Rip flamelash


a huge exodus is happening amongst the alliance right now RIP


Why are people leaving a 80-20 server? What the fugg is wrong with them!?


Blizzard ruined classic by listening to no changes people, all the private servers had better custom changes than blizzard have done since they raelized how bad the game was.


nochanges doesn’t exist since classic is already different from vanilla:

  • Molten Core has been nerfed
  • Alterac Valley has been nerfed
  • there were layers
  • there are currently 5x as many players playing than back in Vanilla which results in a huge faction imbalance

Blizzard refusing to open transfers to PvE has only resulted in the 70-30 and 80-20 servers transitioning to 90-10 a bit slower. This will still happen and those servers will get so boring that even the majority of hordes will transfer too.


Can confirm loads of Flamelash players have come to our server these past few days.


It’s pretty stupid that Blizzard allows the least popular faction [on the server] to transfer. They should’ve stopped Allys from transfering


Why stupid? Blizz wants players to play and pay subscription. This way they continue to play.
Honor-greedy players are to blame, not Blizzard.

(Reconwarrior) #8

Blizz are absolutely to blame.

No one wants to be on imbalanced server.


A lot alliance players has moved too Earthshaker.
Heard good things bout it, Poor horde players tho.


Maybe horde should have stopped ganking them?


Which realm?


Earthshaker… And now all the horde from Flamelash are gonna follow them…


Going to a server that has more alliance than horde makes it even more imbalanced. It’s just a circle that goes around and around


Lots of ally guilds transfered to Bloodfang aswell. Judgement and Dragonfang has seen almost none. I guess lots look up on to see faction balance and population. People are afraid of low population, and thats unfortunate.


Shazzrah/Gehennas/Firemaw Mega-Server > all.


Please don’t… I heard Bloodfang is a nice place for ya!


Orgrimmar on Earthshaker is flodded with lvl 1 orcs asking how the server is because they heard all the allies moved here from Flamelash. Eathshaker was 47-53 alliance:horde… every horde on our server discord welcomed the more than 300 new alliance moving over from Flamelash. But now the discord is also getting flodded with horde guilds who are moving to the server…


I’ve been on Earthshaker for 4 weeks now. Hope most horde on Flamelash don’t hear about the mass exodus on alliance side until it’s too late to transfer.would be fun with some more mass pvp now that so many alliance moved here


These forums really create a tremendously exaggerated sense of the nature of this so-called exodus. The overwhelming majority of Alliance guilds are opting to stay put currently. Just check or something if you require any sort of confirmation of this.

The fact that you or someone you know, in turn knows someone else who claims to have migrated from a guild on Flamelash Alliance, doesn’t change the fact that IF and SW are bustling full of many, many guilds at the moment. The few who did leave, left, whatever, get over it.

I hate forum posts which serve no other purpose than to sow discord and fear, I mean what are you aiming to achieve here with the title “RIP Flamelash”. Just letting us know about your own opinion I guess, well let me provide an alternative opinion then. No beef here, just my two cents.


And Horde, move to Bloodfang please!