Quit Whining about Ques


Let’s be honest, ques were back then, they will be here for a while, imho, many people that are not commited to vanilla will drop off. Most likely we will get even free migrations to balance Horde to Alliance ratio. As far as I was told, It’s much more hordies at the moment.


How else do we get this company to listen to it’s community for once?


Another blizz fan boy lol


They listened. We have Classic.
They’re just comprehending with a very heavy delay. :slight_smile:


Quit what ?

Some people have only been able to play a handful of hours due to the high traffic volume in the evenings.

So must we all just live with the fact that you are correct in all your greatness and just waste or money ?


Look, I’ve been spending 15 hours in queue since release. Don’t come and tell me that I am being unreasonable for complaining about that.


You buy a new PC and it won’t turn on. You run back to the service, they fix it, and when you turn it on again at home, it freezes on Windows loading screen. And you bring it back and and forth again and again, until it finally turns on after couple of days, cause you didn’t have time to pick it up cause you are employed.

How would you react? “Okay, it’s fine it works now” or somehow else?


Yeah, let’s just not complain when service is crap. A true cuck’s logic.


Blizzard literally said they would not recreated the original launch experience.

I’m writing this after waiting 5h35min and I have at least 30 min more queue.


With one big difference, you weren’t warn the new pc would work poorly on certain conditions. Players were warned about queues and realm population, most chose to ignore, some had bad luck on moving to already full servers, but others like me started to play on low pop realm and everything has been fine, zero queue, zero problems.


Some would say that Blizzard listened too much to the community which is why WoW became what it is in the first place.


No one cares what you think


This is hilarious. Just another example of this company losing touch with its playerbase.


Yeah but we spent many months to build a community with hundreds of members. Can’t just jump realm very easy when you are in a large guild. We did change realm once to a new low pop realm and lost something like 10% on that one move. It would be a nightmare to move again after people have already started playing.


I spent 6 hours in Que, happens, also I skipped launch day because there were so huge lags and I was unable to complete quests. Being patient is quite reasonable, I know we all spent money on it, happens, It’s not much. Noone told you to play the game at it’s highest peak btw.

It’s not the same, If there is a huge sellout at any eletronics store, and You were too late to get anything, who do You blame? The Store? For having limited quantity of goods?


New PC is a final product as well as WoW Classic Subscription. After you have subscribed you have the product. This is no’t a “sold out” situation. It’s just a product that doesn’t work how it’s supposed to. It works, but with a lot of flaws and long queue is a major one.


And yet, you can use the product, on a different realm.
I told you, It’s not a good comparsion, Cause new PC belongs only to you, It’s multiplayer game, You’re not alone here, quit being selfish.

Acting like a 3 years old kid in a sandbox where a plastic bucket of noone was taken from you by another kid.


Selfish? How in the world did you pull that out? I pay for service and I want that service delivered. It’s customer right.

You say PC belongs only to me? No one can use it and sit in front of it? Okay.

And to whom my subscription belongs to? My grandma? My best friend? You? Okay go log in on my character and play it, if it doesn’t solely belong to me. Jesus…

Chose a low-populated realm, you say? It’s the same as choosing a weaker graphic card for your PC, since they didn’t have the one in working state you bought in the first place.


Are you mentally ill? Or mad? Because you continue to stutter on this PC as a thing comparsion to use of something share among many people,not only householders, ok let’s say that this pc will be used by 30 thousand people, will there be a que? of course, you paid for it, but you made a rule, eveeryone can play, so, ques are made. You have your service that you pay for enabled, adapt, you don’t want, quit. That’s easy.


Tbf, I have never had to wait days to play any other game, even when massive titles like halo 3 and COD launched, I got on and played then and there!