Purge the bots

Get them tf out of here. HOW HARD CAN IT BE. People are paying for what exactly.

Very hard, for example in another F2P game Valorant & League this is explained in more detail why it is so difficult:

The botting problem is prevalant in all games/MMO’s, not just WoW. If there was a solution there would be one by now.

An ex-dev that worked at Blizz:

You may suggest any methods you may think of through the ingame feedback box but it is not likely that it will be groundbreaking new suggestion.


I’m currently mining in Sholazar Basin. I’m reporting atleast one player between every node. The way they do these 90 degree turns all over the place is easy to spot. So if one GM started doing the same for one week, on each realm. That would be an awfull load of bans. Its really not hard.

It is not hard, but it’s really easy for the botters to return while the proposal being manpower inefficient.

Blizzard is banwaving them on your reports, there’s very little that can be effectively done to stop a criminal enterprise.

People quitting the game, when they realize how many people uses bots for gathering, is inefficient. As i said, people are paying for a bad product if this continues as it has.

People threaten to or have quit the game over implemented anti-bot measures anyway, for example the latest [SoD] Restricted from trading, AH, mail 30 day restriction on social features after calls by the community to take action.

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