Resto Shaman Looking for a Guild! :)

Hi, thanks for reading my post! :smiley:

I’m Ali, I play a Resto Shaman and a holy priest, I’m also currently working on gearing up my Resto druid!

I’m currently looking for a raiding guild and I’d ideally like to go for mythic progress. I havent done any mythic content this expansion as I’ve been playing more casual but I’d like to head back in that direction.

In the previous raid tier (Nylotha) I was 11/12 mythic before I stopped raiding due to personal commitments.

I’ve done some HC raiding on my Shaman, I’m 12/12 (never logged a Sire kill… no idea why! :P)
I’ve included by logs below:

And I’ve also included my profile:

I’m also very keen on M+! :smiley:

If I sound like someone you would be interested in recruiting please drop me a message on Discord!

Thanks for reading!

P.S People being on Discord and being social is also a thing I really value in a guild! <3

Hi there Alisxandra

Check out this post written by guild master. This might be something for you :slight_smile:

[H] Lux Aeterna - Deathwing (connected realm) is looking for more - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (

Hey Alisxandra!

Impaired Ravencrest Alliance (New 2 Day Raiding Guild - Alliance - Ravencrest) are looking to fill out a couple of key positions in our Mythic Raid Progression roster, we’re a 2 nights a week raiding guild (Wed/Thurs 9pm-12am server time) who also has a thriving Discord community with many activities going on. We run a tonne of Mythic+ content and even some PvPers for RBGs.

If this sounds like it might be up your alley please get in touch! Feel free to contact any member of the guild in game or message Brukerr on Discord Brukerr#1325 or Brukerr#2705.

Hey Alisxandra - I’m an officer at Arrival, we’re a very fresh guild on Tarren-Mill and are currently 5/10M (I suspect we will be 6/10M by next Monday). We’re looking to bolster our roster and I feel you would be a good fit to that. Everyone is super friendly and the environment is a good place to grow - let me know if you’re interested!

MORTAL> New RAIDING guild 1/10M is recruiting motivated players for our raiding team for heroic and mythic progression in CN and later in 9.1. We offer a great community & an active Discord. We are looking for: DPS/HEAL!. Raiding days Wed/Sunday!

Look for me! we are guild on kazzak!


Would love to speak with you more.

Please have a read of our guild post and let us know if it interests you.
My battletag is Psykick06#2401