Rate that name!


I like this name 7/10 :slight_smile: nice for a girl rogue


Solid DK name. 8/10


9/10. Doesn’t sound like a goblin name but it sounds cool. Sounds like the name of a top PvP player.


I look at you name and I think charmaner. I say your nsme out loud and i think shaman but prouncing it sharmen (as some people I know do) for this reason 10/10 for expanding my mind. Cheers bro. You’ve changed my life.



Nice seagoing name, I’ll give it a 8/10.


A generic name on a generic human, I’ll give it a 5/10.


A generic response from a generic Draenei with a generic name, I’ll give it a 0/10.


Very pretty name suits a lock . Take no notice of the goat anyone with Derp in there name has obvious childlike qualities . I give you 9/10

(Lynlarae) #255

Lovely Nightborne name 10/10!

(Waygos) #256

It really sounds like an elven name when trying to pronounce it so… 10/10


I really like your name. It’s unique, also I can visual it as a stand out orc from the rest. Be proud my big green killing machine 10/10


A good name for a warlock, considering it’s one letter away from being valac, which is a demon. But it doesn’t fit the worgen narrative. 6/10.


10/10 ^
Like the name as you play a Druid and your name reflects that class of play, and as a troll i think everything fits very well :slight_smile: -


Very mysterious name, suits well Void Elf


8/10 it is kind of cute for a tauren :heart:


8/10 The name sounds like it belongs to a Kung-fu master!


10/10 because it’s multilayered name. First it’s “Mc” so you’re thinking burgers, then you’re thinking Scotland, then maybe you think about Outlander, but that is optional. Moving on - you think “mental” which fits an Undead Warrior, but then you notice it’s “mean” which also fits Undead Warrior but in a different way, then you realize it’s both “mean” and “mental” at the same time.
Serious complexity, indeed.


You sound like amazon Alexa’s long lost sibling Alexos lol.


Also just for fun spell my name backwards lol.


7/10 - While I like the name a lot, it sounds like a mage :slight_smile:

I should have worn my purple for this



I like it, but i think you should reroll to kul tiran female according to that picture u linked :stuck_out_tongue:
8/10 !