Rate that name!

(Alexima) #145

8/10. That name screams TROLL.


I have no idea how your name is translated, but if I could give a description, based on how I feel about it would be:
a verb, to cuddle a puppy, be happy and cheerful
I like 10/10, please keep Lordaeron safe :slight_smile:

(Lynlarae) #147

Hmm dwarf your name suits more a Dragon! 5/10.


Good name for an elf , not perfect but good .



I like it epic orc name 8/10!


Solid point, elfie

Spreads his wings and flies away back to Ebonhorn and the black dragonflight

(Mellisandrae) #152

If I could read it I would rate it 0/10


It’s no wonder you complained here recently that there is no more common courtesy to you in dungeons and noone replies to your hello :slight_smile:

I give you -10/10, cause I don’t like you either

(Mellisandrae) #154

I never said I didn’t like you. You asked for you name to be read and rated and I can’t read it so it can’t be rated by myself. I wasn’t being rude and I am courtious on this occasion I was just being honest, sorry if you took it the wrong way.


You just copied GoT name, buddy.

Sorry, but that’s just 1/10 for me, nothing unique, nothing original about it…

(Mellisandrae) #156

There’s no Mellisandrae in Got, there is a missandei but that’s about it I think.


Quite right Mon I likes the name but tis a mouthful 9/10


Yes, sure :smirk:. You made this name just by yourself :smirk:… (Melisandre, the Red Priestess) Try to be a bit original next time, buddy :wink:.

(Mellisandrae) #159

So your assuming I’ve watched GoT??.. OK I have but I didn’t name this character after anyone on it lol honest just a coincidence a really weird one now I think about it I got the inspiration from my friends name Melanie back in draenor.

Any who I think we’ve un intentionally hijacked the post shall we just carry the post on as normal.

Next poster just rate from Yulbrenner please :blush:


Yes, sure. It’s all one coincidence :smirk:

Well, You’re the one who’s trying to desperately deffending himself, despite the fact, that it’s kind of oblivious where the truth lies, so :smile:

(Mellisandrae) #161

Omg honest dude got had nothing to do with my name, just like I doubt league of legends had anythi g to do with yours.


Yes, sure, it surely “does not” have to do anything with copying GoT names. Stop it already, please :laughing:

(Mellisandrae) #163

Sure thing Mr league of legends :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Finally, thank You :pray:!


Another dragon name like the Dwarf couple of pages before! 5/10