Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt3)


Hi all,

I’m 35 male from the UK, I’m really friendly and get on with everyone though I do suffer from social anxiety. This makes it hard for me to connect with people and make good in-game friends.

I have mainly been leveling up alts solo, when I get to the end game stuff I normally end up getting bored and quitting for a while due to not being able to do raid/mythic dungeons runs or hang out with friends. I don’t really enjoy the raid finder and prefer to raid or do mythic dungeon runs with friends but all my old wow friends left long ago, you can see my dilemma. Plus I’m quite shy so its hard for me to include myself into a raid group and speak up in the voice chat to actually get to know the other members.

I can play any day after work around 5 pm GMT - 10 pm GMT, I also can play anytime over the weekend. I don’t mind what we get up to, leveling, dungeons or raids but I don’t like pvp (Sorry) I have 3 kids so some evenings I won’t be able to use the mic due to them running about being kids, so If you don’t mind typing also then that would be great.

My interests are:- Anime, Manga, Litrpg/fantasy/sci fi books. I love all the dc/marvel movies and i love gaming when it has an RPG element. Borderlands, fallout, wow :wink:

Thanks very much for reading, feel free to PM me :slight_smile:


(Tex) #141

Not entirely true.
Yes, this shows that there is a difference, but it does not cause the difference.
What causes the difference is the fact that LGBT+ people still get kicked from groups, guilds or communities.

I am gay myself, I hate that this is not the norm. But as long as it is not, I will show that we ARE respecting LGBT+ and woman.


Hey! Took me too long to remember the WoW forums were here. So glad this thread is up!

So, about me:

I joined WoW back in 2014 during WoD. Left late 2015, dipped back in 2017 but I’ve just returned properly last month.

Age: 25 F from UK
Personality: Average? :sweat_smile: how do you answer that? Always up for a chat and a laugh. Usually think of comebacks an hour after they’re needed.

Side: Alliance

Just the one: 110 Shammy currently dps but would like it to be a healer.

Play time: I’ve got 3 kids, so evenings are usually the only time I get, from about 7.30GMT to 10.30 GMT

Up for: Well, I’m still levelling, so can’t do anything in BfA atm. But I’m down to run raids/dungeons/achievement runs (currently going for Loremaster :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’ve a long way to go…) pet battles…im not one for PVP sorry!

battletag: #eckyba2901

(Tifa) #143

Reposting as I took a break :smiley:

Battletag: Tifa#21328

About me:

28 F.

Speak Dutch and English. Possibly still some Danish

Side: Both. Planning on having one of each class maxed on both horde and ally :smiley: This is my main though :smile:

What I do ingame: Mog runs, levelling in dungeons or bgs, random bgs on my main, collecting and levelling pets (a bunch of casual stuff I haven’t raided since cata and mythic+ doesn’t interest me) achievs.

Looking for people to chat with as lonely wow is boring!


Hi , well im goin to make this as short as possible , over the years more and more people i know stopped playing coming to the point im the only one left .

I’ve recently resubbed to play this game once more while waiting for classic to launch . at the same time im starting to get fed up by playing alone offcourse guilds are a nice touch once you find a good one but i haven’t had that luck so far. This post is mainly meant for those who are sort of in the same boat as i am . I’m simply looking for a friend , i’d allready be happy with just the one to play with , i enjoy every aspect of the game PvP , PVE , Raids , Dungeons M+ Arenas anything , even love leveling.

A litle background about myself ; 24 years old , From Belgium got discord and a headset , married , a young child so be prepared for background noise from time to time. I play every day mostly whenever i get home from work or whenever i can.

I’m up to start fresh on a diffrent realm even go Horde if i have to ;D
If you are up for playing with me or feel like me , add my Btag and lets get a new friendship started :wink:

Btag: Laurens#2475

If not i thank you for reading my post and wish you all the fun and luck on the game :wink:

Regards , Laurens

small note: Mainly play alliance and have been switching servers so much allready i cant anymore this month xD so mainly play on Silvermoon


Short and to the point. I am new to this game, i started 1,5 week ago, right now i’m overwhelmed with the game and the class which i’m playing, but i really enjoy it.
It would be even more enjoyable if someone could advice me about the game and my class , couse i don’t like to bother people in game so much. Also to do quests and activities together.

i started with Human Mage, lvl 37, lots of fun :slight_smile:
I also made Blood Elf Priest
Age: 32, easy going, like good sense of humor
I can play practically everyday.

Battletag: Lolinda#2395




Started playing waaaaaaay back in early Vanilla and have sporadically stuck around each expansion at some points, some longer than others. Really just looking to play with people in any capacity. Have 120s on Silvermoon (Alliance) and Draenor (Horde) but have high level characters on others. I’ve done progression raiding, high-end PvP, achievement hunting so have a lot of experience but I’m sure we all know what a boring game this can be when you’re main social interaction is seeing how much boosts are being sold for in /2.

Age: The sweet spot between 27 and 29

Personality: Just the one.

Side: Have mains on both but if I HAD to choose (and I don’t) it would probably be alliance.

Chars: Have a few 120s so happy to play anything.

Spec: Probably better at healing than anything else but will play all roles if the people are right.

Playing time: Evenings and weekends.

Up for: Literally anything as long as I’m playing with other people and having a laugh.

