Recruit A Friend: Fetch Your Friends for Fresh Rewards

Recruit A Friend: Fetch Your Friends for Fresh Rewards

Get a slew of new rewards with the Recruit A Friend program when you invite your friends to adventure in Azeroth!

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What will happen to the old RaF rewards as i made my friend buy 12 months just so i can eventuly get my explorer tmog and plane?

What will happen to the old RaF rewards as i made my friend buy 12 months just so i can eventuly get my explorer tmog and plane?

When this is gonna start?

I really need few items from existing RAF system. What will happen to those once this new RAF system kicks in? How long do I have to claim them? And can I claim the rewards 2-3 months ahead in timeline “in advance”, by adding say 3 months time now?

Oh lawd these are awful… hope the previous RAF rewards go on the TP.


Oh no! Will I lose my progress on the current RAF system? I wanna collect all adventurer rewards. Please let us choose between the current and new RAF rewards. I’ve subbed my friend for 12 months for current rewards. This quick change in the system is not good and I feel scammed! Wait for 1 year to activate these new RAF rewards or I don’t know… do something about this, please! We need more info!

What i want to know is why can i create a RAF recruitment link that my friend who has a brand new account he just created today cannot click on. Have they done this because they are replacing the rewards, if so its a bit of bad management as no one was told they would shut recruitment down for x amount of weeks, all we get is account cant be verified eligible even though we are signing up for the same server etc. Im still a few rewards away from the 12th which i really want. Will players who already have recruits still get those rewards if the recruits renew gametime or is it a lost cause, and if its a lost cause are those rewards going to end up on the traders post. All im saying is warning that they were going to be closing recruitment BEFORE they allowed people to start gaining rewards a couple of months back would have been nice. #feelingabitrippedoff

I am glad. I am glad that I have no interest in any of those rewards, so I can just ignore RAF.
Thank you Blizzard for not hurting my wallet.

Quick? The old rewards have been in place for years! :person_facepalming:t3:

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When did this new reward change announce?


Ok. What’s your point then?

I think they just talked about an update, not a full replacement?

They could easily have just added the new ones to the current RaF.

I hope so, we really need more info about it.

I’m just sort of befuddled about the fact that the RAF program offers rewards clearly designed for the Horde.

Sure, you could argue the previous set (the Explorer one) feels a little bit more fitting on Alliance characters, due to the whole connection with Harrison Jones etc. But it’s still way more neutral than this.

Couldn’t it at least have been a choice between Gnomish and Goblin gear, or a mix of both?

Why in earth would I dress like a Goblin. I guess it’s cool for Goblin players

I like the Camel reward better

For such bad rewards I would never recruit a friend tbh :smiley:

Luckily, completionists and collectors are going to feel a pressure to have these, which translates into money for Bli$$ard. If they have no friends, they’ll create a new account to recruit and pay the costs themselves.

Basically this is not so different from a shop item, just different name.


If you still have active recruits on the previous Recruit A Friend reward track, you will continue to earn those rewards as long as your recruits stay subscribed. If for any reason, your recruits lapse for a month or more and then return, they will begin awarding credit for the current reward track.

Same Issue found a friend who wanted to try it out and get my last 2 months for the 12 months reward but he cant click the link. Feels pretty bad tbh since its hard to find ppl who want to play nowadays.

bring back exp bonus.
without this, its appeal is almost null.
my 0,5 cent opinion.