PvP System please?!

Let me put it this way :

This is where all the QQ is starting …

…and it has begun!

… and more QQ-ing

But hey! At least you tried to “hash” your hands with this one, making it like you are all for it, but … you aren’t actually.

…but then you came back with the same bullsht

Now go ahead, and tell me again, how moronic my ‘accusations’ are that you are actually indeed crying that if Phase 2 is releasing too soon, then hell breaks loose, for all characters, even for those fresh 60s ( yours ).


‘‘I dedicate my life to this game because i don’t have a hobby nor a job! everyone has to be like me if they wanna play my game, if not they must be from retail!’’

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But games are a hobby so technically he has a hobby my man. Just pointing out. No further comment.

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Isn’t the rank 7 gear only coming out in phase 6 or am I wrong?

First, there’s already a thread made my myself with blue response about phase 2 : Please don't put phase 2 to early

Second, the blue response asked opinion of users about when phase 2 should be release, and the most demand is end of 2019.

Third, Blizzard say (its on Wowhead and on all video game site that talk about WoW) they will release phase 2 “End of 2019”.

If you have nothing to do in the game (it’s probably not the case), just take a break.

“Layering sucks”, but they reduced the amount of layers.

With certainty I can tell you it will be Phase 2, the moment you earn ranks you are eligible for rank-associated gear, therefore we’ll be able to get the potions, tabards, trinkets and indeed blue and epic gear.

That is phase 2, and the itemization of said gear will be the 1.12 variant which makes it quite strong, in time for Phase 3 and the BWL launch.

Here’s a quote from a blue:


I have been following the Classic Discussion forum religiously since last year (since before the change), and at one point I remember the Blue Thread about the Classic PvP Content Phases being unpinned and consequently lost to inactivity, but I had history in posting there on my ex-retail main so I was able to dig it up. Here you go.

I like how you talk about credibility yet you try to belittle someone time after time… so tell me, what is left of your credibility?

“time after time” pretty bold of you, please provide evidence

also, your comment seems pretty out of the blue, but… i don’t really care what you think of me, actually. I’m aware my claims are reasonable and I back it up.

I hope p2 comes out early to mid december, it clashes with christmas so any chance at r14 is gonna slip away but at least we’ll get dire maul.

The people who rushed to 60 are complaining there is nothing to do. Meanwhile they’re harassing the casuals to level up faster rather than enjoy the game so they can have phase 2 and farm people relentlessly with their superior ilv.

I am not going to quote every little bit you said, it’s out in the open in this thread, but it seems you do care, else you would not bother to reply, though guy :).

I don’t really understand the argument that some people make that they need to reach 60 before phase 2.

  1. There will always be people leveling.
  2. You picked a pvp server, so you’ll get exactly what you wanted.

Some people* Forums are hardly the correct measurement of the entire playerbase.

One doesn’t make a series, and it is wise to defend yourself against false accusations. But otherwise… yeah.

Try world/trade chat. And I’m on an rp realm. The story is the same everywhere. We knew what we had. People chose to rush and a lot of those people are now complaining. Mostly because of lousy streamers who are popular for who knows what reason.

I think this quote is fake because it says in the loading screen

" Take everything into moderation, even world of warcraft"

So i dont think they would make a system that forces you to play so much.

The majority of the players on every server are still somewhere between level 35-45.

Blizzard have to wait for those players. If Blizzard release P2 too soon, those players will be farmed into oblivion and eventually quit playing.

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It is not like you get any enjoyment from rushing, not from my experience at least, it is tedious for most part to rush and minamx, then at the end what is waiting you is disappointment and emptiness, games are not meant to be played like it.
I understand people have obsession with being better which leads to all sorts of crazy ideas on how to make game easier to get to the “top”, but have they really not noticed how they basically destroy all of immersion with game in process, idk , maybe there are people who are just fine and can still enjoy game like it , not me, from my experience trying to play like some nolifer,elitist has ruined my game immersion to many times.

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I leveled on the pvp server in the times when you probably drank milk for a lunch mate…
But majotity of the people still aren’t 60. So it’s still too soon. Give it a one or two months from now and it will be fine

No you did not…mate! I also played Vanilla and I can care less that you can’t play longer now to level to 60.

Yes, the majority is not level 60, at least I give you that, and I also …agree with you that Phase 2 should not take more then 1-2 months from now to release.

But if you would of read the forums, you would see many people saying that they should hold on Phase 2 until “they” are level 60 and with decent gear, because if not, they will get owned on a PVP server. Plus, many said that Phase 2 should release even next year , Feb, March, etc. which is pathetic.

That’s the problem right here. Why should Blizzard hold on content because they are scared that they will no longer level up in peace on a PVP server?!