Rate that name!


Sounds pretty Draenic, and I do like the “Lumi” bit for a Lightforged; Very on theme. Solid 8/10

(Ohbyru) #125

Hey Otaaru, i’m Ohbyru. I love your style of name for it is real Draenei like. 10/10.


I don’t know what it means but I like it, kind of Draeneish.


Since nothin is perfect in the world , i can give you a solid 9/10.

Fits sweet for an Elf , even if its Blood and not Night.

(Navysilan) #128

Just regular name, nothing special :frowning: 7/10


Hello :raising_hand_man:t3:

A variation on soothesayer (was taken ofc).


Well this name it’s not usual for Zandalari…


Solid name on its own, but i just read Skeleton for some reason…



You sound like a chewing gum i want to have, 8/10 :heart:


You sir, I remember you in the brawl you were drunk and I was well. 7/10


5/10, reminds me of word citrus and makes me want some juice


7/10, nice name but I can’t get out of my mind the fact that would have been perfect for a female void elf rogue



I like it, but personally would have used 1 K instead of 2.


10/10 I’d dare to say, sounds nice and fits Void elf pretty well

mine is just pretty regular, nothing really fantasy


Nice to see that you went with Cresswell for your KT! :slight_smile:

(Verngard) #139

That is a good Lore-friendly name for a male Thallasian elf.


My brain said Fern Guard and then Green Knight, so it’s either a 9/10 D&D reference or an 11/10 for Sean Connery’s exposed chest hair.


I didn’t expected such a note with my nickname to be honest :stuck_out_tongue: would have liked, but “Raiken” was already taken :frowning:


I like your name i imagine your a good person and good fun to be around and have a drink with on a Friday after work 9/10 because of the i, i can never spell.


8/10 i like the way i would pronounce it (not sure of i pronounce it the same way u do) and i think it fits nightborne.