Battletag: Adion#2981



Battletag: Dhoobs#21387

Side: Horde

Age: 25 Male, Swedish

What I do ingame: I do a bit of everything, although I’m very into transmog farming I do also raid, do dungeons and BGs sometimes.

Looking for: I’m looking for people to chat to, join me for some transmog runs and whatnot.

I usually play whenever I’m free, so any days off and evenings after work I’ll prob be online!


Hiii everyone! I’ve been playing Warcraft for about a year. Have met some awesome people along the way and would love to meet some more!

Age: 30

Personality: Girly, bookish, talkative, cheeky

Faction: Both but mainly Alliance

Characters: Main is a Worgen Druid but am learning and levelling Warrior, Paladin and Rogue

Playing time: Evenings from 7pm UK time

Up for: Questing, battlegrounds, dungeons, pet battling, chat on Discord, anything fun!!

Other interests: Reading, quizzing, yoga, movies

Battletag: MagickRosa#2275

Returning to this game

Hi, I’ve been playing WoW on and off since BC, but unfortunately everyone I knew has quit, so i’m hoping to make some friends.

Battletag: Benassi#21172

Faction: Horde

Age & Location: 21, from the north-west of England

Playtime: I fluctuate with playtime because I work shifts and not set hours, but I get on as much as possible.

Up for: Anything really: m+, questing, PvP, raiding and whatever else.

Hope to meet some awesome people!


Hello, im looking for some new friends as most of mine have left WOW.

BattleTag: Odder#2225

Age: 15

Personality: Weird, Not funny although i try to

Faction and realm: Both but mostly horde, Draenor and ravencrest

Im from denmark, but i speak fluent english :slight_smile: oh and im male btw :wink:

I play all day everyday, except when i sleep (which is like always)

Up for: Anything you name it!

Hopefully yall wanna add me :))


About me: I started playing on Wrath and then stopped on Cata, but since then I came back, only played a bit of late Legion and now currently playing BfA casually, waiting for Classic…

Age: 23

Personality: Relaxed, not serious, like to joke around.

Side: Alliance (can try Horde)

Chars: I have a couple of 120s but I want to start fresh.

Playing time: I’m currently not working, so I have plenty of time for now.

Up for: Fresh start, looking for a casual progression, leveling and then doing some end game content, nothing serious.

Other interests: I’m also up for anything like M+, raiding, PvPing

Battletag: Shalker96#2595


Join the Silver moon guild “Tinkers Gnomanity” If you a Gnome and you aight


Hi, i just back to WoW after 6 months and my bnet friend list is awfully quiet.

29 years old from Hungary.

Mainly paying alliance but I have plenty characters on both side, up for anything pve,pvp,questing,leveling etc.

Battletag : Niodien#2419


About me: I live in the UK. Been playing since 2005, with a lot of breaks here and there. I play a lot but never seem to do much. Since my original guild disbanded after TBC I’ve just been floating about in the void.

Age: 29

Personality: Very laid back. I don’t get stressed or angry when it comes to WoW. I’ll happily sit there in a pug wiping for hours if the group gets on socially. I’m also a bit of a goofball and like to joke around. Lore geek too.

Chars: I have nearly everything at 120, just working on priest and Druid now which aren’t far off.

Play time: around the clock to be honest. Sometimes I’ll be on at 3am, sometimes I’ll be on at 6pm.

Side: both, but predominantly Horde

Interested in anything, but I can’t tolerate gogogo groups.

Battletag: Danny#25265

(Trip) #156

28, norwegian, mainly alliance. Very easy-going and relaxed.

Playing mostly on this disc priest, but also a bit on my alt prot pala.

Looking for a tank friend for m+, preferably close to 2.5 rio. Most importantly you need to be vocal, fluent english, not afraid of using voice comm.


(Môe) #157

u won me with that eddie & patsy gif !!!


I’m 27… been playing for over 10 years now
usually on my shadow priest…well mostly on my shadow priest.

recently moved my characters back to the horde after swapping to blue for legion until mid 8.1.

i still have a lot of active alliance characters too so I’m up for anything really
as for my main, and I’m mostly interested in m+(2k atm Horde) … scores aren’t really important if you know how everything works and have the gear for it, I like pushing around or over 16 and 17+'s.

As for raids i’m always running mythic’s with guilds so I’ll be saved for those but still down for heroics too so you can poke me if you need a dps slot to fill.



Here goes

About me: From bonnie Scotland, have aspergers

Age: 40ish

Personality: Friendly and helpful

Side: Both but mainly Alliance

Chars :this, weelocky (warlock) Grondlewig (Priest) Hallida (demon hunter)
Want to level a paladin eventually

Rogue: Have a 120 but don’t play very often, (I’m not very good with rogue)

Spec: Resto

Playing time: Mostly casual due to work/studying

Other interests: Keen sewer, knitter, crochet

Up or anything

Battletag: #spudoink2465

(Uruk) #159

Personality: Chill, laid back, enthusiastic, helpful, friendly and chatty.

Age: 25

Side: Horde 99% of the time.

In-game interests: Raiding, M+, achievement hunting, pet/mount/transmog farming, Roleplay.

Real life interests: Almost everything from sports, arts and science to socializing.

Usually playing on Uruk and two HM tauren. Yes, I’m a Tauren fan.



I want friends