Remove leeway + spell batching NOW

This game is absolutely horrible to play with theses 2 mechanic and I will probably stop the game before phase 2 if they are not removed like lot of PvP’ers plan to do. We don’t want to play Lag Of Warcraft. Even a Private Server is more competitive than Classic actually …

This is probably the most stupid things you made Blizzard. Why the hell do you want to add a stupid “lag” mechanic in the game ? Do you want to kill your own game ?

FD ? You can’t trap.
Blizzard ? You are not slow untill 1.5 seconds.
Blink ? You got a delayed blink.
Stance Dance and spam key ? You use a spell from your previous stance.


leeway is very much not okey


I keep seeing leeway being talked about - can someone please explain it to me, a simpleton? Google is not helping.


I’m afraid i am with Arbet here, i’m not quite sure what leeway is?

simply said, when a player or mobs move its range to be attacked at increases.

say u can atack a mob standin still from 5 yards, while he moves u can from 10 yards.

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Dont! please…!! I beg. I need to be able to run classic wow on my toaster and my dial-up internet!
I live in a time machine #gotnochange


@Cabum LUL

Lee way is the increased attack range for all melee mob and player. If you move and a mob/player move and try to attack you with melee attack, they get higher range that the normal range. The only way to counter that is using the backpedal key (“S” on my french keyboard).

Spell batching is a mechanic that “group” all spell and attack into a same time frame (~250ms). So all spell are not instant hit on the target, but they are slighty delayed and grouped.

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The time frame is 400ms except in large scale wpvp where its more like 20000ms

Thanks @Spelbatching for the precision :slight_smile: .

Oh, I see. Yes I’m familiar with that and it’s a bit odd.
That being said I haven’t found it to be ruining PVP. If anything, as a warrior I quite like being able to hit people without being on top of them :wink: helps me a lot!

The position of the characters is not updated as frequently as it is in BFA if they move in a straight line. As a result, if a mob or a player is attacking you and you run away in a straight line the mob or player will still be able to hit you for a short time even if you are theoretically farther than his theoretical distance to hit you. It works like this not only for melee but for ranged attacks too. This happened too in some other games, such as FFXIV IIRC. In those games you could force the client to update the position of your character more frequently by simply not running in a straight line. Maybe it works here too.


No changes.


This is not part of Vanilla.


Yes it was, there’s plenty of footage that show this and even developers have spoken about the reason for the implementation of server-side batching.


No they aren’t, theses mechanic was implemented in Classic to reproduce the ISP connection we had in 2004. In Vanilla, there’s no leeway and no spell batching, It was made for Classic. Stop spreading fake news, thanks you.


Nope, the current version of the mele leeway and spell batching is a recriation of the system, that was there in the first place to combat high latancy. We don’t have that high latency anymore, so we don’t need those systems in place. Leeway and batching feel more like a bug than a feature.


If this is true. please remowe it. Yesterday won’t be soon enough. Peole like me havng a bad connexion gets double dosis :frowning:

I do not seem them removing them unless a lot of people start complaining.


You’re right but people Will argue until hey are blue in the face, like any other forum

Yea this crap has to be removed, it’s ruining the game.

Tons of bugs that come from this horribly implemented system.
The beta felt good, it was responsive like it should be.

15 years ago I didn’t have a crappy pc nor crappy internet so why am I forced to play like someone who had?

Spell batching is broken beyond belief, there is no way they can fix it because I don’t trust they can fix anything. Their track record has shown they are incompetent or just don’t care.