Rate that name!


Good… 8/10


7.5/10 (pronounces semi softly)


Reminds me of Star Wars


Not a very Nightborne-ish name, but otherwise a solid choice! 7/10


There is no rule that I need Nightborn name in game :thinking::joy:
To much tauren name 7/10 :joy:


A rather unimpressionable name since it… you know… reminds one of air, after all.
Oxygen, Oxine, pretty similar.
6/10. 4 whole more points left for improvement!


Mine name is personal meaning after all :smiley:
As mine up tauren friend @Tehuwo say it is not very Forsaken - ish name…

to portabe hard disc :roll_eyes:

5/10 :joy:


Now now, no need to get cranky. It was an honest evaluation.
As for the name, of course it isn’t forsaken-ish. As you said, there’s no rule, and kinda weird to be using it as a measurement basis.
Portable mage, mage creates portals, portable portalmaker. Capisce?


I m not cranky…just bored :joy:
Yeah… I get it :roll_eyes:


I like the name, not often seen, I like how the end has a bit of a female vibe to it, I might be wrong though, but I like it 9/10


2/10 really bad name. Would rate it lower but you seem like a nice person.


2/10 your name doesn’t make much sense playing a Demon Hunter, consider they doesn’t have eyes at all.


4.5/10 how come they have a spell named eyebeam then huh?

(Leíá) #300

7/10 - original, yet quirky if not a little meh.


How do you pronounce yours, Leia? According to the accent markers your name should sound like this: Ley - ah or Ley - ya. That last one is certainly an interesting sounding name, tho I’ve never heard of a word having two accents before. ^^


(Leíá) #302

Well it’s just “Leia” as in “Princess Leia” actually.

It’s just “Leia” was taken on my server and I needed 2 funny letters to get the name.


Fair enough.


7/10, it sounds like a Draenei name.


i like it 9/10 it reminds me of scarlett johansson


9/10 “Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack”