Rate the Rogue Transmog Above You - #3

(Xaero) #227

4/10 - Sorry, doesn’t look good at all. Nothing matches.


6/10 - shoulders and waist overkillled your mog ^^


3/10 - Wouldn’t be caught dead in it. 3 for the effort though.


Quite cool, and dark, good for a rogue… the dark, blind hunter

But mine, am i a shaman, or a rogue? Muhahahaha

(Maddoy) #231

definitly shaman. i like shamans 8/10

yeah i know im wearing the laseraxes. everyone once had this phase of his life where he just needs sth big and glowy and edgy in his hands… Well this sounds wrong.


Like your armor and how well it goes with the hair 7/10.
Though your wepons are bit over kill -1 there : o

(Сеннри) #233

Nice pirate 9/10

(Jimbo) #234

Is that a bad thing or a good thing? forgot to rate the person above me. 6/10 cause i like shoes but you dont have any

(Sherimoon) #235

7/10 I like the sort of ninja look you got there, but the boots are a bit weird to me =)

(Jimbo) #236

those are my sneakers lool. like crash bandicoot has

(Sherimoon) #237

Haha ok then I approve! :smiley:


7/10 - nice


belt is a bit out of tune with everything else, but looks solid 8/10


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@Denshu nice t-mog quite forsaken ish I’d say 9/10 ( I think there are dagger that match more =P )

(Pinchpenny) #242

It’s a little plain, and would probably look better without the tabard, but it’s still a solid 7!


Great looking set, especially the matching black colors. I was hesitant about the crown, but then I came to the conclusion that it is well fitting the “greedy goblin rogue” fantasy. The no shoulders was a good choice as well with the set. 10/10 for wow factor!


very nice something i’m trying to go for 9/10.

If you can about the forums you can mog the “second” weapon by switching it moging it with legion artifact, then switch it back, that way it will show both of them even on forums mogged.


I know, nice tabard but not for this set. 7/10


6/10, its okay …not very Roguee but okay :smiley: