Random dc's after patch


I think it all started after patch, its not classic dc. Looks like major lag spike where people would run in place for me and i need to alt f4 and login again. But its not only wow, my battlenet launcher also go offline for like 20 seconds so i need to wait before i can login again. My internet connection is stable because discord, youtube etc continue to work when i get dc. I checked mine internet connection log and everything is fine, just 24h ip resets.

It happens 2-3 times per day maybe, i also dont think its addons because like i said my bnet get disconnected every time i got dc in game.

Is anyone experiencing the same thing?

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Hey Mantili,

There are no active issues with the game or servers at the moment, that could be causing such disconnects. I would strongly suggest to start by going through the steps listed in the Connection Troubleshooting Support Article thoroughly, and see if that improves things.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


I have same problem too. It happens mostly in random dungeons, never in open world. Happens not only with me, but other players too - they go offline for 1-2 min, then come back in.


I tried troubleshooting and advanced troubleshooting, if its not blizzard servers then probably its something with my ISP or connection between me and blizzard servers. It happens randomly and few times per day, only on bnet and wow, i dont have problems in other online games. I doubt ISP will help me with this issue since internet connection is stable, i dont have lag also.


I have the same problem. Nothing on blizzard article about connection troubleshooting has helped.


I have same problem with my wife - DCs of WoW and Battle .net launcher while other net services are running (Discord, Spotify, Youtube). Even while we are running quests or dungeons with friend - he is still online while we are disconnected.

Wrote ticket to service provider, but I’m not sure if connection to battle .net is lost or connection to other server (login servers, etc).


Also i forgot to mention I am using optic fiber 200/100 Mbit
Yesterday it happened again in dungeon, I factory reseted my router and updated network adapter driver even i think it was the latest version before that.

I am using win 10 latest version with all updates, gpu and sound driver are also latest version.

ISP is T-com, location Croatia if that helps.


Same here as Mantili described.My Isp is also Croatian Telecom (T-Com)


I have same problem. Random DC and also battle.net app is disconnected for a few seconds. But it’s not internet issue, because i’m still on discord with friends.

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Same issue here.

No issues with other games.


This is getting fsking frustrating, Game freeze into crash every 5-15min… Nothing wrong on my side. No problems in any other games, apps and the likes thereof.


  • Updated drivers
  • Removed and/or updated addons
  • tried DX11 Legacy, DX 11 and DX 12 options in the ingame settings.
  • scanned and repaired game numerous times


Same issue as others stated, started randomly dcing from game and bnet a few days ago.

Also from Croatia


Joining the post with the same issue. Pls send help :slight_smile:


Same is happening to me.


Same issue here. Only occurring in raids and dungeons. From Norway.


Same is happenig to me and is not any internet issue.
Whenever Wow disconnects Battlenet also go offline. It also happens a lot in Heartstone that you get random disconnects and bugs, however the Battlenet does not disconnect when playing Heartstone. I’ve also seen some random disconnects from Heartstone and other bugs Twitch streamers get. It seems to me that there are some issues on Blizzards side.


Having the exact same issue, game lags out and the battle net app disconnects. Everything else runs fine at the same time (discord/twitch). It started happening maybe 2 weeks ago. Playing from Sweden (Telia ISP)


Hello i got the same problem start after new raid got dc like 9-15 time’s my me and my m8’s so plz fix this i pay for a game and cant rly play for dc mid boss and stuff


This seems more widespread that I had thought. This has been a recurring problem during easter break and seems to have hit several of my guildies as well as some of the random people I have done m+ with. I am located in Denmark, a few randoms from France / Italy and some guildies in Sweden.


Myself, multiple ones of my guildies keep encountering this in Raids and dungeons at exactly same time.
What happens is this:
We start lagging, game goes in “stuck and running standing still” mode - but it retains the connection to the ingame chat, if we’re streaming and on discord neither of these are not interrupted for even second so it is not issue with our internet connections. I hope this will be fixed fast, this is getting to the point where I’m unable to raid deu to disconnecting 6 times in 2 hour period in BoD. And it happens to multiple other guildies too at same time too :confused:

As curious quirk: the guildies it keeps happening to are swedish, i’m finnish. Node issue perhaps?