Rate that name!

(Unobserved) #267

6/10. The name is funny though, even if its not a good worgen name.

(Henoriel) #268

Fits rogues perfectly, I love such funny names.


here looking at all these lore friendly names and I’m here because guildies got upset I didn’t have ketchup with my chips…


I like it. 8/10


Not bad, direct and to the point. I can’t imagine any international players have trouble with it, so, 9/10.

Oh, and mine’s pronounced LAY-nee.


SOunds like a member of a noble house



Sharrington, eh? Reminds me of British names for some reason.
I like it though. Many puppies have British names. (referring to your char being a worgen)



8/10 I first read droolist aha :rofl:, but I get it, it’s duelist right? And your on a pvp realm.


9/10 I like the name it suits a Dark Iron Dwarf, I don’t know why :3!


Really like your name 10/10, very fitting … I might be heavily influenced by the El- (from Elle) prefix used by Tolkien X)


Oh, i love that name. So elfish. 10/10


I think it isn’t very feminine enough, however it’s fine for a belf.

I personally think it would fit more for a human though.
Great name regardless.


8/10 quite perfect for a dranei.


It goes well with a Shaman: 9/10.


0/10 sounds weird to me


Used where I live like nickname for not-so-tall-people and little kids :slightly_smiling_face:


8/10 seems like that Orc doesn’t get it :slight_smile: I like it suits a Gnome


It is cute and suits and elf very well. Well done 10/10.


9/10 Tree name as a druid, very nice


Your name makes me anxious cause I feel that something is about to start, and I should be prepared for it. And I know I’m not cause I haven’t studied anything recently.

So that makes you a rather intimidating warlock.