Rate that name!


Rathrezim - my name for my Blood Elf Havoc Demon Hunter - What do you guys think ? Is good or bad ?

(Lynlarae) #105

Hmm it is more of a Necromancer/Witch doctor from Diablo! 6/10.


Appropriate for an elf, I like it, though I wouldn’t be able to remember it


(Navysilan) #107

Sounds funny, 9/10 :slight_smile:


7/10 I like it but the word navy stands out too much


Reminds me too much of that Ex Stoke Liverpool player from Switzerland and he annoys me. So 2/10

Sorry :neutral_face:

(Ohbyru) #110

@ Shaquiloheal thats funny :joy: 9/10

@bowvine 7/10 simple, yet effective.


Help me Obyru Ken-no, wait wrong spaceman.

9/10 due to sounding Draenic in my head.


It sounds Elvish to me but has a good vibe :blush:



not a bad name, 8/10


I could imagine night elves being one with nature and all, them being a bit weffi :sweat_smile: 8/10


Seems appropriate for an undead warrior to sound like a mix of conquistador and grievous.


Røgæn reminds me of Roggen, which reminds me of Roggenbrot (ryebread). and now im hungry. :bread:

10/10 would eat him.


9/10 something German!


Hey i’m apart of the illidari you can call me Phill…idari… :joy::joy: 10/10

(Solithrien) #119

Has a kind of Chinese/Mongol sound to it that fits really well - I can almost imagine there having been a Bulu Khan. I like it! 9/10


8/10 looks like some imagination went into it

p.s i know my name will get a low rating im not good at naming my toons lol


like 2/10 xd

(Finnbarr) #122

Beautiful …10/10

(but I can’t help but think of b.u.k.a.k.k.e when I see it)


8/10 I like it, i think of ireland when i see the name.