Realm List Populations Updated -- 28 October

A few minutes ago, we enacted a change to how the populations are calculated in the WoW Classic realm list. Since shortly after the launch of WoW Classic, the realm list population labels have indicated real-time population levels.

Now, the Low/Medium/High/Full labels are based on peak population over the last 7 days. We believe this provides a more-useful picture of a realm’s population to players who are making decisions about which realm to play on or transfer to.

The realms which have not yet moved to one layer will continue to be marked “Layered”.

Thank you!


That’s great. But why bother labelling it “Layered”? New players won’t understand what that means…


Working on useless stuff like that and not fixing some major bugs in the game? Poor.


Can’t you show us a ratio between horde and alliance players on each realm? This could also be based on the last 7 days.


Give also more transfer options to people from all servers to all servers (that are not layered or high/full)

Maybe some kind of average/max mixing function would be better. Currently many realms reach high/full at peak hours but yet have quite different populations. If average status have some weight toward modifying that peak status that would better represent the realm population size.

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I am not a game designer but I would imagine that the launch menu UI designers are not the same staff who fix gameplay bugs.


Medium is the new low haha :slight_smile:
Kinda lazy change, feels like they want to get rid of the “low pop realm” problems.
Feels weird to measure pop by what I guess is a 1-2 hour window sunday evening hehe.

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Hi there :wink:

Thanks for the update, I’m glad to see your team keeps monitoring the servers.
But I do have one question, if you have some spare time to kindly give us an answer.

Regarding the situation for French speaking realms. We have only one PVE realm which is layered ( and thus suffers from overcrowded areas, here and there…) we would be more than willing to transfer or start again on a new PVE realm.

It would even be better if you would kindly open a Roleplaying one, as
we’ve been asking for days now, explaining our point about the necessity of having a localised RP realm , and yet absolutely no feedback from our CMs ( european CM).

A clear answer would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks again for reading this and have a good day!


I support the French PvE Rp community, and wish for them to have a new server opened. At the same time I’d like to say that all 3 English PvE realms are layered and crowded as well. 1 or even 2 new PvE realms would be great. I’d re-roll there the second they went live.


They most definately are not xD Antics, take your medicin

Probably because a lot of players have been very outspoken about layering and are clearly keen to know which servers this affects.

many servers feel kinda ded already , i wonder why not merging them ?


whats Layered??

Merging would be Blizzard admitting thst they made a mistake, which they will NEVER do. Also there are too many players on sone servers and too little on others, Blizzard hooes ppl will move

This is great news… If it was a month or more ago.

And now Phase 2 is annonced. What will happen to the PvE servers? Will we just have to suffer queues or will Blizzard open one or 2 new PvE servers?


Layering doesn’t affect queues, it will affect how many people we see in each zone though.

As the PvE realm now all have two filled layers, there will be queues when they remove layers.
Or do you think that everybody is just let in? This will absolutely lead to implayability … it will be impossible to do anything at all in game.