Reminder: Burning Crusade Classic Season 2 Ending Soon

Season 2 will come to a close on 11 January, at 22:00 GMT (23:00 CET, 12 January 00:00 EET, 01:00 MSK) .

Good luck in your final matches of the season!


Am I the only one who is lost for words? :slight_smile:


can you tell us about a offseason or any more details please

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Did you get the time zones wrong? Shouldn’t it say that it ends 22:00 CET, since that is the time zone the EU realms run on?

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Kaivax…your company charge you a tax for every single word you type here? why you dont spend a minute more to explain how the offseason will work for us this time? arena pt reset etc…


Offsaison details please :sweat_smile:

Some answers to the questions above:

After Season 2 ends, Arena Season 1 gear will become available for Honor points, and Arena Season 2 gear will become available at a discount from the Area 52 vendors (and will no longer be gated by rating).

Later, when Season 3 starts, Arena points will be converted to Honor, and Season 3 gear will become available.


kaivax, do you have any pricelist? are the prices on the PTR now correct?

“While you are here”, can you answer how long will Blizzard keep throwing solo queue players under the premade bus in the Battlegrounds so that Arena Wannabes can farm their honor without putting any actual effort in the game?

Any size of premade team against full solo queue player is not a fair match up and thus should not be rewarded with honor at all.

Thanks for answer

Go through the forest or find friends to play :stuck_out_tongue:

Blizzard! you have to ban guilds from one server from raiding in the dungeon! They use discord! such players have advantagesTheer a regular player without a guild !! as a solo player I can’t get things from dungeons! it is not right!

the game shouldn’t force me to socialize! I’m paying money! where is my opportunity to get things? these guilds only spoil the game.


Thanks so much for a helpful response. So sad to see other players being negative!
Keep up the good work.

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That’s kinda not the same thing. If a guild coordinates together to do a raid, that doesn’t make it harder for anybody else to pug the content w/o voicechat or w/e. The same simply isn’t true for PvP

Literally on the day for real? This is insane.

just be grateful he is even here to talk to eu trash to begin with. blizzard doesnt care about u

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u are delusional if u think they don’t value american customers way higher

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