Rate the Rogue Transmog Above You - #3

(Pinchpenny) #269

You look like you’d be a supporting character in a “Steamy romance novel”. 7/10 for the chuckle. :slight_smile:

Trying something different; Goblin Paladin, anyone? :wink:


The colours don’t match hugely well and the weapons look a bit daft on a goblin, a bit too bulky. Still it looks pretty cool. 7/10


I really like the weapons !



I think the green goggles are a bit overused. The ghoul heads on the armor make it look more like a death knight or warlock outfit. It fits together well, though, and the daggers are also cool.


Classic look, but not digging the weapons.


Looks pretty good on a orc female!

(Pinchpenny) #275

It’s a little chaotic, but works nicely enough on an undead - 8/10!

(Xaero) #276

8/10 - Pretty good.


Updated my transmog. Please rate :wink:


Getting some Mileena vibes from MK not my cup of tea though so 4/10

(Xaero) #279

@Rizwann - 2/10, it’s plain bad. And don’t ask us to rate your mog if you decided not to rate ours.

@Shindu - Solid 8.5/10 - Love that black theme. Maybe get matching daggers and it’s gold.


11/10 very nice ^^

(Cathy) #281

I guess you forgot to transmog your new shoulders, so I’m only rating the rest. Looks like a full set, so not really creative and also not the best looking set in game. I’ll give it a 6/10…


Nice looking assassins creed feel. 8/10.

I know mine is a full set, but loving it it with the tusks, and the hidden look artifact.

(Namù) #283

It does surprisingly enough fit with the tusks, maybe even the weapons. But as said it is a full set, so it would be pointless to talk about the gear pieces fitting together with each other.

7/10 for full set and a neat weapon look

(Pinchpenny) #284

Perfect look for a Zandalari, can’t fault it! 10/10


Wait till 8.2 drops :wink:

I like your Tmog. Dont see dresses on rogues everyday plus the Eyepatch, you are a dangerous lady, so Ill give you my 10/10.


I like everything about this set and the desert feeling of it but i really think that you can do with a more suitable waist as i’m not a big fan of the purple in your comp. 9/10 the daggers are awesome too!


Looks awesome on a velf.
And i realy like those daggers on that set.
A sollid 9.5/10


Nice! 10\10