PvP Rank Pools Hotfix Coming 14 October

With a hotfix to WoW Classic that will take effect before the next weekly honor calculations on 14 October, any player-characters that are currently deleted will no longer be counted as part of the total pool of PvP participants.

Thank you very much!


RIP rankers lmao


Just one question.

Why now ? after so many used it, this sytem is used on every server to make this 15 years old hell system a little more accessible, even more when the R14 gear becomes more and more useless ? it will defenetly kill ranking on most server and set it back to FFA.

A very dumb decision in my opinion


Maybe they want ppl to stop playing classic. Ranking is the only reason to play this game.

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Why would you “fix” this now after leaving it in the game for so long?

Is ANYBODY asking for this to be “fixed”?

This is an absolutely ridiculous decision but I suppose that no one should be surprised by Blizzard finding new ways of displaying their total incompetence and inability to understand their own game.


ur crazy ? i have personaly no problem on this if there be natural br slot on low pop server so what about dragonfang? flamelash , ten storm and so on?
also 13.10 mena what this week is still normal or? what?
if you dont fix small server and dont make natural bracket 1 slot there is no reason to play classic anymore. think twice you can lose lot of palyers.


Pool boosting is necessary because not enough people PVP anymore to support the ones that want to rank up. Why mess around with a “player side” fix to a very unfriendly system.


Also making change so late give only disadvantage ppl who start paly clasic laltely this is very unfair. Becous eof this lot of ppl got stuck on rank 13 after monts of play. This changes shoudl been anounced much further ahead. SO ppl who are on high rank coudl finish and new ppl wont waste time. This is most stupid move what blizz did in wow last 3 year.

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Rip my ranking, might aswell quit wow right?

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Or just start raid logging for raids where trashes are tougher than bosses for loot better than ranking loot… It’s literally killing the ranking system.

you said there will be no changes from original classic… blizz so blizz


More incompetence in running classic, gg bliz

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well we need make peticion … if thy wann to stop boost make natural br 1 slot for small server

No one want this, and it’s the worst thaty could happen to pvp in classic atm.

the boosted poolsize is the only reason i came back to pvp, and this fix is the reason why i will drop it before i could reach my goal.

The stuff isnt useful anymore, thousands have used this system, many servers will be dead pvp-like now.

Really, this is the dumbest decision i’ve ever seen, and i play since beta 15 yrs ago…

Ruined the only thing left interesting for me to do, gg no re, going to genshin impact and among us now i guess between raids.


Waste of time for rankers,no reason to keep playing,since classic its super boring without pvp


O man I already have a feeling the salt in this thread is going to be legendary :slight_smile:


Main Paladin already R14, ranking this fresh R13 warrior to R14 also (even if gear become useless ) just for the fun of ranking in premades.
What will this mentality become if you know that members of your own premade will still play after the decided cap to break and get the few BR1 slots available due to no poolsize.

It’s insane how paid people and community managers can get to this decision. While you started so great on BFA decision making with the delay.

How did we get to this ?

Okey that’s it. So sad. Please reconsider this as many servers will just die completely and people will quit your game. :frowning:

well i see howo it be next week … i can quit anytime

What is the reason for this hotfix tho? We need answers…