Rate the Rogue Transmog Above You - #3


I like it! Only thing is blindfold and dagger which I assume you got recently! 9.5

(Maddoy) #183

I really like the Tmog of the armor, but the weaps are just out of style. go for sth less glowy an “wide bladed”


Haha @Maddoy, I just got to rate your name, now your mog.

I like it, it’s somewhat casual but has a good flow to it. On the site your weapons really stand put and don’t blend in with your gear too much but I wouldn’t be surprised if it looked better in-game.

I’d give you a 8/10. Also for originality since I haven’t seen any rogue like you thusfar

(Pinchpenny) #185

Wow, we’re still going!

Although it’s mostly the same set, it looks nice enough and definitely suits an undead - I’ll give it an 8!

(Maeglin) #186

Hey man,

Some type of goblin pirate thing going on here? I like it!

I’d let you pinch me.

(Maddoy) #187

Nice combo of reds, i like it, didnt see it on other chars. 9/10


Silvery and dark



Looks more like a druid than a rogue. But creative and original.


(Pinchpenny) #190

Digging the rose, definitely suits an elf (Ya big ponce, ya!) - solid 10/10

(Lilura) #191

6/10, seems like an assassin who does their job discretely at a ballroom party, but the bracers and eyepatch don’t really fit the aesthetic.


7/10, very sharp, but green hair and enchanting on swords do not match the clothes


I like it, pretty savage for a rogue, 8/10


Fel even touched rogues these days, cool mog with nice visuals! Everyone wonders who hides behind that mask :slight_smile:


Nice I like it


We have a demon hunter in our ranks!!

I like it 9/10 cuz of the “Holy” eyes.

(Xaero) #198

Subtle and Decent - 7/10.

(Lilura) #199

5/10 - Aside from the helmet, it’s all one set, but the daggers do work quite well with the attire.


I like the whole savage style you’ve got. I just really hate your eyes :(. Still a 8.5/10 I really like it, quite original

(Fythramar) #201

So much Sin’dorei elements its pretty cool, gives me the feeling you are working as some high lords personal assassin.

10/10 I dig that style.

(Aldö) #202


Gloves and boots fails for me, daggers are cool but a change would make it better.

Anyway it’s kinda good overall.