but I have experience with shammy, paly and monk too.

Playing time: (at the moment) I’m pretty flexible and I’m on most of the time. My timezone is GMT+2 though, so that sometimes gets in the way of raiding etc.

Up for: Helping new people get settled; questing with folks; raiding and dungeoning; achi hunting and PvP (though the latter isn’t a particular skill of mine)

Battletag: Mishanthropy#2743


Hey ive just recently come bck to horde but am originally hordey, sent you a request :))


bit about me im from England miss a lot of my wow friends that have left the game…ive not raided since Pandaria. im in my 40’s
up for collecting or lvling or helping anything :slight_smile:
Battletag: Luckyones#2418


I take serious issue with this. “We are LGBT + Woman friendly…” it’s because of posts and attitudes like this that create differences and factions within groups.
We are gamers, plain and simple. Your sex, sexual preference or gender have absolutely no relevance on your gaming ability and personality. If your a good gamer then your a good gamer, if your a good person then your a good person. If you identify as something other than your birth gender or you are a man or woman it’s absolutely zero g.damned difference and to highlight this is just damned ridiculous and unnecessary.