Raiders would rather play TBC than SL

Mace from Maiden have ~40 less healing power, around 20 stats less and it doesn’t have spirit.

I’m terrible at PvP and there are waaaay to many good PvP players atm :smiley:


Have to admit the Prince mace is so much nicer looking and druid t4 is without doubt stunning just wish it had a robe/skirt .


They could do robe variant for healing gear but T4 set looks amazing anyway. I would love to have that kind of conversations about Retail gear. Scaling for me was one of the biggest mistakes of Blizzard.


So that’s a no then.

Yes becouse LFR as any other acessability feature dont have instant impact on players behavior. It shapes players behavior over longer period of time.

No they were not and classic is not dead at all.

There was and is tons of conte t you can do outside of raids in classic game.

No it is not months.

You telling me classic and FF players do not come to retail forums and bash us ?

I am still doing LFR .Curve and pushing mythic raid .

Once all quest done and all reps done all i did was mine and herb .

And its not days …

Also can you please answer this

I am afraid it is as millions moved to TBCC and its all over classic forums asking for server merges as so many dead realms .

Unless you are calling a blue a liar …

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Another “Retail bad. Classic or TBCC good. U noob haha” thread?
For the love of can’t people just play what they want and be…


Checks calendar
Oh…its…the weekend. Nvm. Carry on. :popcorn:


Its always the same player(s) espcially one who says never play alts then proceed’s to post on 8 of them all named the same with different éáíóú .

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i prefer retail ofc…

i mean why even compare,a single retail boss has more mechanics than the entire classic/tbc/wotlk raids together.

not to talk about master lot,ninjas and alike.

only weaboos blinded by nostalgia like classic.

and whoever tries it right now,gets dissapointed and comes back to retail in a blink of an eye because to start raiding you will need months to get place on a good guild,or just pay for a boost.

neah its not true… they released tbc b4 9.1 and was a mistake… eveybody is whaiting for 9.1 ofc they play something els. new content. after 30th when 9.1 release eveybody will be back on retail. and yes retail is better a mythic 10 has more mechanics then raids in tbc. ok not all of them but still. i playe tbc. nostalgia got me… made a hunter as it was my 1st main in 2008 and after i got to lvl 40 i sed … hmm not worth it. 9.1 announced cant w8 for new raid and new pvp season

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i did not stated that Tbc or SL is bad I just had questions does Raid leaders have same issues as me , I don’t see nothing wrong . At any words I did not banish any of games ~!

Different strokes for different folks but after doing retail for some time, I just think vanilla versions of wow wouldn’t engage me the same. The game has exposed me to so much encounter wise, TBC would just seem…dull. like the speed is what makes it difficult, a test of patience?

I mean looking at the Tazavesh hardmode requirements, that dungeon alone involves more mechanical requirements and execution than the first three expos combined I’d say. Mechagon was similar. Can’t wait to give them a spin. The one where the band wails on you for replacing them sounds brilliant.


Pretty sure they will return for the raid.

I won’t, but I kinda quit retail in Feb/March. I don’t raid on classic either though. In that case I think retail does a way better job. There are other things I love about classic, but if I was raiding again, retail would be it.

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I think it is the classic era realms that are connected. I have moved on to TBC classic, and haven’t noticed that my Pyrewood Village server is connected with anything. It’s basicly 3 games now; Retail, Classic era, and Classic TBC.

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I like all 3 i just do not get why Elias has to spam retail forums so much with hate and obtuse posting stating he is right and everyone else is wrong .
Classic (vanilla) is suffering and is dead compared to what it was hence the server connections .
TBCC is very very healthy which is good news for all my friends playing it i do have chars in all 3 games but i do not go to there forums and trash talk the games and there obvious problems.


I would not play an an expansion prior to wrath for raiding, they’re not aboot end game at all imho, they’re aboot levelling. But even wrath would be boring for me because current LFR would be harder and more diverse in terms of strats than most of pre cata raids.

This being said, TBC at least :
-Does not have harsh frictions like retail
-Once you’re done, you’re done
-No weekly rng vault
-No layers of systems upon layers of systems.


Well, I would guess a lot of people are exited to play TBC atm. Pretty sure classic era will regain players again later, just like retail likely will when this patch goes live. I moved on to TBC, but might play classic era again at some point. I was working on my dungeon set!!

And uh, I kinda rerolled horde, so maybe I should not have moved this priest to TBC…

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Give it two months. …Or four. Whatever it takes. Classic will always be classic. Nothing new about it will ever come to it.

There are a few things that draw players there.

  • Nostalgia. Many players have fond memories of the good old times in most game aspects.

  • Community. The game gave you a clear incentive to seek out other players, and there were very few, if any, automatizations. You wanted to do a dungeon quest, or raid? Or even kill that sneaky elite that hits like a truck? No LFR or LFD, just a LFG channel that was flooded by every single offtopic chatter you can imagine, but everyone liked it.

  • Rotations. On Retail you get every piece of your core rotation very early on, without any price or training when you level. What you use is quite complex, say, you start dotting, then this debuff, let’s not forget to hardcast a Pyro, pop a trinket with your baseline CD, use 4 small CD rotational spells then a filler when nothing to do. You have a little something to press every moment, and no need to worry about resources, unless you are a healer. Enemies have a ton of quick, hard hitting spells you need to kick asap.

On Classic you slowly unlock the most powerful spells as you level, and what’s not learned from talents costs valuable money, money you need for riding, to get cheap mats off the AH for professions or anything like that, but you work hard for every penny, so have to make decisions. Which leads to…

  • Professions. On Retail most are meh. What you need is Alch for your pots, a bit of cooking for buff food, 3 or 4 enchants and gems that are steep my themselves, and maybe a vantus rune for that mythic boss. But you took Tailoring, what does that provide? Only subpar greens that are best disenched, and leggo bases most players won’t use, so you’ll have difficulty selling them.

On Classic some professions items are not only powerful, but actually might be BiS for the whole expansion. Engineering is fun, the bombs do a lot of damage and add a bonus CC against those pesky casters. Alch and Ench gives insane enhancements to your character if you get the items. Gems, especially meta, are a huge power source by themselves. You have a lot of these to collect and they give you immense power, and those 4-5k crits bring tears to your eyes in…

  • Endgame: as weak as you are early, so powerful you become in Classic - and you can nonstop pelt those bosses while you jump off that flame every minute. In PvP you can kill very fast, even oneshot, with some specs, so Resi is a must have. In dungeons you poly/sap/freeze that strong caster and focus fire 1 or maybe 2 mobs, watching threat non-stop. Good AoE is a rare exception, and you stop so the healer and pally tank can drink up. And let’s not forget the plethora of buffs. Fortitude, Intellect, MotW, Shammy Totems, Pally Blessing and so on, you buff everyone you can with them and bring the weaker specs too as their utility might be an invaluable asset.

In Retail, few consumables and preparation for bosses is needed, while they spam you very often with hard-to-execute-properly abilities, unlike what you saw during the easy leveling. One wrong move and poof.
In PvP your spells are very weak so oneshotting is almost impossible unless you are Rextroy.
For keys it’s a rush to the finish preferably wipeless, using an occasional stun or kick with a few defs, but strictly with ranged as there’s a ton of melee-based affixes and cleaves, so the healer can full-time DPS too.

Sorry for the wall of text. Read it all, friend, and come to your conclusions why BCC has quite the draw even without the content drought. :joy:

So much this. TBC feels like a properly joined up game where its component parts all work together and have an importance in the way that you progress. Yes it has its flaws but even though I played it back in the day, going back feels like a breath of fresh air compared to the convoluted mess that is SL.

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