PvP Weekly Honor Calculations Date and Time

That sounds great and indeed a stasis/frozen in time. Where did you find that info?

It was on the info page explaining the cloning process on pre patch day.

Thanks for that. While, from what I can tell, the section you quoted is still just a conjecture the OP made from interpreting Blizzards support page (https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/000285681)
and this article (https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/23666981/playing-ahead-making-choices-in-wow-classic), I hadn’t seen the article before - and in my eyes, makes his take very plausible.

Still wouldn’t mind an official statement from Blizzard of course if you can, Kaivax.

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Will there be an opening window to purchase the new rank gear for gold, or do we have to farm honor and marks to purchase em?
Curious as I am hitting R13, and would like to purchase the chest, shoulders and helm, but I won’t if it costs honor, as I would have to focus on weapons instead

Difference between 30g and 35.2K honor + 50 AB and 30 AV marks is pretty big.

Honor is updated tues 9am cet, 24h earlier than regulat lockouts. So in theory you’ll have 24h to purchase rank 13 gear with gold. Patch is live on wed morning in EU remember?

At this Time, the Honor is calculated for yesterday, but i don´t have the New Rank and therefore it´s not possible to buy those rank items.
It looks like the last calculation was just snapshotted and does not have any effect on the live servers.
So we have to buy those items with the tokens and Honor Points and we cannnot buy them with Gold.

Hello there,

Anybody got his rank updated rank so far?
I hope it will be today during daytime…

On USA forums people did get their ranks the day of the honor reset like blizzard said, but very very late it appears.

I am awaiting to see if it updates on EU yet, nothing to far.

Big F for all the rankers.

So they calculate honor today and gives us ranks tomorrow after patch?

is there a chance that we dont get our pvp items with gold and get them tommorrow with honor?

What the hell is going on, 8am come and gone and nothing has happened.

Edit : Ok I realise what is going on, I think? The honor isn’t getting calculated a day early, but we still get our titles moving into TBC as if it was calculated early? I had planned on buying rewards for gold today, pretty annoyed but not as annoyed as if I had spent a whole week PvPing for nothing.


Please don’t give the EU players the shaft as usual Blizzard. I see the US players got their updated ranks and were able to buy gear with gold before server maintenance, even though they got their updated rank very late.

I’ll try to have faith in you and hope ranks get updated before our extended maintenance starting at 01:00. Please don’t overlook your EU playerbase.


Bumping, Still no updates.


Yooooooooooooo… can you update our ranks allready?


Still no rank update on Flamelash EU

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Does anyone know when the US servers got their rank update related to the server maintenance? Like 4 hours prior or 2 hours prior?

US got their honor updates anywhere within 4-12 hours it seems based on forum posts.
I’ll be pretty upset if I can’t buy my gear with gold but instead need all the marks farmed which is quite a headache compared to simply walzing in, laying down 10-20 gold and having what I need.

Will ask for my rightfully earned ranking gear to be C.O.D to me as restored items for gold during prepatch otherwise. As simple as that.


Still no rank update, Flamelash EU… cmon blizz


Yeah, still waiting on Pyrewood Village EU.