Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt3)

(Shamapo) #111

About me:

Age: 25 yo

Languages: Native Dutch speaker, English, quite some Norwegian and a little bit Turkish (still learning).

Personality: Laid back and mature. At times a dramaqueen depending on my mood. Or just anywhere in between.

Side: Whichever side Sylvanas decides to be on, Ill follow my Dark Lady untill death and beyond. So I guess I could say Horde.

Char: Shaman

Mained shaman ever since TBC, atm Goblin. Im that one exception that has been wanting to play a blood elf shaman since I started playing.

Blood elf shaman, gogogogo Blizz!! :heart_eyes:
Right, moving on.

Spec: Restoration

Play time: As much as I possibly can. So many achievements I still need to complete. Love long grinds.

Up for: Achievement hunting, casual pvp / pve, mount runs, transmog runs, lore discussions, fishing, other grinds, new to RP but its always felt like a guilty pleasure, lvling alts.

Other interests: Warcraft lore, anime, psychology, sarcasm, piano (still a noob), foreign languages, series, being lazy and sleeping. Oh, I love cats btw. And Sylvanas.

Battletag: Robin#24987

Feel free to add me and say hi :wink:


I’m 37 years old, I identify as a male (hope others are too).

I greatly enjoyed Classic and hope to do so again. Currently playing BFA and pretending Classic is just around the corner.

As far as my interests IRL and otherwise go, I’d like to keep those for later use, it adds to my mystique :slight_smile:

And no, it’s not the subject matter, what matters is the subject.

Feel free to ignore Nochyan#2564. If not, enter at your own peril!


yeah its a pretty weird individual :joy: she also randomly removed me and my other friend and namechanged straight after. she’s hardtrolling lmao


Ok, here’s mine:

About me:

Age: 30+ (and a fair bit more but that’s all you’re getting for now! :stuck_out_tongue:)

Personality: Slightly warped sense of humour, love a chat, mature (most of the time!)

Side: Currently Horde but have played both and may consider Alliance again if the circumstances are right.


Rogue: (DPS)
Warlock: (DPS) - still very low level

(I do have this Alliance char (obviously) as well, but its sole purpose is to post in here!)

Playing time: (at the moment) only about an hour or two a week while term time at Uni but more in a couple of weeks once exams are over.

Up for: Chatting, having a laugh, possibly dungeons and raids (as long as voice chat - even just listening - is not a requirement) since I’d really love to learn to do these in a group at some point.

Other interests: Many.


You didn’t add your Battletag so it’s hard for people to Add you.


Just saying that If you’d like that people would add you to Friendlist on Battlenet. Then you would need to Include your Battletag on your posts here on this Thread like everyone else has done.


I know, I’m a bit reluctant to add that - I’ve had trouble with people in the past. I’d rather chat with people and get to know them before adding battle tag. Thanks for the advice though. :slight_smile:


Would you like to talk about something then If you would rather Chat with them first before Adding that Battletag


Just wondering If you wanted to talk about something


I’m in search of female companions to forge new friendships

Looking for helpful guild or friends! Feeling like a newb again

Hi! I have recently come back to WoW and started all over again. So much has changed since Lich King!
i’m looking for helpful, patient, people around my own age that I can genuinly have a laugh with. WoW is so lonely when you dont have people to lvl with and chat too!
Bloodelf Hunter
Interests include but not limited too; cats, weed, dnb, rock, cartoons.
Up for anything really, lvling, RP (Although new to this), dungeons, ect.
I typically play most nights and i have two days off during the week that i like to use as play time :smiley:

Giglamesh#2952 I’m a fun, sarcastic, clever woman with a dry sense of humor haha please add me for social and serious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


sent you a friend request :slight_smile: hope you don’t mind :smiley:


I sent you an friend request. :slight_smile: If you don’t mind :slight_smile:


Just to let you know that I sent you an friend request :slight_smile:


@Swemalin Why exactly did you do this to me. I mean I wanted to talk with you and have a nice time with you. Then you suddenly went silent again. First that week away from everything. and then this. Previously you Added me and then Removed me moments after and later came back and said that It was a mistake. Why are you doing this to me and other people. You know this isn’t the way to go when it comes to friendships and especially making new ones. You should spend time with friends instead of just leaving them and make them wonder where did you go. After the moment that you told me that It was a Misclick with that Remove/Block. I thought that you learned from it and wouldn’t do something like that again. But then this never ending silence came around. You never do what you said to do which isn’t fun at all. You even told me that you aren’t a bad person. But Ignoring and Avoiding people will surely make you a bad person. You could have atleast told me that you don’t wanna talk but you didn’t said a word which surely made me question what is happening and also wondering when ever you would be around again and would even want to talk. But this. This is 2x Hit already Malin. If you see this message. Then Please stop doing that and change your ways when it comes to making new Friends.


About me:

Age: 28+

Personality: Mature and nice

Side: Horde side only


Paladin dps

Spec: Main retribution , OS holy.

I do have an Alliance warrior at lvl 111, I don’t mind lvling it up tho. :wink:

Playing time: Working on the weeks so got time to play at evenings maybe a couple of hrs. I’m way more active at the weekends. :stuck_out_tongue:

Up for: Up for everything.

I have been playing this game since Vanilla. So I got a lots of exp and always helping out if you need smthing.

Battletag: Turner#21988

By the way it’s really fun to see a thread like this. Keep it up!


This is my warrior, just had to share it lmao :joy:



I recently came to realise many ppl I used to talk/play with no longer plays the game and I wish to make some new ingame friends. C:

About me

im a 30yr old swedish male.
I main horde, on some occasions I play alliance.

Im a unsocial pessimist who works, workout and then quickly run home to my cat and wow to escape the life I hate. I like animals, working out, wow, and nice ppl.

Up for anything, chats, mount runs, etc. I play most days in the evenings.

Bnet: schnabs#1266


Age: 25

Personality: Calm but up for the good laugh. Can be really chatty sometimes.

Server: Silvermoon

Side: Alliance

Chars: This little rogue fella

Playing time: Evenings

Up for: Having fun, thorough reading of quests descriptions (English is not my native language but I do my best) and chatting.

Other interests: Music, movies, books, other videogames

I’m looking for friendly people who’d like to share some time playing together and going to the top.

Battletag: Interlopah#2420


Interesting thread!
Been around since launch (yes, day 1), and have been playing on and off for the past years.
Quit mid/late Legion only to come back and scratch that “RPG-itch” again a few weeks ago.
Only bought BfA yesterday since I was not sure what to main (I’m still determining that one), and would like to group up with people to do anything really, make it a social experience again!

Age: 35 year old Belgian, living in the Netherlands

Personality: Friendly, laid back, whitty, humorous

Side: Alliance and Horde (most of my 110’s are Horde though)

Chars: Currently figuring out what my main in BfA will be (bought yesterday), but amongst others:
Horde: 110 Panda Monk, 110 Belf Pala, 110 Tauren Shaman, 106 Orc Hunter, 104 Tauren Warrior, 105 Belf Rogue (all on Emeriss)
Alliance: 110 NE Druid (Eonar), 106 Human Warrior (Shattered hand)
Others: Many alts on all kinds of levels

Spec: Just about anything, but prefer DPS > Heal > Tank, in that order

Playing time: Very irregular, but am online a few days in the week, and at least a day in the weekend

Up for: Anything from doing old content (whether with alts or not), to dungeons, group play, …

Other interests: Gaming mostly, movies, Metal, cooking

Battletag: Verilius#2295

Looking forward to having some fun with (for starters) strangers!

Added a bunch of you btw!

Returning Player, LFG