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I’m gonna keep this as short as possible! I’m a Retribution Paladin looking for a new guild. My current guild has pretty much fallen apart, so I’m looking for a new home.

I’m 27 years old male, with real life obligations so I haven’t really done any raiding this expansion except some LFR in Uldir and BoD. I’m mainly looking for a guild with an active M+ community and maybe some PvP every now and then. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to become part of the raiding team later.

In terms of raiding I’m interested in clearing Normal and up to Heroic at most, not really interested in Mythic raiding. Preferably a guild with a sense for dark humour, banter and tendency for inappropriate jokes.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi there we may be of some interest to you. Check out our post and feel free to add me on bnet for a chat if your interested.




Hi Andrommeda

Shimmy Shimmy Insurgency are a casual raiding guild that could be a good fit for you. We have a very active discord where people are always looking to do dungeons and also play a lot of other games together.
You can find more info on our recruitment page feel free to add any of us to bnet for a chat :slight_smile:


Hello mate,

We’re 1/9 Mythic, but we welcome players who just want to do M+ with no obligation to raid.

Check us out on raiderio, the M+ team have players who are 1.3k to 1.8k rating.

Here’s our website, and recrutiment post.





Sounds like you’d enjoy playing with us over at , come and say hi!


Hey. We’re acctually looking for a Ret Paladin atm. Especially if you’re interested in helping out on 1-2 bosses now and then.

We’re a mature HC and Mythic raiding guild called Ballmers Peak. Traditionally we’ve been focused on HC progress but in Uldir we also started Mythic progress but only managed to get 2/8 due to some dropping off the game. We’re currently trying to recruit more people in order to be able to do Mythic Progress as well. However, we definitely emphasize a good social environment over hardcore progression and most are new to Mythic progression.

We raid Wed & Sun 20-23 server time.

We’re currently 8/9HC & 1/9M and also have many players who are interested in Mythic+

Application and more info on our website:

https:// ballmerspeak .net/?s=

Or speak to us on Discord

https:// discord .gg/HJGBTBa

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HI sounds like if your still looking for a good home we could be the guild for you,

We are looking to continue Heroic progress for all tiers.

We also do M+ and some Pvp together would like to add you to our family :smiley: We raid Wed/Sun 8pm server.

So please read about us and thanks for reading hope to see you in game :rooster:

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Weekend raiding if you fancy it :slight_smile:


[H] Memento vivere is a casual raiding guild on Draenor. Currently 7/9 HC. We raid 20.00-23.00 on wednesdays and sundays with a focus on having fun.
We also do some mythic plus 10 each week.

Contact me on bnet or discord if you’re intressted
Bnet Natchie#21590
Discord Natchie#9018


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