Review of ERA after hitting 60

After having uninstalled retail I was looking for a game to play, I remembered classic era/vanilla and decided to give it a go. After having leveled from 1-60 on era in 2023 here is my review of the game for anyone thinking about playing.

The leveling experience :chart_with_upwards_trend:

The Vanilla 1-60 leveling experience is still a perfect 10 even in 2023. And I believe this is still at least to me the best part about the game as a whole. Even if you have no intention of doing any content after getting 60, the game is still worth playing just for the leveling experience.


Tried some BGs as a fresh 60. Complete waste of time as expected in quest greens, warrior in full naxx gear charges you and you die in one global before you can even apply one dot to them. The only BG that pops is Warsong Gulch unless there is a specific BG weekend going on. On AV weekends there is 5+ of them going on even at 3 AM so you can get your rep done easily and such.


After hitting 60 I decided to start working on the Onyxia attunement only to realize after looking for a couple of hours I was not able to put together or join a single group for the entry dungeons to do attunements/pre raid bis stuff in.

This was though due to the fact that at the time I was playing at late night times or early mornings, which Im used to being able to do in other games but on era any end game content kinda requires you to be on at normal people hours. You`re not gonna be logging in at 10 am or 3 am and doing UBRS like you could in 2019 classic.

There are multiple ZG/AQ20 pugs going daily, anyone can join and get loot, no wrath style GDKP garbage. Some people do those but the overwhelming majority are normal groups. Molten core pugs also happen, I`ve participated in a few so far.

Seems for the other raids you must join a guild.

The game is great and I would recommend playing it.


If your guild isn’t raiding then join one that is.

Try starting with Molten core.

Going toe to toe with a naxx geared player is silly, follow the group in BGs and help them. Going solo is never recommended.

Even if you follow group it is just as it is: you are literally useless


Ab only pops cause its ab weekend.
On av weekend Av is the only thing popping.
Rest of the time (every weekday + 2 weekends) its only warsong.

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Sorry no idea what usel is.

You stand far more chance as a group than alone.

/join world
/join Lookingforgroup

Those are what people use. How did you do 1-60 without realizing that?


There’s alot of people that level by themselves, you don’t need to play with other people altho most would say that is the fun of it (me included) doesn’t mean everyone should, right

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yea we just need fresh its Obv. Theres no way around it hopfully


This makes me very nervous about hitting 60


For PvE you’ll need a guild. There are enough guilds on Firemaw, so surely there’s one you’d be able to PvE with?

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Following the group and being together is not useless. Sure you may be “Undergeared” but you still contribute by supporting your fellow comrades via whatever skills you have that could make an impact.

Good to know. So all the “ERA is alive” hype is just bshiet. Naxx guilds just need farmers and slaves. Privates are the only way to have real exp it seems.


yea and dont forget so they can gank lowbies in Stv with full t3, pathetic

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If you don’t like open world PvP, perhaps give Hydraxian Waterlords or Pyrewood Village a try? There are definitely lots of guilds that are nowhere near Naxx at the moment.


haha the next one calling killing grey lowbies with full t3 “pvp” , man pls blizz just give us fresh ty <3

But even if you get fresh, no-lifers will get high rank gear and stomp you in a week from launch. I’m not against fresh, mind you. But I don’t see the point of it either.


Yeah, saturday night prime time and cant put together a group for LBRS even, just tried for 3 hours.

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We reached a peak of 3.4k concurrent players on Sunday last weekend, of which 1.4k were horde.

Out of these horde players, just over 300 were level 60. Not all of them are obviously in Naxx gear, not even by any stretch of anyone’s imagination.

AS you say OP, this is your personal opinion. There are a ton of posts praising the ERA experience and people having a great time.

I fail to understand how we went from 3k items in the AH to 30k, an people argue here that those added 27k are from a tiny Naxx geared minority running the show lol

My brother just did his Ony attunement last week btw. As I have said, this is your personal experience, not everyone else’s.


we are all waiting for fresh, era is copium zone.


We have been having a blast in Era for close to 2 years now. People denying this are copium zone.