Rate the Rogue Transmog Above You - #3


8/10 those shoulders and head work so well on belfs!

am I too late for the transmog fun though? :<

(Maddoy) #205

Wow, gnarly a d dark. Not my style but great choice nonetheless. 9/10


I like the dark swashbuckler thing you’ve got going… I’d say 8, but gonna say 8.5/10 because it matches your spec. yw. :smiley:

(Aldö) #207

Very cool and nice belt, and the crown looks just good.

Boots and daggers aren’t just that good.



you look awesome man. Like a fine young man who is going out to murder :slight_smile:


well, good old Season 1 set with t6 daggers. not bad but nothing special. 7 / 10
(posted with wrong char before)

(Maddoy) #211

I like this! Good matching choices you made there


5/10 It’s ok, but i think the Pirate theme doesn’t fit Bloodelves very well


5/10 your head dosent fit right and your nose ruin it. Also the daggers are not in the right color

(Mojomane) #214


Good color scheme, but whats up with those weapons and the blindfold?


Dunno what you wanted to go for, but it leaves me impression of a naked engineer, stripper.



Pretty cool blood-themed mog. Don’t know about that belt though. 7/10.

(Jimbo) #219

You look like a dead kultiran 6.75/10


You look like that level 20 rogue that got stuck while leveling

(Pinchpenny) #221

I like it! 9/10

I decided to go for a “junkyard regal” look. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Xaero) #222

9/10! Awesome. That’s would’ve been a 10. But I don’t like a Robe on a rogue.


8/10 Looks good.

(Сеннри) #224

Zandalari da best 10/10

(Jinziggor) #225

To be honest, this set seems a little weird on Void Elf for me, though i like it. And you honored your troll ancestors by not wearing boots, so i will give 10/10


7/10 looks sinister but not fan of no shoulders.