Rate that name!


I would’ve seen that for a night elf, but it still fits well 9/10

(Vurru) #84

The Narru. Hence, Vurru xD


Vurru, vurru, vurru is on fire! Aha love it 10/10


Sounds a little kokiri/tribal to me luckily I love loz but not sure about the tribal thibg being a DH but it’s still cool 9/10😊.

My name, well I’m a shaman and I love dragonball z you do the math :joy:.


Love it love it love it. As soon as I saw it I read it in a DBZ voice! :joy:


Innarish sounds cool and is a good fit for your character so 8/10.

My name is not related to the game or my character, taken more from RL!


For being a mainly real life name, Narcosis sure does sound like a heck of a cool name, got to say! Even fits for a Forsaken and everything.

(I racechanged my toon like a week ago and renamed her Compactevil, but for some reason it still shows my old name?)

(Yaankee) #91

I’m not sure how you missclicked Panda and became a Gnome,
Not seeing the “Bear” part in a Gnome. It does remind me of an old television show tho, points given.


8/10 it made laugh, but do you rp as a candle or an american?


1/10 because I hate everyone


0/10 cause u hate everyone.


8/10 for looks love the name totally sounds like a troll name to me 10/10 immersive name

(Redoctober) #96

8/10, its not bad, but I have a little trouble connecting it to a druid.

(Korrina) #97

4/10 for being a reference that is out of universe and it’s also not fantasy related. I like the way it sounds though.

(Lynlarae) #98

20th century movie not fantasy related 4/10.


It’s elfy i guess. I like it, 7/10


Not sure how to read or pronounce it, but seems to fit the warlock aspect with the mad and chaos, 6/10


Good undead name, 7/10


Lynlarae perfect name for BE Priest 10/10


Anything with beer in it gets my vote. 9/10