WoW Classic Era Realm Connections Coming May 19

As we approach the moment when WoW Classic players will make the choice to move on to The Burning Crusade Classic (version 2.5.1) or stick with Classic Era (version 1.13.7), we will be connecting many Classic Era realms during maintenance on Wednesday, May 19.

This means that in each region/locale, we will create connected realms among groups of Classic Era PvP realms, or groups of Classic Era Normal realms, or Classic Era RP realms.

In this region, we will connect:

  • Mirage Raceway, Nethergarde Keep, and Pyrewood Village
  • Ashbringer, Bloodfang, Dragonfang, Earthshaker, Gandling, Golemagg, Mograine, Noggenfogger, Skullflame, and Firemaw
  • Dreadmist, Flamelash, Judgement, Razorgore, Shazzrah, Stonespine, Ten Storms, and Gehennas

Our goal is to maximize the opportunities for Classic Era players to establish strong communities and carry on enjoying their way of play. We hope to see healthy populations of connected realms for Classic Era players, and we’ll continue to monitor and consider further connections in the future.

Thank you!


So, what happens to Hydraxian Waterlords?


Please keep the Firemaw zoomers away from Dadling


I don’t recognise the name Dadling so it’s probably in another language and Blizzard don’t connect cross languages.

RP realms don’t get connected.

Remember this is only for the Classic forever realms.

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Just hoping for transfers to get back online then :slight_smile: I don’t see Classic Era Hydraxian on its own becoming more than a wasteland.

Blizzard have said they will soon after.

Damn, good news because on Flamelash it looked like there would be 5-10 people left :stuck_out_tongue:

Please let’s not have people running around with (*) next to their names everywhere. Either mask the server names unless it’s a whisper (still sucks), or bite the bullet and do a real merger with a new unique server name, at the expense of the few people with specific names. The people that will genuinely freak out about having to change name (if they weren’t the first to make it), offer a free name change and if they don’t accept just assign a number at the end of their name when they’re being whispered to / whispering someone.

I don’t want to see Swaglord - Noggenfogger everytime someone types in /say or party.


So my best bet will be to reroll my chars on another server, seeing as Hydraxian Waterlords won’t be connected at all? Really!?

Oh no… this might mean that HW will be connected to Celebras or not be connected at all.

Ingormation on the rest of the European Servers (French, Spanish, German) would be appreciated.


OK - Zandalar Tripe have to be connected with the PVP servers as well. Dont forget about the RP-PVP servers!


ZT is ok, had enought dual ACC players, they will kill own alts if there will be not many others players.

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Dadling bis ofc spit

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Wait, we’re not getting the prepatch before the 19th, I thought we’d get it the same time as US cause of the TBC C release being global. Ah well, it’s only a day less I guess… :confused:

Lamp post car green!

My guess is that we’ll have (*) around. Forcing a mass-rename to unique names seems to me unlikely.

So all current servers will be connected until the1st as well. Cross realm was one of worst things Blizzard had done as It destoryed server communities. I wish they would just merge servers.


Does this effect PVP ranking? I mean are all these grouped realms competing with eachother in the ranking system now?

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Cross realms is not the same as connecting realms, and it’s not until the first, it will be forever on the Classic era realms, TBC realms are not being connected. This is as close to merging as you can get, without all the disadvantages of merging.