Removal of /spit emote on the PTR

This is by far the dumbest change I’ve seen in all of TBC Classic, the /spit emote is one of the most iconic emotes of WoW and removing it because some people find it “toxic” is very stupid. If you’re that worried about the player base being toxic, then how about ban/suspend the players who gank lowbies and camp them for 4-5 hours until they log off or quit the game? Or how about the players that are literally openly trying to scam people on the AH by listing cheap items for 500-3k gold?
The point I’m trying to make here is that there are players doing much more horrible & toxic things that heavily impact the player experience and no action is being taken against them. Instead, you decide to remove a harmless emote that’s been around in the game for almost forever.
So far, looking at most of the changes Blizzard has made so far in TBC classic, it seems like they are slowly trying to strip away the identity of these “Classic” expansions and make it feel less and less like the original experience.
I hope the removal of the /spit emote is going to just stay in the PTR, and never make it to live.


Except it’s not removed, it’s still there.

That’s not against the rules.

Neither is that.


Yeah, I should have specified, it’s not a complete removal. It just doesn’t let you spit on players anymore, which kind of defeats the purpose of the emote since this is an MMO and it should be usable towards other players like the other emotes.


I tried to find a player on the PTR to test it on, either a player of the same faction or the other faction, I couldn’t find one to test it.

Haha is this actually true? Hey let’s disable PvP as well, so unnecessarily toxic!
What a firetrucking idiotic decision.


Yes, you can go on the PTR to test this right now. I haven’t been able to spit on other players.


I just tested it on the PTR by making a level 70 and you can’t /spit on anyone, just on the floor.


Can you still fart on people, or make rude gestures? What the hell is wrong with spitting?

Incompetent devs honestly wtf are they doing making unnecessary changes like this.


Yes you can do both, but probably not for long.


What about the catcalling whistle emote? Or flirt? Given the recent events I’m sure these will be gone too eventually.

Finally some good changes :clown_face:


And people still can’t see that the game is on its way into the abyss? ‘TBC is fine’ abounds in here, unbelievably enough. Can’t even escape into a virtual world now anymore to avoid all the snowflake sickness spreading throughout the world.

Now they also cater to the emotionally unstable minority, ‘violated’ and weak snowflakes as well. Every little detail …

The state of the game is horrid enough as it is with all these retail implementations and complete disregard of improvements/rescaling etc. to try to keep it old school. The level of incompetence is unreal.

It has just been tragic so far, but now it is absolutely laughable.

Useless company.


Hahahaha… I can’t… People are using it to spit on players who bought the deluxe eddition, now Blizzard are making stealth removal of it? This is the biggest LOOOOOOOOOOOL, I’ve seen so far.
No no, Blizzard, I get it, you must protect the sanity of the poor cash cows, that can’t endure an emote in a video game. You must protect those delicate flowers, who are willing to throw 70$ for a 16 years old game. If the comunity ostracize then from the game, how else is Bobby gonna buy his 5th yacht?
In the end, this doesn’t matter one bit. Players will just use another emote to shame those people. It’s the typical Blizzard response, fix a symphtom, not the problem.


Bots? Cheaters? People leaving the game? Pffft… We’re gonna adress nonexistent “toxicity” by removing emotes. Man Blizzard is done


They treat tbc like they treat women.


You’re joking, this is a joke right? really? why can’t u spit on people, what the hell, You guys gotta be pranking us all…


What a great and warming Classic community :slight_smile:

/e spits on you.
Only for same faction though :frowning:

Welcome to the new woke world.


bill cosby would be proud


Spitting on other players isn’t against TOS either. Not sure what you’re trying to get at here? The change is ridiculous none the less