Quit Whining about Ques

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At the end of the day, some people here would most likely still defend Blizzard even if they personally burnt that person’s house down, took a dump on thier doorstep and then increased the sub fees. Because fan boys are fan boys…


there you go


Bennie I just found this post and I have to hard disagree. I picked low pop realm to avoid queues (as any reasonable person should), but for some f***ing reason it became one of 3 realms on eu that are FULL. But I already started a character and found a guild, moving on is much harder after you attain something. I went to low pop realm only to get slammed by f ***ing 10k queue few hours ago…


it would not be so bad if you could pay BFA while queuing for Classic - but you can’t. If they could change that it would be something at the very least.


queues would be fine normally, but you cant even play bfa while waiting for your hour long queue. the queues disable to from playing any kind of wow


I’ve seen every launch including vanilla.;

In vanilla, the biggest que I’ve ever seen or heard of was 1500 people. And I think 9 pm on the first friday evening.

The problems were not queues in vanilla, it’s never been an issue.

The issue was server crashes. I remember our server (Burning Legion) crashing more than 10 times a day first few days. Blizzard would then shut down and restart the servers.

It is 10 times better than queues and random dcs. At least when a server crashes, none can play, so no player is left behind because of bad luck.

In this current garbage we are witnessing, some people were just lucky so they will rule their servers for a long time now, while others were a lot more knowledgeable/skilled in the game but will be underdogs in the game because they got rekt by queues and trash world server outages.

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