Rate the Rogue Transmog Above You - #3


9/10! Honestly love the mog but for some reason I dont like orc rogues :confused:


Orc Rogues you said? Then you shall see me… Muhahahahaha… Oh wait.

Anyway! It looks like a forest stalker. Bit moving towards ranger type, and i like it! 10/10


would give it an 8/10 if we would be in the shaman forum.

my offhand is the same as the main hand but armory derps.


I really like this look and how it all matchs you get a 10 from me :slight_smile:


You look amazing Bio,
the only thing I try to think for a replacement is the tabard
9/10 bro.
Probably still on my blackened defias mog, got a purple one coming soon!

(Pinchpenny) #294

Let’s get some Goblin Jumper Cables on this thread. CLEAR!!

Your mog reminds me a lot of the rogues in the “Safe Haven” cinematic, which is no bad thing! It’s not the most unique look, but still a solid 8!


needs less clothes 5/10.


Overalll pretty cool MOG! But the helmet doesn’t really match the daggers 7/10


Love your set - Don’t like the hood that much, would prefer the last bloodfang piece. Still 7/10! Nice daggers =)


Undead rogues always look damn cool. Balanced set, nice weapons, an assassin if I ever saw one. 9/10


I quite like it



Like it, but the weapons are a bit too flashy. 6,5/10


Typical for the Dark Lady Deathstalker with Dreadblades. 9/10.

(Pinchpenny) #302

Flashy, but I like it, gives you more of a “Chief Guard” vibe or something! 8/10


really nice mog, but i’d use smth other than eyepatch. Just imagine, how would you serve beers to people right of you during prime time?

PS: goblin rogues are best rogues, so 9.9/10 :slight_smile:


getting a 404 error when I try to check your mog :[

(Xaero) #305

Well done! 10/10.


Very cool and matching. 10/10


alot Horde looklike. different Helm maybe!



9/10, looks great. So many cool mogs here, how do you people do it? :smile: